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  1. Re: GAS-L:More on Climate Change
  2. GAS-L: Re:Crop production & fossil fuels
  3. RE: GAS-L: Re:Crop production & fossil fuels
  4. GAS-L: PyroLiquids for POX Feed.
2 000801 htm CNN Dont Flush Texas Drought
  1. Counties covering three-quarters of the state were declared disaster areas by Gov. George W. Bush, who last week asked for federal help in fighting wildfires.
3 010615 htm CNN Dust From Africa
  1. Loads of bacteria and fungi, some of which could cause disease and respiratory problems, hitch rides on dust storm plumes from Northern Africa that blow westward for thousands of miles
4 011117 htm CNN Texas Flood
  1. a one-day record of 13 inches of rain on Thursday, the weather service said
  2. , the two-day downpour created widespread havoc.
5 011117 htm NYT Texas Flood Repeat Rain
  1. Forecasts held out a chance for more rain this week, and with the ground already saturated, the authorities said there could be new flooding.
  2. As much as 13 inches of rain fell in parts of Texas on Thursday, breaking records in Austin and San Antonio
6 020419 htm NYT Rio Grande Water Rights Dry
  1. The river that for thousands of years flowed into the Gulf of Mexico now falls almost a hundred yards short.
7 020516 htm AZRepublic Last year's Valley power shortage is this year's glut
  1. The dramatic turnaround in the market is the result of a half dozen new power plants coming on line in Arizona during the past year and the stabilization of volatile energy markets in California.
8 020529 htm LaTimes Farmers No Plant Mexico
  1. Certainly not from the dried-up reservoirs, rivers and wells that have kept him and 90% of the area's farmers from even planting this spring, their 10th year of drought.
  2. All told, the crisis has cost Chihuahua billions in crop losses and 80,000 farm jobs. There has been a slow erosion of the social fabric as well: The unemployed have migrated to cities such as Chihuahua looking for work, causing crime rates to rise and taxing city services.
  3. One-third of the state's thirsty pecan orchards, once a source of immense prosperity in the state, have been abandoned in recent years because farmers can't afford to keep the faucets on. Berjes sold his 400-acre pecan orchard in 1996.
  4. cities such as Chihuahua, where citizens already face water rationing and no longer have 24-hour access to water.
  5. "It's a vulgar saying but true: Debo no niego. Pago no tengo. It means 'I don't deny I owe, but I can't pay,'" Berjes said.
9 020615 gif LaTimes Power Plants Border U S Mexico020615 La Times
10 020615 htm LaTimes Power Plants U S Mexico Border
  1. The Mexican border, comparatively free of red tape and smog regulations, is becoming a magnet for U.S. power plants, which will be able to emit up to 10 times more pollution than is allowed under California law.
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