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1 ------ jpg 1950-2004 U S Land Falling
2 ------ jpg 1992 George0608b- N O A A
3 ------ htm (see webpage) "Atlantic Storms 1996-2001" [Uploaded 071111
  1. [Names of storms]
4 ------ gif hurricane Cyclone Typhoon- Indian Beach Police
5 ------ htm (see webpage) Hurricane Categories [Uploaded 071101]
  1. Hurricanes are rated in intensity on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
6 ------ htm (see webpage) Hurricane History [Uploaded 071101]
  1. storms affecting your area since 1851
7 ------ htm (see webpage) New England Hurricanes
  1. New England Hurricanes
  2. Historic Hurricane Tracks
  3. References
8 ------ htm (see webpage) NOAA: The Retirement of Hurricane Names [Uploaded 071101]
  1. [reviewed]
9 ------ htm (see webpage) Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names [Uploaded 071101]
  1. [reviewed]
10 060719 htm Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly
  1. Warm sea surface temperatures, minimal wind shear, and some kind of atmospheric disturbance are all required to start and strengthen hurricanes.
  2. These warmer-than-normal sea surface temperatures in what is known asHurricane Alley will become important as the hurricane season progresses.
  3. The Bermuda High is a semi-permanent area of high atmospheric pressure that shifts position in the Atlantic between Bermuda and the Azores Islands, off the coast of Portugal
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11 080518 htm USAToday Study Says Global Warming Not Worsening Hurricanes
  1. Global warming isn't to blame for the recent jump in hurricanes in the Atlantic, concludes a study by a prominent federal scientist whose position has shifted on the subject.
12 090409 htm USAToday Lightning May Predict Hurricane Intensity
  1. found a significant increase in lightning about a day before the most intense winds in the hurricanes they studied
13 090722 htm HoustonChron When Hurricanes Struck
14 090802 htm USAToday Fierce Wind Whips Up Fires On Canary Islands
  1. [Reviewed]
15 090814 htm AccuWeather Four Areas Of Tropical Concern In Atlantic
  1. Wind shear and dry air have been hindering development of these to distant systems, but conditions again will become more favorable with time as they move to the west-northwest. The system with the greatest potential is the one closest to Africa.
16 090911 htm USAToday Dud Of A Season
  1. Hurricane season has been a dud
  2. Forecasters attribute the calm to a weak El Nino, the periodic warming of the central Pacific Ocean
17 091014 htm USAToday Quiet Atlantic Hurricane Season Boon For Insurers
  1. [But water aquifers are not being replenished--RSB]
  2. peak of the season — late August to mid-October
  3. Hurricanes draw energy from warm water
18 091022 htm USAToday Hurricane alleys get big break
  1. Two hurricanes have formed since the season began June 1, the fewest since 1982, National Hurricane Center records show. Eight tropical storms grew strong enough to get names, the lowest number of such storms since 1997.
  2. No hurricanes and just one of this year's tropical storms, Claudette, came ashore in the USA. Claudette formed suddenly in the Gulf of Mexico and moved through the Florida Panhandle Aug. 16 and 17.
  3. The "El Niño" climate phenomenon — warmer-than-normal water in the tropical Pacific Ocean — produces a weather pattern that creates wind shear over the Atlantic Ocean, Klotzbach says.
  4. The wind shear — strong winds blowing from different directions at varying heights — can tear apart the 60 to 70 developing tropical waves that come off the African coast in an average year and can strengthen into hurricanes, Feltgen says. In an average year, the Atlantic has 10 tropical storms and six hurricanes, he says.
19 091109 jpg WeatherCom Ida091109 Weather Com
20 091118 htm Times Remnants of Hurricane Ida set to bring heavy rain
  1. Those downpours have been beefed up by the remnants of an old tropical storm, Hurricane Ida, which recently pummelled the US with record rainfalls in many places.
  2. There is also something strange about this recent outburst of stormy activity — the very mild weather. Today or tomorrow we may see temperatures climb to 17C (63F) — several degrees above normal. That warmth is being pumped up on southwesterly winds from the sub-tropics at latitudes equivalent to North Africa.
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