Bonnie Referenced Images (Notes at bottom)

The "Smoking Bite:" Please note how Bonnie has a "cloaking" that is not present in any satellite image that this writer has seen, a "bite" out of the side next to the deep water Gulf of Mexico oil wells.

The "bite" represents, from the perspective of the CO2 matrix and spinbarism, an overt action by oil companies to dump CO2 into an approaching storm because the oil companies know that CO2 is not only causing global warming but causing droughts/deluges. In effect, oil companies are like the toxic waste processor who reduces costs by draining toxic substances into street sewers during heavy rain downpours.

The CO2 blastoma in this picture is not one created by a gradual build up from oil fields or population centers. This CO2 blastoma is the result of a massive release of CO2 from numerous Gulf wheels into the path of an approaching hurricane. The result was a diminished Bonnie which explains the unexplained sudden decrease in Bonnie's strength when it encountered the bite bubble.  The following storm, Charley, incorporated Bonnie's cloaked clusters of moisture for greater rainfall and violence.

See cloaking, smoking bite and Southeast US drought.

Compare the location the bite and oil leases. Earlier deep water wells are to the left of the new leases.

Notes/Thoughts on Bonnie 2004
  1. CO2 Bubble dynamics/Chronology
    1. Absorption/Conversion Period
    2. Release Period
  2. Competing systems: CO2 Bubble versus system
    1. If CO2 bubble is smaller, it slows encroaching system with absorption conversion
    2. If CO2 bubble is larger, it absorbs system changing its dynamics, that is, the precipation will await the "soda pop" shake conditions.
    3. If caught between two systems, it is a catalyst for massive precipitation over a small localized area.
  3. Energy transfer (conjecture): It seems, based on the mid-August 2004 imagery and records of Bonnie and Charley that a CO2 bubble can absorb energy from one tropical system so as to downgrade it "unexpectedly" (Bonnie) with a subsequent transfer to or absoption by a following tropical system--Charley suddenly increasing in intensity over the same area where Bonnie lost its some umph to the GOM CO2 bubble. This writer, can propose some mechanisms based on esoteric interactions of fluctucation in gravity, absorption rates, osmosis and emf which would, no doubt, try the creduity of the reader.
    1. In defense of timism, it was the predictions there in that drew this writer to detect if meteorlogical data fit the projections which they consistently have fit. The images of missing visible quadrants (cloaking) were projected and found to be the case.
    2. In defense of timism, this writer has not met any other person who has read as broadly and deeply as he across the plains and peaks of human investigations with the added advantage of the timistic clutter cutter. In other words, he is either totally off-base, or, he is in a new ballpark of which others are unable see let alone play major league thinking. So, he writes for the future thinkers raised on timism rather than to those naive or igknowant of timism today.
    3. The obvious cloaking of visible moisture in hurricane il-symmetry with missing quadrants is taken by this writer as support for his overall concepts of "spinbarism", that is, timism explained from the perspective of spinning strings, quarks, atoms, catalysts/enzymes, thoughts, weather and hot-aired politicians as well as the economic model of velocity of circulation. There is a periodic table of existence based on time in which the spin bars or bares the reaction.
  4. ? Important variable: Is there an eye? does the CO2 overwhelm the eye?

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