Charley, the ShapeShifter

CO2 blastomas account for the deformation of hurricanes by cloaking moisture. If one reviews a season of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, one can see how an earlier hurricane will reduce the size of the CO2 blastoma for subsequent hurricanes by both soaking up CO2 and closing down CO2 generation in oil fields and human population centers. The impact of CO2 blastomas on the cloaking of hurricanes can be see by observing the shape of a hurricane as moves from origin through a series of CO2 blastomas with low-CO2 areas of density in between the blastomas. Consider the following migration image of Charley 2004. Charley was a shapeshifter based on its encountering CO2 blasomas.

  1. Initial tropical depression, some cloaking in area adjacent to Brazilian landmass.

  2. Greater cloaking (candy-Swirl) and circular rotation--the CO2 blastoma of Venezuela, the number one import of US oil imports. (Note: Do you think the greatest rain is in the upper left or upper right quadrant?)

  3. Outer bands cloaked but rotation obvious in circularity of outer clouds.

  4. no comment

  5. Donut is back as Charley goes over a nation noted for its greatly scaled back use of oil since the Soviet Union breakup ended the Oil-for-Sugar subsidy of oilless Cuba.

  6. About 50% cloaking as Charley angles into the GOM CO2 blastoma. The wind rotation can be seen to extend out on both sides of Charley. On the west, the out edge seems farther from visible edge than the visible edge is from the eye of the hurricane. Almost the same with the eastern side.

  7. The eye is only 20-30 miles from the lower left visible boundary while the upper and upper left edges are more than a hundred miles away (and this image is clipped by the radar limit).

    1. The lower left is cloaked by Charley pulling in the CO2 blastoma over US Southeast.
    2. The upper and upper right shows how when the CO2 clustering is complete, extra moisture becomes visible.

All-in-all, Charley's shapeshifting buttresses the thesis that CO2 specifically affects hurricanes and that CO2 generally affects precipiation as drought/deluge potentiator.

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