Quadrant Intensity

A much discussed dynamic of Hurricanes is the "Quadrant Intensity" in which the northeast quadrant consistently has the greatest rainfall . This is not always true.

  1. In the Southern Hemisphere (Brazil), a one-and-only-one hurricane had its intense quadrant in the southwest, just the opposite of North Atlantic cyclonic storms. The cyclones are also different in rotation, north is counter-clockwise while south is clockwise.
  2. The quadrant intensity variation and the symmetry of the hurricane are based on the density and extent of the CO2 matrix in cloaking quadrants. Cloaking moisture in a quadrant binds up the water into a cluster. CO2 clustered water is less visible and less precipitable.
    1. Later hurricanes which are not deformed by CO2 have less variability between the quadrants in both appearance and precipitation.
    2. The quadrant variability in hurricanes subjected to masses of CO2 from oil fields or megacities exhibit the drought/deluge impact of CO2 on the atomospheric oceans of moisture. The dessicating, waterphilic CO2 is drawn into moisture-rich cyclonic storm with cloaking of the quadrant. However, once the CO2 is fully clustered, it becomes a  CO2 laden "soda bottle" waiting to be shook.
    3. Another variation is whether the hurricane is traveling to the Northwest or just west, that is, is it angling or deadheading into a CO2 matrix.
      1. As a rule, most hurricanes angle into the  CO2 mass with the resultant candy swirl cloaking.
      2. Less often, a hurricane will deadhead into the CO2 mass with the result that the hurricane front is converted into the less precipitous and less violent CO2 matrix clusters. An example of this was 2004 Frances which was described as "stalling" off the course of Florida when, in fact, it was deadheading into the CO2 mass of Floridians' lifestyles.
      3. Clearly, the principle of the CO2 matrix could be used to reduce the precipitation and violence of a hurricane at a given place but only by delaying that precipitation for another geographical area or later time. This was seen when 2004 Bonnie deadheaded into a "smoking gun" CO2 mass which causes a sudden, unexplained drop in intensity. The CO2 clusters became part of the immediately following storm, Charley, which in reverse of Bonnie, but equally suddenly and unexplained, rose in intensity. Bonnie's intensity was reduced by the CO2 matrix--the energy was stored in the CO2 cloaked clusters--which Charley incorporated for a greater storm without warning.
    4. For reasons to be explained in a future websegment, "Spinbarism: The Physics of Timism," the moisture comes out in the quadrant that represents a greatest "turn" in the gravitational/magnetic field.
  3. The quadrant intensity phenomenon, varying with the mass of waiting level CO2, butresses the thesis that rising CO2 levels are behind the global climate changes wherein the same water is coming down but coming down as either deluges or droughts. The sensitive biomass upon which our lives depend cannot handle the stress of either-or.

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