Press Release: November 7, 2013


Petro Fields outlined in Red

Australia: Oil Fields and Droughts

As the headlines and extractions show at the bottom, Australia is in the grips of a massive drought. As subsequent photos show, the expanding oil fields of western and northwestern Australia are upwind from the normally wet southeastern part of Australia, beyond the normally dry central part of Australia.

  1. Saudi Arabia burning an average of 140 barrels of untransported natural gas for every barrel of transported oil which dessciates the Horn of Africa,

  2. Australian petrophiliacs (30sec YouTube ... web essay) burn-off non-salable natural gas upwind from population/farming centers.

  3. The generated CO2 dessicating/dehydrating air masses soak up ground moisture and prevent upper level moisture from falling to drought-stricken farm fields, e.g., US Midwest Drought.

  4. CO2-absconded water does go somewhere, that is, into the Pacific to fuel record breaking hurricanes/typhoons--see Hurricanes For Dummies (30sec Youtube ... websegment).

  5. When the CO2 boomerangs across Antarctica, it brings record breaking polar blasts--see Polar Timebomb(30 sec Youtube ... web essay).

The below series of satellite images show the cloud movement over Australia from the northwest to the southeast (021120). The actual animation can be viewed at Accuweather.

Note: There are probably better images of Australia's wind patterns. These were the first derived from the above satellite animation as screen captures.

Using your cursor on the vertical scroll bar at the right, you can scroll through these images to see the 30 hour time lapse. The general wind pattern from the northwest to the southeast (oil fields to population and agricultural areas) can be discerned by watching to separate cloud patterns:
  1. Large, central mass moving to off to the right
  2. Cloud formation on western coast
    (Frames 1 to 2 not as noticeable as Frames 3 to 6)

The time lapses between the frames is not consistently even--it wasn't my satellite.

Petro Fields outlined in Red
Wind: Northwest to Southeast
(Upper Left to Lower Right)

2002 Nov. 19 @ 18:55
Source fuller image

Frame 2:
2002 Nov. 19 @ 23:53
Source fuller image

Lapse: 5 hours

Frame 3:
2002 Nov. 20 @ 05:55
Source fuller image

Lapse: 6 hours

Frame 4
2002 Nov. 20 @ 08:56
Source fuller image

Lapse: 3 hours

Frame 5
2002 Nov. 20 @ 17:56
Source fuller image

Lapse: 9 hours

Frame 6
2002 Nov. 20 @ 23:58
Source fuller image

Lapse: 6 hours


  1. 101231 The massive flooding in Queensland (an area equal to Texas or France/Germany) reflects the organic properties of CO2 in the atmosphere. It reflects how the cost of fossil fuels is greater than the pump or pound cost--see timistic analysis. Like the residents of the 2010 British Petrophilia Gulf of Mexico New Horizon oil well disaster, the people of Australia will say we need the dollars from fossil fuels to fix the disaster costs of the massive flooding. Thus, the Aussies will be stoking the fires of global dying for a greater, future economic and environment disaster--see Global Lottery of Disasters. Australians are living beyond their environmental means. Alaska has its pipeline that is killing its future. Australia has its coal exports as its grim reaper. Exporting fossil fuels is like, as happened in Russia's 2010 drought and fires, pissing in the wind. The rushing of public-funded relief to the flood victims is another example--like the Wall Street financial meltdown of 2007/2008--of privatizing profits and socializing debts. The fossil fuel companies get the profits of metastasizing a global holocaust while the pubic taxpayers pay the rising costs of global dying. (110119 Victoria gets flooded. Astounding!) Australia's habitual politicians are repeating the mistake of the Greek habipols after the fires of 2007 by throwing money at the disaster. There is only one option under the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth from global dying in the face of escalating disasters: Quarantine. Instead of preparing for and preventing the next disaster, Australians are continuting the play over work addiction for during the flooding the Australian tennis open continued to play, play, play, play, play. DASE!

Australia's local suicide and global murder from mining and exporting natural resources

  1. The CO2 generated in Australia accounts for Australia's worsening droughts and megafires.
  2. Megafires from droughts metastasizes the massive storms with record flooding both in Australia and abroad (e.g., Cyclone Yasi and Typhoon Haiyan).
  3. Exports to China exacerbates China environmental problems while catalyzing China's pole-vaulting to world's largest national CO2 sinner which accelerates the climate extremes and contradictions of rising CO2--see Organic Thesis.

Australia's mineral exports in billions of dollars

From Wiki (131110) Australian metal ore and mineral quarterly exports ($A millions) since 1969.
Large quantities of minerals and resources are extracted in Australia. These include:

  • Iron ore: Australia was the world's third largest supplier in 2008 after China and Brazil, supplying 342 million metric tonnes.[7]
  • Nickel: Australia was the world's second largest producer in 2006 after Russia.[8]
  • Bauxite/aluminium - Australia was the world's largest producer in 2011.[9]
  • Copper
  • Gold: Australia is the second largest producer after China.[10]
  • Silver
  • Uranium: Australia is responsible for 11% of the world's production and was the world's third largest producer in 2010 after Kazakhstan and Canada.[11]
  • Diamond: Australia has the third largest commercially-viable deposits after Russia and Botswana.[citation needed] Australia also boasts the richest diamantiferous pipe with production reaching peak levels of 42 metric tons (41 LT/46 ST) per year in the 1990s.[citation needed]
  • Opal : Australia is the world's largest producer of opal, being responsible for 95% of production.[12]
  • Zinc : Australia was second only to China in zinc production in 2008, producing just under 14% of world production.[13]
  • Coal: Australia is the world's largest exporter of coal and fourth largest producer of coal behind China, USA and India.[14]
  • Oil shale
  • Petroleum: Australia is the twenty-eighth largest producer of petroleum.[citation needed]
  • Natural gas - Australia is world's third largest producer of LNG and forecast to be world leader by 2020.
  • Rare earth elements

Much of the raw material mined in Australia is exported overseas to countries such as China for processing into refined product. Energy and minerals constitute two thirds of Australia's total exports to China, and more than half of Australia's iron ore exports are to China.[15]

Home grown terrorism, ahoy, maties.

As public awareness increases of the petrophiliacs, a them-versus-us polarity will not only develop, but be viral in its development.

  1. Quite simply, if you are going to burn my house down by your actions--as the petrophiliacs are doing--I  would pre-empt you by burning your home or business down so that you, whether a CEO, a janitor, or anyone in-between, would not have a job from which to burn me out of house and home.

  2. More extremely, if I knew you were organizing to kill me and mine, I would quietly without any witnesses kill you and yours.

  3. While Hitler and his hingemen killed millions with the holocaust, the global holocaust potentiaged by Australia's mineral exports makes the CEOs and Directors of Australia's mineral companies--top two largest Downunder corps--superlative to the Nazis in final death count: The billions of humans alive along with the rest of life on earth. Cyclone Yasi and Typhoon Haiyan, like mega-forest fires, will escalate in size and frequency as rising CO2 dessicate the floral leading to more droughts and fires releasing massive amounts of CO2 which trigger the water-dependent climate dynamics of deluges, floods and cyclonics--see Hurricanes for Dummies. A vicious vitae-less cycle.

  4. The victims of Typhoon Haiyan won the local lottery of global dying--a new record for CO2 climate change that won't last for long. Based on geological history the melting glaciers and ice-caps will increase the frequency, intensity and devastations of earthquakes. Are our habitual politicians, corporate myops, tenured economists and sports mediacs organizing us to self-govern in locally managing disasters? Or, by neglect and distraction, winding the alarm clock for chaos, rioting, looting and death?

The quantity and quality of home-grown, lone-wolf terrorists will expand exponentially as the cause of environmental and economic disasters focuses on habitual politicians, tenured economists and corporate myops: who pray at the alter of petrophilia.

China could not have become the world's major polluting and petrophilic nation without Australia as a co-enabler. Australia cannot escape the consequences of its CO2 sinning without a domestic epiphany. The 2013 Australian elections of a petrophiliac shows Australians to be greedy. Long before the U.S. burns up, Australia will become uninhabitable. How ironic that the theme of the movie "On the Beach" is playing out with Australia being a major global killer .

The increase in violence thorughout the world is due the destruction of the food chain from the climate change of rising greenhouse gases. Not all Australians are petrophiliacs, but all Australians suffer from the adage of "Evil triumphs when good men do not act." (burke).

Please note the dates of the original compilation of news reports on Australia's drought. I grew tired of no responses to my missives to government officials and university faculty. Thus, I have become a side-line watcher who cares not whether "women are in beauty contests or mud wrestling." All around one sees how the roads to hell are paved with good intentions from bad values. As people increasingly value various cancers of self-destruction, the unappreciated oncologist becomes a monkey watching.


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