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(see webpage) Brazil Summary
  1. Forests cover 65 percent of Brazil’s territory
  2. illegal logging and slash-and-burn clearing continue
2 ------ htm (see webpage) Drought Ravishes North East Brazil [Uploaded 071101]
  1. In the midst of what is perhaps the worst drought of the century, 9.5 million people are on the verge of starvation in Brazil's northeast, a semi-arid region of nine states and 45 million inhabitants.
  2. 1% of the Brazilian population holds 47% of the arable land. Large tracts have historically been left idle for speculation.
  3. large landowners have used their close ties to the political elite to block progress on its implementation.
  4. When the drought set in, so did the desperation of the poor. Hungry people started raiding schools and grocery stores for food. The Movement of Landless Workers (MST), a militant organization supported by Catholic lay leaders, religious workers and some bishops, played a leading role in organizing the raids to pressure the government to take some action to aid the poor. MST raids have since leveled off, but were frequent occurrences early in the year. Throughout the Northeast, 110 such raids were reported through the end of last May.
3 ------ htm (see webpage) Brazil: DOE report [Uploaded 071101]
  1. second largest oil reserves in South America (after Venezuela)
  2. 1.4 million barrels per day
  3. Petrobras's sole position came to an end in July 1998 when ANP announced that more than 92% of the nation's sedimentary basins were to be put up for bidding to other oil companies.
  4. Most of the bids came for relatively unexplored but highly coveted areas in over 6,560 feet (2,000 meters) of water off Brazil's Atlantic coast. For example, BP Amoco had a winning bid of $7.4 million for a large offshore block located 186 miles (300 kilometers) from the mouth of the Amazon River.
  5. Campos Basin is responsible for roughly 70% of the country's current total crude oil output
4 010515 htm BrazilnyOrg Petrobras Discovers More Petroleum At Santos Basin
  1. Petrobras currently has 12 wells drilling at the Santos Basin
5 010606 htm NYT Energy Crisis in Brazil Brings Dimmer Lights and Altered Lives
  1. The government says the measures are needed because the country is in the throes of its worst drought in decades. With one of the most extensive river networks in the world, Brazil, which is larger than the continental United States, obtains more than 90 percent of its electricity from dams and has not invested extensively in alternatives.
  2. But as the harsh reality of the situation sinks in, the initial shock and anger are giving way to a grim realization that nearly every aspect of life will be curtailed.
  3. Under the government plan, households that fail to meet conservation targets are to have their power supply cut for up to six days. Small consumers who manage to save more than 20 percent, on the other hand, will receive cash bonuses, while companies that cut consumption by more than that amount will be allowed to sell their extra savings to others.
  4. "We're watching television without lights on, doubling up the loads of laundry and disconnecting the coffee maker and microwave oven except when we have to use them."
  5. "The level of crime is already terrifying, so imagine how it is going to be with the streets darkened," said María Aparecida Guimarães Gusmão, a 35-year-old homemaker. "I'm sure that the criminals are going to take advantage of these measures and that the ordinary citizen is going to remain at home, sitting in the dark."
6 010608 htm BrazilOrg Energy Rationing Will Not Scare off Oil Investors
  1. [reviewed]
7 010609 htm (Appended) Electricty Prices Up 171% ... Source: TribDePressRioDJ
  1. the consumer price of the energy goes up 171%
  2. It argues that this model becomes the path of little attractive generation of energy for the private investors.
8 010610 htm JrDoBrazil The Northeast without water and light
  1. The Northeast without water and light
  2. In the beaten adobe house where he lives with the woman and 12 children, in the agricultural zone of the city of Big hole, in the Paraíba, the agriculturist Luiz Gonzaga Da Silva, 37 years, explains the miracle of every day feeding the family.
9 010612 htm NYT Brazilians Invade Paraquay
  1. [reviewed]
10 010614 htm
WSJ Brazil Add North To Energy Plan
  1. Brazil Adds Northern Area To Energy-Rationing Plan
  2. Under the current plan, consumers in the other affected areas will be charged hefty fines and ultimately have their power cut off for several days if they fail to comply with energy quotas.
  3. duration of rationing in the north will depend on rainfall
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11 010620 htm WSJ Crippled Hydro Power Brazil
  1. Sao Paulo's Pinheiros river
  2. Traicao elevation station, part of the Tiete hydropower complex
  3. a stubborn drought has parched reservoirs
  4. build a dozen new gas-fired power stations by year end.
  5. "The main villain is pollution," he said. Because the Pinheiros and Tiete are so dirty, pumping them up to the reservoir would ruin Sao Paulo's drinking water. Today, pumping is only allowed in the rainy season when flooding is a threat.
  6. British oil giant BP PLC will build two natural-gas power plants worth $100 million and capable of producing 350 megawatts starting in 2003, but said it has another 12 projects on hold because of the regulatory environment.
12 010628 htm WSJ Oil Rig Sinking Cause Brazil
  1. an open valve that allowed oil, water and gas to flow into the wrong tank
13 010701 htm
NYT Business Energy Response Brazil
  1. Rather than signaling a shift change for the factory workers, this whistle had a much more urgent message for the 1,100 members of the administrative staff. They had 15 minutes to pack up and get out before the power was cut off.
  2. It also decided that conservation was not enough. It would need power from another source. So for about $300,000 a month, the committee rented 55 diesel generators to provide enough energy to run emergency lighting, waste treatment and shipping and stocking data systems
  3. To keep all generators running would cost the company $700,000 a month
  4. To avert such declines, the company has sought to educate the more than 20,000 small supermarkets in Brazil about how to make their freezers and refrigerators more energy efficient.
14 010729 htm WashPost Drought Central Am
  1. Drought Causing Severe Food Shortages in Central America
  2. More than 600,000 people are short of food in Central America because of a prolonged drought this year
  3. In Nicaragua, the government has reported losing more than half the staple food crop of maize this year.
  4. This loss, on top of a poor crop last year, has forced many families to cut back on meals, and in some cases abandon parched fields to move to urban areas.
  5. At the same time that much of Nicaragua is suffering from lack of rain, an area along the Mosquito Coast on the Caribbean Sea has been inundated with rain and floods in recent weeks
15 010817 htm WSJ Blackouts Brazil N E
  1. Brazil's Impoverished Northeast Area Is Next to Face Compulsory Blackouts
  2. The government's "plan B" for dealing with the nation's energy crisis calls for scheduled blackouts and a four-day work week
  3. leted water reservoirs that power key hydroelectric stations in the northeastern region.
  4. Over 90% of Brazil's electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants
16 011026 htm WSJ Oil Strike Brazil Unk-
  1. [reviewed]
17 051011 htm CNN Amazon Drought Declaration Brazil
  1. Brazil declares disaster areas in Amazon ... Worst drought it decades drying key rivers
  2. "The little water that exists in the rivers is polluted,"
  3. The fires that farmers and ranchers use to clear the forest have helped raise the temperature in the western Amazon, da Silva said, helping to quickly evaporate the little rain that fell this year.

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