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(see webpage) Calgary Flaring 1999
  1. "Is flaring really the problem? No. It's the way the industry operates. Because we can control the emissions to an extremely high level," maintains Manis, who blames oil company purchasing managers who choose cheap, open-pipe flare stacks for giving all flaring technology a black eye
  2. [In other words, hide the flame of the flare. The big problem is the CO2 which cannot be scrubbed--RSB]
  3. In Alberta, about 4,400 flares are flickering round the clock, burning natural gas volumes produced from oil wells. Another 600 flares burn at gas plants and scores of other mostly short-term flares are blazing away on any given day
  4. flares disposed of 1.451 billion metric tonnes -- 51.23 bcf -- of solution gas in Alberta
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(see webpage) Interesting Facts about Northern Alberta
  1. Northern Alberta's oil sands account for 21% of Canada's crude oil production, and this percentage is increasing. The north also accounts for one third of Alberta's conventional oil and gas activit
3 ------ htm (see webpage) Canadian power generation projects to ease shortage 2000 [Uploaded 071111
  1. Canadian energy companies announced a raft of new gas-fired power-generation projects in Alberta, plants aimed partly at easing electricity shortages in the booming Calgary region.
4 010516 htm
WSJ Blackouts Droughts
  1. The lights will go out in California more often this summer than energy planners there anticipate, and power-plant operators in the Pacific Northwest may have to conduct rolling blackouts next winter unless Western drought conditions ease
  2. Two-thirds of the electricity in the Pacific Northwest comes from hydroelectric power
  3. Columbia River basin is suffering from its lowest water levels since the summer of 1937, with reservoirs averaging about 53% of normal
5 010527 htm
WashPost California Power Parley
  1. [Reviewed]
6 010529 htm NYT O D Costs- Firefighters1-7 Billion
  1. [Reviewed]
7 010531 htm CNN Crews Fight Fires C A F L N V
  1. In north Florida, crews were battling a wildfire that has burned nearly 61,000 acres of commercial timberland and swamp between Tallahassee and Gainesville.
  2. he Mallory Swamp fire is the largest of about 184 active fires in the state, accounting for nearly a quarter of about 267,000 acres that have burned in Florida since January 1.
  3. At a Denver news conference Tuesday, Interior Secretary Gale Norton said the summer was shaping up to be one of the worst in decades for wildfire potential.
  4. Last year was the worst for fires in a half-century, with 93,000 wildfires damaging 7.3 million acres.
  5. In New Mexico, firefighters battled hot, dry, windy weather and a blaze that scorched about 1,400 acres of the Guadalupe Mountains in an unpopulated area of the Lincoln National Forest.
  6. A 6,500-acre wildland fire near Pyramid Lake, about 40 miles north of Reno, Nevada, was about 80 percent contained
8 010604 htm
NYT Wyoming Energy Costs
  1. [Reviewed]
9 010618 htm
NYT Crickets Utah Plague
  1. But in milder winters, like the most recent few, each female cricket drops as many as 180 eggs,
10 010706 htm StarTrib Feds consider calling in federal marshals in water fight
  1. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which owns the irrigation system, is considering whether to call in federal marshals to protect the headgates.
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11 010708 htm
WashPost Western Drought War Over Water
  1. [Reviewed]
12 010808 gif WSJ oilsandschart010808 W S J
13 010808 gif WSJ oilsandsmap010808 W S J
14 010809 htm
WSJ oilsands Canada
  1. Joining Canada's biggest oil companies in a rush to develop Alberta's "oil sands" are some U.S. concerns anxious to help tap what energy researchers say is the world's largest known oil resource. The snag is that the oil is a black goo that must be steamed out of the ground or mined in giant open pits. It is tough to transport and tough to process into a useful liquid fuel.
  2. More than 17 oil-sands projects are expected to add 1.8 million barrels a day of new Canadian oil production by 2010, compared with 2.2 million barrels a day from the whole of Canada last year, including about 600,000 barrels a day produced from oil sands. Most of the new oil will be available for export to the U.S. Pipelines, power plants and refining facilities are also in the works.
15 010814 htm
NYT Alberta Energy Good Guy
  1. But Alberta remains the mother lode of Canadian power. The province produced 65 percent of Canada's crude oil, 80 percent of its natural gas and 100 percent of its bitumen, a usable oil made from Alberta's inland sea of oil sands — the largest such deposits in the world.
16 020315 htm
WSJ Oil Overvu
  1. Increasingly, those imports are coming from places such as northern Alberta. Producers such as Conoco Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corp. have invested $4 billion there since 1996 in the oil consortium Syncrude. Another $4 billion is expected by 2007. The group collects rocky tar in a process that resembles strip-mining of coal more than oil drilling. The tar is hauled away and heated to separate the rocks and then refined into gasoline and other products. The investments over 11 years are expected to double production by 2007, to 500,000 barrels a day.
17 020425 htm USAToday Early Fires Colorado
  1. Across much of the West, federal fire authorities are preparing for another above-average year for wildfires. Winter snowpacks in many places in the Southwest and Colorado are as much as 80% below normal.
18 020503 htm
NYT Dry High Plains
  1. In eastern Montana, more than a thousand wheat farmers have called it quits
  2. the entire state has been declared a federal disaster area for farmers.
  3. Here in southeastern Colorado, in the heart of the old Dust Bowl, the ground is so dry that agriculture officials say most of this state will not even produce a wheat crop.
  4. with 29 states suffering through a prolonged dry spell
  5. According to the latest assessment by federal officials, half of Montana, all of Wyoming, nearly two-thirds of Colorado, half of Kansas, a third of Texas and most of New Mexico are in the midst of a drought labeled severe to extreme. Wildfires are racing through the eastern front of Colorado. With 280 fires already this year, Colorado has had four times as many fires as normal.
19 020510 htm
wsj Gas Line Canada Spat
  1. To encourage producers, the Senate bill would -- through tax credits -- guarantee them a floor price for natural gas of $3.25 per million British thermal units of gas at a distribution hub in Alberta. Although U.S. gas prices have strengthened in recent weeks, they languished well below the proposed floor price during most of the past winter.
  2. Some U.S. analysts say American taxpayers will pay billions of dollars more for natural gas under the Senate plan than they would without it.
20 020519 htm
LaTimes Wyoming Gas Environment Death
  1. And the coal beds release a lot of water. Companies discharge it into natural drainages or hold it in hundreds of ponds--some natural and others built or expanded for this purpose. The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission says 60 million gallons are extracted a day
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21 020612 jpg CNN Colorado Fire020612 C N N
22 020620 jpg
Cnn Colorado Fires020620 Cnn
23 020802 htm
CNN Canadian Farmers Drought
  1. A wide swathe of Alberta hasn't been this dry in 133 years.
  2. And officials say the province's cattle herd may drop by 30 percent or 500,000 head.
  3. The situation is also dire in neighboring Saskatchewan,
24 020809 htm
NYT Oil Water Wells Alberta
  1. Alberta's oil companies use nearly half as much water as the entire city of Calgary, the province's commercial center, which has a population of almost a million. So it is hardly surprising, with much of western Canada still in the grip of its worst drought in decades, that the oil industry's water consumption has become a bone of contention
  2. from one to 10 barrels of water may be used to obtain each barrel of oil.
  3. the addition of chemicals to water used in oil recovery and the fact that much of the recycled water ends up in deep underground reservoirs meant that "ultimately, it is lost from the normal water cycle."
25 020909 htm
AzRepublic Colorado River not doing job
  1. The drought-stricken Colorado River delivered barely one-eighth the amount of water needed to supply Arizona, Nevada and California this year, leaving the three states to draw heavily on water stored in Lakes Mead and Powell.
  2. Just 1.1 million acre-feet of water flowed into Lake Powell from the upper Colorado this year, about 14 percent of normal, according to figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Together, the three states take about 8.3 million acre-feet of water a year from the river and its system of reservoirs.
  3. An acre-foot is about 326,000 gallons, enough water to serve a family of five for a year
26 020909 htm RockMtNus Golden fights for water in court
  1. City leaders from Golden appeared in court Monday to challenge a state order mandating they shut off nearly half of the city’s water supply because it’s meant for communities downstream.
27 021205 htm
NYT Wheat Prices Up Canada
  1. A poor crop due to drought, disease and pestilence in the grain belt of western Canada will mean higher prices for consumers
  2. Wheat and canola production, at 15.7 million and 3.6 million tons respectively, were down from last year's figures and well below what is considered an average year
28 031026 png
GC-CA Fire Danger Canada031026 G C- C A

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