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Calgar O Calgary Flaring 1999
Canada O Interesting Facts about Northern Alberta
Canadi 07111 H Canadian power generation projects to ease shortage 2000
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filename L Title (References AnnotationNo Orphans)
Albert O Alberta Energy Good Guy* 010814NYT
Blacko O Blackouts Droughts* 010516WSJ
Califo O California Power Parley* 010527WashPost
Canadi O Canadian Farmers Drought* 020802CNN
Colora J ColoradoFire020612CNN.jpg
Colora O ColoradoFires020620Cnn.jpg
Colora O Colorado River not doing job 020909AzRepublic
Colora H Golden fights for water in court 020909RockMtNus
CrewsF H Crews Fight Fires C A F L N V* 010531CNN
Cricke O Crickets Utah Plague* 010618NYT
DryHig O Dry High Plains* 020503NYT
EarlyF H Early Fires Colorado* 020425USAToday
FireDa O FireDangerCanada031026GC-CA.png
GasLin O Gas Line Canada Spat* 020510wsj
ODCost H O D Costs- Firefighters1-7 Billion* 010529NYT
OilOve O Oil Overvu* 020315WSJ
oilsan O oilsands Canada* 010809WSJ
oilsan G oilsandschart010808WSJ.gif
oilsan G oilsandsmap010808WSJ.gif
OilWat O Oil Water Wells Alberta* 020809NYT
WaterF H Feds consider calling in federal marshals in water fight 010706StarTrib
Wester O Western Drought War Over Water* 010708WashPost
WheatP O Wheat Prices Up Canada* 021205NYT
Wyomin O Wyoming Energy Costs* 010604NYT
Wyomin O Wyoming Gas Environment Death* 020519LaTimes
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