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WorldS O World sizzles to record 100715USAToday
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filename L Title (References AnnotationNo Orphans)
2006-7 O 2006-7 Winter Warmest On Record* 070315USAtoday
2007Wa O 2007 Warmest On Record 080115USAToday
56days H Record56days Above Ave 011223StarTrib
Dozens O Dozens Dead European Heat Wave 070626USAToday
EarlyS H Early Spring Twin Cities 020219StarTrib
Easter O Eastern U S10degrees Hotter 070513USAToday
EastRe O East Record Heat Fire Threat 090428USAToday
HeatRo O Heat Robs U Sof Prime Fall Colors 071002USAToday
HeatWa H Heat Waves Deadly* 020813NYT
Killer O Killer Heat Bakes Europe 070718USAToday
MPLS44 O M P L S44 Days Temps Above Ave 011211StarTrib
NoEast O Report Warns of a Much Warmer Northeast - 070712WashPost
NomeHe O Nome Heat Record 040720USAtoday
Record O Record Heat Halts Chicago Marathon 071008WashPost
Russia O Russia Sees Ill Effects of 'General Winter's' Retreat 070402WashPost
Seattl O Seattles First Ever Heat Alert 050528USAtoday
Spring O Spring Keeps Coming Earlier For Birds Bees Trees 080319USAToday
Spring O Spring Like Warmth After Records 080124USAToday
Summer O Summer nights heating up, scientists say 060802USAToday
Swelte O Swelters In Record Heat Japan 070816USAToday
TempRe O Temp Record45-49- 020109StarTrib
Winter O Winter2006-2007 Warmest Ever* 070315USAToday
Winter H Winter Record4 Degrees Up 020221USAToday
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2002-0 J 2002-02-21-record-warmth.jpg
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