Trading Lifehours Overview

You can trade lifehours to another person by filling in the following information and submitting it. For instance, a celebrity or individual might want to give to a charity. If the big corporations can trade tax and environment credits, why can't the average citizen? Or, you might want to trade with a friend.

Eventually, you will be able to use lifehour tax credits not only to offset the corresponding tax obligations, e.g., federal txes, but your can pay for services from the corresponding agencies, e.g.., fees to federal parks, museums and agencies.

A weekly auction will be provided for accounts to sell their lifehour credit cards to the highest bidder ... cows, chickens, critters or cash accepted as barter units. Remember that Americans can use the lifehours for college loans or home payments--see starting out. Other uses are healthcare costs as well as other basic necessities, healthcare, insurance, food, etc.

Generic Trading Lifehours On-Line Form

Via Global Democracy, navigate to your district of your nation to trade lifehours.

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