Pending the activation of this service, please keep a diary
with the date, worktime, level and description
for entry when this form is active.



Global Lifehour Tally

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Record Volunteered Time and Money

Time and money promoting better democracy and capitalism (or an approved non-profit activity) will be repaid under the 20-year lifehour amortization schedule. For more information, see Why Lifehour Tax Credits are Deserved: Investment in Future


  1. This is a documented honor system. Cheat only if you want to exclude yourself from the benefits of better democracy and capitalism: Anathema.
  2. If you have questions or comments, you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.
  3. Click here for examplesFuture Upload. For notice when uploaded, of things to do, e.g., driving time and expenses, distribution, printing, download.
  4. You can receive a summary of transactions, recruits and lifehours of the organization by entering your account # and password with the default option of "Organization Summary" under "Management Level" in the right box.
  5. This is for volunteer time and material promote Global better democracy and capitalism.
  6. For recording service for national or local organizations other than Democratic Capitalism, visit your nation, state or city homepage for better democracy and capitalism.
Date of act (leave blank if today or please use yyyy-mm-dd format)
Time spent in minutes at action

Level of Actions (lifehours adjusted)

Expenditures: Enter the amount in the comment box (below)
and save your receipts for claiming at your national LBO day
All volunteer claims subject to peer review.
Comment: Description of activity (Please include a reference/witness)

Global Account ID#Future Upload. For notice when uploaded, Password:

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