Constitutional Amendment for Saving Life On Earth

Please note that this is part of the whole plan with the paradigm shift of public policy-making whereby you are compensated for supporting a specific plan of action to fulfill the primary moral imperative with better democracy and capitalism.

To fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, the following Constitutional changes are required.

  1. Legislative Reforms
    1. Citizen Legislation: Citizens will be able to prioritize problem-solutions for all levels of government on a regular basis for the president to submit to legislators for legalizing
    2. Women 50/50: All elected positions will consist of a senior and junior office-holder with elections alternating between the sexes.
    3. No CO2 Sinning advertisement --Brainbee Primaries will be held to prioritize seven finalists with citizen voting the finalist with a runoff if necessary. No public advertising of candidates as such is CO2 sinning which clutters streets and airwaves.
    4. VoteTime: A Windows-based voting system that is inexpensive and redundant.
    5. Staggered Elections to End Gangbang Election Years: Instead of all of the legislators being elected at once, a percentage will be elected each month--remember, no public advertisement.
    6. Term Limits : With staggered elections and zero-cost primaries, there is no need for habitual politicians who game the system. To solve old habitual problems we need habitless new faces.
    7. Congressional Colleges : Congress will be divided in colleges corresponding to executive office departments with legislators being part-time at home using the interent for conferences and voting.
  2. Executive
    1. Five year Presidency: Each year a new entry-level president will be elected who progresses through five-promotions of one-year duration: legislative aide, press spokesperson,  chief of staff, vice-president and President. All five together are called the Presidium.
    2. Women 50/50: The annual election for the entry-level, gofer president will alternate between the sexes.
    3. No CO2 Sinning advertisement : See above
    4. Pardons and Ostracism per brainbees on a monthly basis.
  3. Judicial see
    1. Term limits based on court seats: Supreme Court has nine seats so nine-year terms with one retired and brainbee'd each year.
    2. Women 50/50
    3. Cases presented via brainbees: Plaintiffs will compete via brainbees to present a docket of 49 cases for judges for trials or rulings.
    4. No CO2 Sinning Advertisement
  4. Values: All past and present public policy-making will be evaluated for its impact on the lifehour and CO2 sinning.

Also see

  1. 1992 version

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