Deregulation Promises

What's a bigger lie than the old lie that two people can live as cheaply as one?

The deregulator's promise that three people can live cheaper than one.

Consider the following:

  1. With electrical deregulation, the deregulators said producers can make more and the consumers can pay less while the deregulation bureaucrats make more money than any executive in the electrical industry. (see below).
  2. With healthcare deregulation aka HMOs, the promise was that health care would cost less if we replace
    • the costs of providers, medicine and facilities with
    • the costs of providers, medicine, facilities, junk bonds and new  HMO bureaucrats earning more money than any doctor.
  3. With mortgage deregulation in which regulated banks sold subprime loans to unregulated "loan binders" thus eliminated bank long-term interest in loan quality and loan binders marketing the SIVs (subprime investment vehicles) as AAA investments, both borrowers and investers were misled by the greedy, unregulated middlemen who fudged the figures.

Hello. What kind of new math is this? Habitual politician math. Economists' something-for-nothing math. Campaign welfare math. Politicians rewarding campaign funders with something for nothing. Since someone cannot get something for nothing, who is the someone that has to give up the something. That someone is the average person.

While you can't sue a bankrupt electrical utiilty for failure to fulfill promises, the politicians have outlawed your suing an HMO. But, like the electrical deregulation, a law against suing will not matter as the healthcare industry goes bankrupt.

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