Investors Need to Be Better Educated? Huh?

If someone rapes your loved one is it because you failed to teach morality?

Out of the obvious corruption of cooking books on the Wall Street during the scandals of the 1990s (Enron, Worldcom, etc.) were fines. The $1.4 billion stockfraud settlement had $85 million for "investor education." Given the automatic theft of middle-class pensions via stock options and given how $7 to $12 trillion of ownership was transferred to corporate insiders via the Stock bubble, this $85 million is

  1. like setting up a finger-nail cleaning seminar when the silent hand guiding the market is always in a cesspool or
  2. like a "How to dress you slaves better" for plantation masters accused of mistreating their slaves.

We need financial roto-router not finger manicures. We need emancipation from the Wall Street slavemasters who steal the bread we create with our daily sweat not politically correct admonishments on how to be a better slaves. We need lemming educators not lemming aiders.

  1. Does telling slot machine owners to adjust the return from 95% to 94% increase the problem-solving in an economy lacking problem-solvers?
  2. Does providing gamblers with "How to lose less at the slots" improve the pensions of the gamblers?
  3. Wall Street is a fix game like slot machines in which you have your occassional small-time winner who is paraded before the public.
  4. The basic common function of government in all of its facets (taxes, laws, regulations, programs) is time management of its citizens. A government that encourages its people to gamble in Las Vegas or on Wall Street is a self-destructive government as people take more and more time from solving problems to causing problems.
  5. Do you want to live in an economy in which you must watch your savings and pensions 24/7 in order to join the stampede of lemmings rather than be trampled? In other words, do you want to die by falling down underfoot or falling off a clift?

The habitual politicians think they have solved the problem by shifting the blame of Wall Street lies to the average wage-earners. Telling workers that they need to become better investors is akin to telling a lottery player who has never won to read more junk booklets on how to pick winning lottery numbers. All the financial advice in the world will not allow the average working wage-earner to win on Wall Street. Common sense says don't play and elect new politicians who will stop the legalized thievery of stock options.

Given that Wall Street is really decapitalism, that is, capitalism for a fewer few, telling investors they should be smarter is like telling someone to learn to swim faster and faster as swimming pool becomes colder and colder.

The lottery is a tax on the poor who don't know math, and,
the stock market is a tax on the middle-class that ignore math.

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