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We could cut our taxes in half if we just stop sending the same habitual politicians back to Congress. Their political IOU's generate new tax losses and costs. They use the tax system to garner re-election campaign contributions. And, then subject us to campaign welfare. You want lower taxes, first of all, don't vote for incumbent. Secondly, help develop a new national tax system.

As On-Line Democracy makes it unnecessary to wait for the habitual politicians to organize campaign reforms, so is it unnecessary to wait for these habitual offenders to simplify our tax system. In fact, for greedy reasons of self-interest, the habitual politicians will never solve these habitual problems, especially habitual taxation. Why not?  Screwing with the tax system for a campaign contributor is the mother milk of get re-elected politics. What leverage would habitual politicians have with big campaign contributors if the habitual politicains' couldn't offer tax advantages? On-line democracy is  ... the habitual cure, especially to the rising habitual terrorism. Tax simplification and term limits, today and forever!

After you read the following essay for lifehour credit for reading it, come back up here and submit a your name, or another's, for the tax authority. For information on box content, see Entry Guidelines. Lifehour credit is granted, but varies, for submission.

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Our current tax system is a chaotic garbage dump reflecting how each new habitual politicians has bought his re-election with new tax credits, supports, deductions and exemptions for his campaign funders. Our tax system consumes 6% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Said a better way:, timistically, 6% of our time is wasted on this mess.

Imagine the impact on schools if we simplified this mess to 1% of GDP and worktime and directed the time to education. Would class sizes shrink? Would tax assessments shrink? Would our schools and streets be safer with tax simplification that allows a re-direction of human resources into schools, homes and communities?

As on-line democracy for primaries and elections is a fait accompli, so can tax reform be achieved before the next national election, if ....  If Americans will avail themselves of on-line democracy, we can initiate tax reform and simplification with a working model for the New Millennium. The keys to tax simplification are as follows:

  1. Transaction tax: All economic transactions that benefit from the umbrella of economic security are taxed at the same rate.
  2. Collected taxes are divided between the nation(s) and Congressional District(s) involved in the transaction.
  3. A Congressional District Tax Authority committee on the model of United Way distributes the collected taxes to taxing agencies associated with the District.
  4. To reduce overall taxation and eliminate the metastasis of necrotic jobs, communities may choose to tax themselves directly in lifehours so as to have the timistic efficiency of direct personal problem solving, e.g., childcare, schoolcare and eldercare, rather than inefficient, ineffective bureaucracies that merely consume tax dollars.

It will be easier to elect tax reformists in the Year 2000 Congressional Races if we have in place a working model for the proposed tax simplification. There is no reason except a lack of popular support for a real-time, on-time tax system. The principle is simple: Every transaction that benefits from the economic umbrella of stability should pay its fair share of that economic stability.

Before the Y2K Congressional election, if there is sufficient support, a meeting will be held to match the proposed internet tax commission that is composed of habitual politicians and self-interested businessmen. Who represents the public interest? If you want to have more problems in your community, support a tax-free internet that will suck jobs out of your town, maybe your job. (The chairman of this commission, Gov. Gyp Guiltmore, is one big thief-- Virginia Is For Liars? )

While you should nominate a widely known person for the on-line, nationwide Presidential Primary, the Congressional District Tax Authority Commission should be composed of people like you. Lifehour tax credits will be received for all participation. When two-thirds of the Congressional Districts have a quorum, a national meeting will be held to hammer out the simple tax system for independents to champion in the Y2K Presidential, Congressional and state elections. A collection of independents rally around the tenets of better democracy and capitalism in all its ramifications, especially tax simplification, will lead America and humanity into the next Millennium that is more just and fair.

Also see tax simplification. For an example of an Internet tax collection form, click here.  For more information on tax reforms, click here Links.

If you have questions or comments, you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.

If you want lifehour tax credits for reading this, please complete and submit the following.
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You may want to post the Democratic Capitalist poster at work or in your car.

Tax Reform: Does putting a drunk in a new car make the roads safer.


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