Funding of the Center for Timism:
The Morality of More Time

No funding is expected from the Timism Center. Quite to the contrary, Timism donations will be one of the largest endowments ever. (Details)

  1. Timism will donate a pro-rated amount of shares based on the university catalyzing a positive response from its adherents: Each signup vote for the university is a share, LBO/IPO value of about $25.
  2. The Center acquires the national rights/royalties to cashflow from the Tools of Timism which will be in the millions: 50% to information system program (C.J.S.) and 50% to Mass Communications Department (D.M.W.)
  3. National, State and District bonus shares are allocated to the first 2,500, the first  1,000 and 500 accounts in several categories at three levels--see Signup. This incentivization will motivate people: National 400 shares, State 80 shares and District 20 shares (if the math is right).
  4. Several multi-million dollars loans are requested from individuals and corporations that have pledged millions toward climate change--see Abacus Bank. These funds will serve as a reserve for lifehour credits issued to businesses that accept lifehours as a barter unit for part or total cost of goods and services--see reserve.
  5. Marketing rights: Timism is selling the marketing rights for small upfront "two-fer" loans.
  6. In general, the fulfillment of the Primary Moral Imperative requires organizing people with the the tools of timism for better democracy and capitalism (brainbees and lifehours).

Timism will have a self-generated market cap of $10 to $15 billion in a few years. This value is not from venture/vulture capitalists counterfeiting stocks to sell into middle-class pensions and savings. 401ks are the biggest bank robbery in history. Since 1980, the middle-class has lost 90% of retirement funding, about $50 trillion. Rather, Timism value in hours of life and in lifehours will be from the middle-class self-organizing to solve human problems, to wit, the best government is the least government ... if we better self-govern. When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will polite without police.

A Global, Functional Currency System:
Loss Leaders of Lifehours
A goal of Timism necessary for the Primary Moral Imperative is a global, functional currency system based on the value of a person's time as a solver of time-wasting problems, that is, wealth and worth rejoin their common semantic ancestry as moral twins once again. That currency is the lifehour. Like frequent flyer airline miles, when millions have billions of lifehour credits, a new de facto currency exists. Unlike other currencies that are manipulated by politicians, economists and speculators, lifehours cannot be inflated/deflated because they are to be tied to the one common denominator that is ageless, the hours of our life--24/day. With clockface time, the tools of timism will become active including the trading of lifehours. One's accumulation of lifehours will be most prominent in healthcare costs as part of 24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime. With a dysfunctional currency system, one can say, "Never in the history of human dynamics has so much been owned by so few."