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Chatwell: A Place for Good Conversation

Before Enclosure After Enclosure Chatwell In Winter Eastern View SouthWest View

Flags: For many reasons, I fly flags at my home. First and foremost is my number one flag, the American flag and all that it symbolizes: Mankind's best hope, said Abraham Lincoln.
We don't appreciate them Garden Flags, SW Garden Flags, SE Storage PartyFlag

My weekday flags

Great Britain
Winston Churchill
1776 US  Flag

Most logical nation
in the world

South Africa
Nelson Mandela,
Hero of Democracy

King Juan Carlo,
Hero of Democracy

Alexey Salomatin
Future Hero of Democracy

Bamboo: Cheap, Esthetic, and Strong
South Terrace Trellis Yellow Brick Road Corn Rows

Helper in the Garden
Egg Plant Lover Fist Full Tomato Proud Melon Moma Squash Squatter Lazy Bones

Bamboo Accoutrements
15FtTomato.jpb Shinto East Vu Shinto North Vu Scare Row Alex's Dacha

K-Mart Blue Light Special (The pictured don't do justice to the ambience of the blue lights mixed with soft yellow bulbs.)



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