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Michael Buettner
News Editor
Chesterfield Observer

Dear Mr. Buettner,
Thank you very much for contacting me. I have many goals which are like a pyramid that spread out below a primary one. You might want to review my resume and achievements so as to give infomed weight to some of my statements. My efforts are to raise the economic tide rather than being just a hole-patcher on local boats (which I will also do if elected).

My primary goal is to raise public awareness of global warming from the perspective of how CO2's organic property of hydrophilia is behind the climate extremes and contractions. My first paper on CO2 atmospheric changes was in 1982 sent to Jim Duncan of WWBT.

My secondary goals are to support the primary by offering tools for better democracy and better capitalism.
  1. Decapitalism: Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to do the opposite of bankrupting companies and killing jobs, that is, decapitalizing production and decapitating jobs.
    1. Capitalism is not failing. Wall Street is not being capitalism.
    2. 401ks are the biggest bank robbery in history.
      1. In 1980, the average 65-year old had almost $300k in retirement benefits and the top 1% of Amerians owned 20% of American wealth.
      2. Today, 2013, the average 65-year old has less than $100k in a 401k (which is less than $39k in 1980 buying power) while the top 1% owns over 50% of America.
      3. Workers' pensions were transfered via 401k which bought stock options and IPOs owned by corporate insiders who self-printed the stock.
    3. I hope to stop the Twitter IPO which is a multi-billion dollar ripoff of pensions by a company that has lost a billion dollars since inception and is losing more money with each additional dollar of revenue at a faster pace.
    4. Monetarism is an economic cancer. It is nothing more the the usury forbidden by both the Bible and Koran. Monetarism is usury which has been sanitized and academized with the sanction of the Nobel Prize. (This year's winners were cited for how they helped corporations read consumers' minds--read unnecessary sales and CO2 sinning.)
    5. Lifehours: I propose and implement a currency that fulfills the origin of currency: What is your time currently worth? Thanks to tenured economists (academic streetwalkers) the symbols and substance of our problem-solving worktime have been divorced from each other. Thus, the paper-playing bureaucrats take more wealth than they deserve by talking workers into believing they can own more if they own more funny paper, e.g., 401ks, stock options, IPOs, and bastard stocks.
  2. Half Democracy: America only has democracy on election day which is the second part of the democratic process.
    1. The money dictators determine who gets on the ballot. Thus, we do not have the full benefits of democracy because we have a half-democracy.
    2. To promote better democracy, I have created a simple internet tool called brainbees. Brainbees are like spelling bees in which people fairly, freely and equally spell out problems and solutions to find the best problem-solver with the best solution for the biggest problem affecting most of us.
    3. Not only can brainbees be used for zero-cost primaries but they can be sued for citizen legislation.
    4. In the short-term for this November 5 election, I have put together a protest write-in campaign for the 100 house races (with 50% being unopposed incumbents) by drafting 100 school superintendents as write-in protest candidates.
  3. Tertiary goals: I have many goals that are listed in "Dollar Democracy: Boycots and Mascots of Timism " aw well as "TV-ads." I anticipate rolling my campaign tools over into the 2014 national elections via the " Super Brainbee ."
  1. I want to re-time (refinance) all loans into zero-interest, inflation-adjusted "lifehour" loans with profit-sharing payback.
  2. I want people to realize that either "we share job time or jobless crime," that is, we need to adjust the workweek length based on time-savinging technology and time-destroying disasters. Workhogs do not work for themselves when they overwork the optimal workweek length. The tax, inflation, insurance and crime costs of un-, under-, and mis-employment show up in deficit spending, a economic timebomb that will destroy the workhogs lives in a few weeks.
  3. I want community-service to become part of our week's activity. If we reduce the workweek, we will have more time. In addition I show how we can have a healthcare system based on community service (solving real problems). As much as I like President Obama (I am a vanilla man happy and proud to have a chocolate family in America's White House), "Obamacare" cannot and will not fly because it is both an economic and software impossibility.
  4. By better employing our human resources we can a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and funds for self, family, and community in a safer, saner world.
  5. I think I can show that When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
In summary, feel free to call me for more information. Feel free to use the above text as an article in your newspaper with the link so people can follow-up and explore more. Or, cite this weblink and my website, Timism.com.
Thanks again,
bob barnett
Candidate, House of Delegates District #69
804-233-7451 (answering machine)
804-513-0727 (cell)
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