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Applauding Deaths and Disasters

As a logical, objective messenger for Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth, it is my duty to report when and which events prompts her to applaud or cry. Remember, I am just the messenger. If you are offended by this listing, remember, you are not as pissed as Mother Nature is at the events. She wishes humans had been aware of her anger long before she started to balance the books by increasing the frequency and severity of the deaths and disasters--see Global Dying Lottery. Her sterner warning is that if humanocentroselfish beings don't learn, the final disaster will be the death of all human beings. Thus Spach Mother Nature.

  1. coal miners in china
  2. oil well in gulf/bp
  3. Palestinians
  4. 100806 Deaths of Doctors on Plane
  5. 100807 Pakistans Worst Flood
  6. 100807 Russia's Fires
  7. 100808 10 Medical Workers Killed in Remote Afghanistan

Whether you are a CO2-sinner from stupidity, naivete, igknowance or hypocrisy, Mother Nature does not care as she increasingly kills all human beings.

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