Timism:  A Morality for the 3rd Millenium

The Morality of More Time

If you want the more out of life, you want to do more right and less wrong. While there may be no ultimate right or wrong, one can determine what is right and wrong based on simply questioning what you are doing. Each right creates more time. Each wrong waste time. If you find yourself wasting a lot of time, you probably are doing the same wrong thing over and over. As they say, you are your own problem.

If you questions your actions to make fewer mistakes, you will have more happiness. You have one life with so many hours: 24/7 x 365 x 70. The value of your life will be measured in the lifehours of happiness--freedom from problems. By questioning your actions in light of creating or destroying time, you will find yourself having a happier life.

Enlightened self-interest will prompt you to realize that you must not only not be a part of the problem but must work to keep others from being problems. Others cannot be problems to themselves without their eventually becoming your problem. The cost of unsolved problems shows up in a higher cost of living --inflation, tax and insurance rates. Anyone who thinks they can live their lives alone ignores how these rising costs of other peoples' problems make one work long workweeks and worklives with fewer dollars for self, family and community. So, you must not only question your actions but the actions of others. This is nothing new. Government exist to manage the time of the govern. With the rising problems and existential meltdown, our governing officials are failing the governed.

You have one life with just so many lifehours. The value of your life is measured in the quality of each lifehour. If you want more out of your life, you must devote a portion of each week to solving the public problems. You need to spend time watching and questioning those who govern you. A few minutes of activism can save days of labor.

Timism provides a simple litmus test for gauging actions. If you are creating time, you will have more life. This timistic creativity is the simple morality. What ultimately results when you steal? If you steal, knowingly or unknowningly, you have given others the right to steal from you. You have initiated a vicious cycle that will waste more and more of your time and life as you and your fellow thiefs seek survival from theft of wealth rather than creation of wealth.

Timism is a morality, not a religion. At best, it is an affirmation of one's religious principles and foundations.

  1. Basic Principal or Morality: Thou shall not steal time. All lasting moral imperatives from different religions boil down to the simple self-evident truth: Thou shall not steal the time of another. Given that time is money and money is time, the theft of someone's money is a theft of their time. If you take someone's currency, you take what their time is currently worth. Since currency is merely the common, intermediate product by which producers exchange their worktime over distance or time, the theft of any product is the theft of the worktime the owner traded for the stolen product.
  2. Worth and wealth: Because the symbols of one's time has become divorced from the substance of one's time, it is possible to have more symbolic wealth (money) than one's substantial worth. This is altogether unfitting and improper considering that both wealth and worth were once synonymous in word and deed before the money-changers entered the temples of human destiny. Then the act of gathering a livelihood (legein) was simultaneously logical and legal. With the symbol/substance divorce, wealth was possible without worth as legalities defied logic before the thievery of lying politicians.
  3. Petty Thefts
    • Litter and Graffiti: In a few seconds, kids who have never had to cleanup themselves waste the time others through tax or private cleanup costs.
    • Toilet Tissue: No, this is not the over/under question. What do you think when you find the toilet stall without tissue? Cheap owner? No, the owner would have no problem with stocking a year's supply in the stall if people would not steal it. The next time you find yourself asking for ten ones for a Hamilton, remember, "thou shall not steal."
  4. Felonious Thefts
    • Decapitalism: Capitalism is the rewarding of individuals using their heads to solve problems, to create time. Decapitalism is the theft of another's time with guns, computers, lawyers, politicians or economists. Decapitalists dogs are often media darlings.
    • Voting Immorality: When you vote more bills for your billfold, you will find the problems of immorality costing you more time than the time in your billfold.
    • Respect: When you don't respect a person deserving of respect, you are stealing their time. You are creating the timebombs that can explode like Columbine kiddies killing cliques.. Who are the dis'ers? Classroom bullies. Racists.
    • Respectability and Responsibility: If you want freedom, happiness and love, you want to respect your relationships for responsible people.
      • A responsible person responds to the problems of life to solve the time-wasting problems. Consequently, a responsible person has more time and more freedom from problems: happiness. A responsible person does not ignore problems, knowing that ignorance is bliss only until the ignored problems ruin your life. A responsible person knows that responding to unreal problems is a form of ignorance, for the time spent solving unreal problems distracts from real problems.
      • A responsible person respects a relationship, that is, the other person in the relationship is subject to on-going re-inspection for self-responsibility. A responsible person knows that the time flow can only go one way one of the persons in the relationship is not responsible. A person involved in a one-way relationship gains no time, freedom or happiness.
      • The time-flow is usually not simulaneously. The best example is the parent-child relationship. The parent who lovingly invests time into a child is rewarded with a Ft. Knox of temporal wealth as the parent enters the Golden Years.
    • Infidelity:  The time spent violating the one's vow is stolen time that comes back to haunt the vow violator many times over. The gold mine that can be dug for greater happiness is closed. (If you want to be infidelitous, please don't waste my time lying about it.)
    • God: If you do not respect and honor others' conclusions about God then you have given them a license to not honor your learning and conclusions about God. How anyone can say they know God? The deep-seated faith in one's book of national origin is equally felt by other children of God in their book of national origin: Bible, Torah, Koran, Upanishads, Tao Te Ching. Only God knows who God is. Because people don't respect other's value, Jeruseleum will know no peace until all the people who cannnot work and live together are dead. How many lifetimes has been lost because persons would not a moment of respect?
    • Ill-Manners: Good manners are based on creating time for all parties. Bad manners waste time. False manners waste time--NUBS. Manners of health are about keeping people's time in quality and quantiy. Some people assume a human superiority by being ill-mannered. Sorry, but if you waste time, you are less than the person whose time you waste.
      • Niceness and meanness: Who's the better person. The nice or the mean person? One doesn't have to walk long in his daily shoes to meet the souls who think they are better people because they are mean. I'm sorry, it's not so. Nice creates time while the mean waste time.
      • If a need, do the deed. Do a good deed when ever you see the need. Pick some litter each day. Take a moment to help another. Don't think you are better than the person you choose not to help. I'm sorry, you're not. Deeds for needs create time for your world.
      • Horn honkers: A good example of bad manners is the honking of emergency horns to announce one's arrival in a neighborhood to pick someone up. Because one will not take a few seconds to ring the doorbell of the desired party, they effectively ring all the doorbells within hearing distance of the horn designed for emergencies, not for irritation. Many minutes are wasted by the laziness or ignorance of an inconsiderate individual.
    • Parenting: Kids,  Cute and Sweet versus Cute and Ugly. Sweet little kids are the future flowers of humanity in the garden of life. Ugly little kids are the weeds who will require society to waste a lot time repeatedly pulling them out. When parents pay for fertilizing ugly little weeds then the seed planting will be more timely and nursery more rosey.
    • Friends: If the person does not provide you more freedeom from problems (time), the person is a friend only in word but not in deed.
    • Wasto Ergo Sum: The height of immorality is the attitude "The more I waste, the greater I be!" Wasting is wasting time and life in our world. Do I have a right to tell you not to waste? Like litter, I have a duty to self and others to stop those activities that waste my time, my life and my world. When the leading nation lives a wasto ergo sum lifestyle, it becomes responsible for the greatest tragedy of 2nd millennium. Like the horrors of local warming are nothing compared to global warming so is it that the horrors of the local holocaust in Nazi Europe are nothing compared to the accelerating Global Holocaust.
    • Education: A wasted four years and subsequent life is the lot of the persons who go to college for a job instead of an education. One gives you a life, the other awards you death posthumously.
    • Inheritance: Do you have a right to enslave another? No. Do you have a right to give someone money to enslave another. No. But that is inheritance does--see Estate Taxes: Enslave or Emancipate.
  5. The Work Ethic: Those possessed of the work ethic focus on solving problems first and foremost, whether on the job or picking up a piece of litter. The money is secondary. If a good worker does not get the deserved rewards, it is matter of time before another employer gets a good worker. The individual who wastes more time avoiding work gets the promotions and retirement that go with their level of workmanship.
  6. Lies: Information has a time value. In more ways than one the truths of lives can can be prioritized by their time-facilitating value. Lies are negative information or negative time.
    • Telling a lie: Oh what a web we weave when first we try to deceive. Tell a little lie, later tell a bigger lie. The morality of being honest is rewarded with less time being wasted trying to figure what the lasts lie was. The more of being honest is rewarded with more people being ready to give the time of friendship or investment.  
    • Believing/Living a Lie: Mirroring the telling of a lie is believing or living a lie. One must always re-inspect to live a respectable life. It's bad enough to live one's one lies, but even worse is living others' lies.  (To reduce this drain on humanity, a brain bee in Personal democracy focuses on Life Lies need linkto LifeLies.)
    • Living beyond one's roots. As one cannot choose one's family so is it implied that one cannot choose one's roots. If living one lie is waste of time, so is living a life that denies one's roots. One's roots are to be celebrated and enjoyed--it's good manners. Hiding one's roots is bad manners, to Clintonized one's life.
    • Impress the unknown: It is immoral to live to impress people you have never met and will meet only once. What a waste of time to live your life to impress people who are not part of your life? Shallow, passing impressions like ships passing in the night are no substitute for the safe harbor of lasting friendships ... yet people abound who try to project a wealth of life with cheap moments. More time and happiness is wasted to impress the unknown then it takes to know impressive people: your friends.
    • If two can live as cheaply as one than three can live cheaper: Deregulation Promises.
  7. Personality dysfunctions: Life is about people. Life is about getting along with people. A life without people is no life. Life is helping others when they need help so as to be deserving of help when one needs help.
    • No friends: If you have no friends only in words and not deeds, start spending some time making some friends. Remember that friends help you have a freer, more profitable life.Needs linkto friends
    • Insecurity: Accept and learn your insecurities. Laugh at them. In the end, the person who knows, shares and humorizes his insecurities is the most secure person of all. Same way with sanity. Ain't any without an insanity. Recognizing and humorizing it will keep you from really going insane. The quality of your frienship will rise when you humanize yourself. You will have more time.
    • Be wrong when you are wrong: Who benefits most from knowing your self-wrongness?
  8. Inflationary Impact and Life Cheapening: When a society has inflationary suffering, someone is stealing other people's time, for the inflationary cheapening of money is really a cheapening of the time worked to own the money. If the inflationary suffering is great, the theft is probably sanctioned by the habitual politicians and is defended by the thieves with "And it's legal!" As you read the following, ask yourself if you are part of the particular problem. Can you see how your actions cause an inflationary suffering of your own very life. Do see how you cause your longer workweek and delayed retirement?
  9. Rights: Regardless of what the habitual politicains say about states rights, one only has a right when the exercise of that right creates more time. An action that steals or destroys time is not a right, e.g., lies, slavery or murder.
  10. Stop It! Through time, we are all our brothers keepers. Do I have right to tell you how to spend your time? That's not the real question, for we are told all the time how we cannot spend our time. We can't kill which is an obvious example of stealing someone's time. The question is when are we stealing and don't know it? The question is how can a minority inform a majority that they are stealing not only from both the minority and majority. Timism is a clutter cutting tool to more readily establish theft. Hopefully, the economic and political benefits of timism--better democracy and capitalism--will provide the means to inform the majority of it's self-destructive self-theft. No greater theft have and is occurring than America's rape and murder of Mother Earth, the greatest and longest tragedy need relink of the 2nd Millenium. Do I have a right to tell how to spend your time? Not only do I have a right, but I have a duty, responsibility and obligation to myself, my loved ones and those would be personally loved if I knew them. If you are allowed to use your time to steal, it is only a matter of time before you steal from me or engender others.
    Common time thefts
    • Seatbelts/Helmets/Truckbeds/Safety Seats/Radiation Badges: Society increases the legal barriers against activities that waste time. It's so funny when people say the founding fathers did not intend to restrict our freedoms on the above kind of things. Hell, the founding fathers did not know a car, cycle, truck or uranium.
    • Shop till you drop: The materialistic, consumer society is a self-destructive lifestyle that cannot on anymore than a person in a sealed room can continue to breathe.
    • Lottery/Gambling: A Tax on those who don't math and on those who don't know time. Lottery like racism: If you don't let a person solve their own problems(racism) you force yourself to solve those problems and more. If you allow a person to waste their problem-solving time and hopes, you enslave yourself to solving those problems or, if you don't solve them, suffering them. Academic sports is an emotional lottery. The common denominator is time.
    • Personal Behavior: Whatever you do with your time in your own privacy is fine as long you are not stealing the time and happiness of another, today or tomorrow. The key test is privacy and non-theft. Public exposure of privates is a theft of another's happiness.
    • How you spend your time: You can't steal my time or anyone elses' time. When you do wrong, you are stealing time. If you are not stealing time then you are not doing wrong. You can be without doing right or wrong. Right is only creating time.
      Through time we are all our brothers' keepers. If we don't keep our brothers from lying to themselves then we share in the time-loss of the lies of life.
  11. Democracy: Not stealing of one's right to worktime. The origin of democracy in Ancient Greece was to codify one's right to not only own the products of one's worktime but to guarantee one's right to work. No beating up on your neighbor. The origin and meaning of democracy is not "people rule" or even "divisions of people rule" but "divisioning people so they can and should work." Said in a more memorable way, "All men are created equal in their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness." Happiness is the freedom from problems, and if you don't let a person work, you are denying them this right. Teaching a man to fish is no substitute for giving him a fish if you deny him the right to fish. In its monopoly on the world's language, currency and power, America abuses its destiny to be the foundation of democracy. Not only here, but abroad, the principle of worksharing (24in4) must become the legal rule of the land. Otherwise, America will face a more costly rise in habitual terrorism. When you steal another's right to democracy--the right to work to solve his own problems--you enslave yourself to that domestic or foreign person's basic problems as well as the problems that evolve from his not working. Idle minds are the workshop of terrorists. As both Gandhi and King said, the oppressors must be awoken to how they suffer the most from their denying human and civil rights. If the world's population does not stop growing, the average workweek worldwide must be drastically cut if the projected 500 million new workers are to find jobs in only 10 years.

Just think what kind of great world we would live in if all the above kinds of theft were not occurring. The existential meltdown that we are now suffering is a reflection of how we lie to and steal from ourselves and others. Despite the unavoidable human gloom of the above, it can all change in a few years of month if we can implement better democracy and capitalism.

Steve Jobs, Apple shareholders and consumers think that Job did a wonderful think with the iPod: The net effect on humanities perceiving and solving its problems has been regressed by more and more people walking around with music rather than morality between their ears. Thanks, Steve, your a great guy making the world better and safer for your daughter.

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