Downloadable Ballot Summary

  1. Ballots are ready from the (HREF=incPBDCcollectsVotes) Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism (aka after the primary.
    • Initially, participating officials use (HREF=incUploadBallotEntries.htm) Upload Ballot to email entries and items of the ballot.
    • With the development of on-line brain bees, candidates and issues will be automatically telecommunicated with changes made when officials find discrepancies.
    • Uploaded information is automatically echoed to the local media, office-holders and non-winners.
  2. Ballots can be accessed by entering one's zipcode or GPS.
  3. Ballots are dynamically created based on the active offices affecting one's home residency.
  4. Ballots list candidates and their website address. For referendums, each issue can be clicked for more information.
  5. Using on-line ballot, one can click on the website of candidate to read and compare.
  6. Ballots can be printed out for marking before one goes to the poll. Ballots printed in 10-point type
  7. Ballots have a security code section at the top to enter random numbers for quality control review. This provides anonymity.
  8. After ballots are scanned, all the results are listed and tabulated at PBDC where one can QC one's vote by zipcode and random numbers.

If, based on a location code (zip or GPS), we can have software that tells you who your federal and state officials are, why not use the code to dynamically generate a list of offices that you can nominate yourself or others for? e.g., Location Code Ballot ... Primaries. Every elected office in the world has a unique GPS which can be qualified with a few letter designation. In developing on-line brain bees, an eight-character-code was developed that allows for all posible codes--see Brain Bee Forums.

The United States has an obligaiton the export of better democracy and capitalism so that we can depoliticize  ... dissolve the s tate.