Email A Journalist for Voting Reform

I have designed two internet software packages to address the problems of elections and votings. One is based on an on-line brain bees in which issues or individuals are submitted for prioritization. At the deadline, cyber-classrooms are randomly created with seven submissions in each room. The seven people rank the submissions of the other participant. The submission with the highest vote is entered into the pool of winners for the next round of random groups of seven. And so forth.

In the end, there are seven finalists for legislation, primaries or marketing. This "front door" of democracy is called on-line brain bees. I have designed over 20,000 public and private brain bees for human decision-making from the local to the global.

The backdoor of democracy is voting. I provide a simple, effective and inexpensive solution that can be implemented for the primary and general elections of 2002--VoteTime. The first part is universal, standardized downloadable ballots based on your postal/GPS code. If we can enter zip codes to get weather and officials, why not candidates? With each office coded by its postal code and function, a simple, universal computer/scanner program can dynamically create a database for counting votes. By dynamic, I mean no programming is needed. The first scanned ballot creates the database. The free software is "VoteTime."

I propose and am initiating a training program involving highschoolers. Instead of spending billions equipment that will be outdated in six months from companies that may not be in business, e.g., Compaq, why not give college tuition credits to high school students to rent their computers/scanners for a day? Furthermore, because this process is so cheap in capitalization and annual costs, why not have a trinity of integrity in counting votes, that is, have the ballot scanned by three counters: Registrars, Media and Watchdogs?

How soon our school of democracy with its cyber-classrooms opens its new front and back doors is up to you.

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