Arsonists In Charge

Our economic fires were started by arsonists for hire with a financial interest in the fire, and they are in charge of putting out the fire. Instead of buckets of water to fight our economic and ecological fires, our fire force of habitual politicians and tenured economists grab gallons of gas. On global warming and drying, the Bush Administration has gone from saying there is no fire to we have "to live with it" as he pursues more drilling. Arsonists are identifiable by their denials of "conflicts of interests."

As the Palestinian/Israeli chaos (March 2002) shows, money and military might cannot give protection from individuals willing to die for the liberty of their family and friends. Upon the smoldering fabric of eternal liberty, the bushitters ' policies stack explosives that will destroy civilization. With data globalization and international tribunals, there is no place for arsonists to hide.

Modus Operandi:

  1. We know best
  2. We deserve mroe
  3. Ends justify the means
  4. You cannot be trusted

Arsonist list:

  1. Habitual Politicians
  2. Petrophiliacs
  3. Harvard
  4. Nobel Laureates
  5. PhiDos
  6. Others

If the arsonists who started global warming and global dying become the commissioners of the ManHeaven Project then it is inevitable that there will be hell-on-earth.

Also see Bush Arsonists

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