I would regretfully let my daughter marry a lawyer or politician
but would throttle her if she became engaged to an economist.

Eco Meanies: Tenured Economists

Most economists fail to appreciate the etymology of economics, home laws/management, ecos nomos. In effect, they are assuming the mantle of god on earth in conveying that they can manage the ecos or environment. The evidence indicate the opposite, that is, instead of creating a earthly paradise, our homes are becoming everyday hells. Based on how their "laws" are killing life on earth, they should be necronomists who practice Necronomics, the laws of the dead and dying.

Economists are the high priest of economic activity. Like pulpit pied pipers who are illogical aliens and doodoo digesters in eviluting their moneytheism , economists are intellectual streetwalkers who sell and twist their information to the highest bidder. They are like the writers of religious text doing the bidding of secular authorities, e.g., the King James version of the bible translated to emphasize monarch as appointed by god. The main religious books are not the "Word of God"--how can the Torah, Bible and Koran be the word of god when they are so different? Rather, they contain the word of god wrapped in the greed of political and spiritual moneytheists/hedonists, e.g., Book of Mormon. Likewise, the various economic theories are tainted by the personal greed of the theorists, e.g., John Maynard Keynes played the stock market using inside information that de-privileged  the masses for whom he prescribed deficit spending to solve their economic problems. As mouthers of  negative information (ninformation), economists are ninformaniacs who screw people for no productive reason.

As is true of anyone who lives beyond their means, economists are mean in their impact on the lives of others. Listening to or reading these eco meanies' critiques of or suggestions for improving our economies is depressing. Simple, logical questions should stop them in their tracks or prompt the interviewer/editor to stop them. But this has not happened so we must pay the price of an existential meltdown accelerated by global dying from rising greenhouse gases. (The least upsetting economic coverage is on PBS The News Hours where the economic garbage is not the 90% of ABC/CBS/NBC network news, only 75% garbage. FOX, the network for Ugly Igknowramuses, runs nearly 100% bovine scatology.)

The following assessments written over years ring sadly truer and truer.

  1. Economists are Liars
  2. The first thing we do is kill all the economists
  3. Economists: CO2 Sinners
  4. Politicians and Economists Value Shift Needed
  5. Economists And Inflation
  6. Economists: Conclusions and Observations
  7. Lies Of Economists Are Killing You
  8. Crack Cocaine Economics

Economists are one of the reasons why what needs to be done will not be done to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. (To help this bitter pill go down more pleasantly, Google "Economists Jokes" for some final laughs.)

The following are the means by which one can become a better ecos nomist.

  1. Essays
    1. Inflation: An Inflated Word
    2. Monetarism is Dead
  2. Books of timism
    1. Currency
    2. Ecos Nomos
    3. Necronomics
  3. Youtube: TimismEconomics

"Tenured economists" refers to an economists who have public or private employment.

  • 1590 Shakespeare: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.", Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, Scene 2. (Which three members of the US Supreme Court in 1987 affirmed in a mock trial.)
  • 2000's U.S. Middle-Class: The first thing we do, let's kill all the economists! As the existential meltdown accelerates with the chaotic collapse of political, economic and social structures, a growing number of people will realize that the mental kama sutras of  intellectual whores greased the ways for the cabal of moneytheists to selfishly suck the economic blood out of civil existence, e.g., capitalism for a fewer few, aka, decapitalism.

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