Houses of Worship? No, Houses of Wantship!

Pulpit Pied Pipers:
Pulpiteers Of Pulp Fiction

The US Internal Revenue Service recognizes 25,000 tax-exempt Christian denominations. The pulpit habitues preach a different story that the congregations want to hear. This is akin to how Hollywood is guilty of distracting us to death rather than educating us to live. Like Hollywood, preachers claim that they are only providing what the audience wants to hear.

Rather than teaching that God helps those who help themselves, they promise something for nothing: Ask and you shall be given ... the impetus of the Prayer Addicts . Rather than teaching that one earns a better life, pew polishers are told that it is by faith not deeds that one earns their rewards. This is illogical and it is a lie. Instead of humanity organizing to reverse global dying, they will keep waiting for Godot to miraculously show up on a shining whatever to save them.

This writer was told by an individual that all of my writings and predictions are correct, but it does not matter since Jesus will show up at the last moment to save those who believe in him of whom I am not one. On another occassion, another Christian said she wasn't going to worry because man cannot destroy what God created. Many were the people who did not believe the power of the atom bomb in 1945 because they thought God would not allow man to build such a powerful bomb. (Later, the Soviets exploded a bomb 5,000 times more powerful than Hiroshima peashooter.) Both are ugly ignknowramses encouraged to be scumnuts  and doodoo digesters by the pulpit pied pipers.

Christianity is not the only fractured major Western religion. The deadly animosity between the two major branches of Islam is well-known, Shiite vs. Sunni. The domestic violence within Israel between different Jewish groups indicates a lack of unity in the original monotheistic religion.

Singularity is not found in the major Eastern religions. Hindu takes pride in having more gods than any other religion which includes all Western religions. Buddhism has a great number of variations, e.g., left versus right-handed trantric buddhism. (The greatest thing about buddhism is the insight that the source of suffering is want or desire.)

In general, both Western and Eastern religions have two main short-comings that has masses of people, if not the majority of humanity, ignoring global dying from rising CO2. Firstly, there is the claim of a better life elsewhere after one dies if one believes in the religion of the pulpit speaker. There is no proof of life after death nor of life elsewhere. It is illogical. People who believe these pulpit pied pipers are illogical aliens . A favorite example of illogical thinking is the belief that

  1. a God would let billions of people be born
  2. with the majority not knowing of this God
  3. who will subject the few who know him to great suffering and deprivation
  4. so that the faithful males can have 72, 96 or more virgins
  5. to make up for no earthly females
  6. because a few males have many wives.

A similar example is the street-beating, door-knocking witnesses who not only have a specific number of people to be saved (144,000) but evaluate which home they will take when Jesus kills the other 6,999,856,000 human beings.

Secondly, listeners are told by the pied piper that the great illogical rewards are not only miracles but available for nothing if one believes: Ask and ye shall be given. This weekly repetition of an illogical something-for-nothing primes people to expect something-for-nothing during the rest of the week:

  1. Good government without involvement or taxes.
  2. Free healthcare.
  3. Free retirement

Afterall, if one can for free get eternal life, a personal savior and sins forgiveness, just why in the hell can't government give us the cost of existence for free?

Pulpit Pied Pipers pick up where parents leave off when the child ceases to believe in Santa Claus as a moral motivator, that is, be good of Santa won't come. Replacing Santa Claus is the various religions Insanta Clauses that are illogical, evil, funny and doodooish.

Historically, pied pipers have fostered false values and hope. The champions of slavery and Jim Crow were preachers. One can argue the attitude of habitual politicians in running deficits to let people live beyond their means (for a while) is an attitude which had its seed planted in the pews facing the pulpit pipers.

While it is universally accepted that in every day math that 2+2=4, the nature of the pulpiteers' God has people killing each other. As one would expect, illogical aliens on a daily basis today and yesterday kill each other over who is right. Oppositely,   logical earthlings  rarely kill each other over their beliefs. How many wars have agnostics waged in defence of their beliefs? When is the last time you heard of someone being murdered over 2+2=4? Claims that religion is needed for its beneficial effects of morality is another religious falsehood. Timism, the morality of more time, is the only meaningful morality which is at one with existence from the smallest item upward. The true meaning of life is to be a time creator which religions clearly confuse.


  1. 111201 By emphasizing the "Power of Prayer," pulpit pied pipers metastasize a mentality of wanting something for nothing. What is the essence of all prayers? "God give me something." The scumnut mentality begins in and is reinforced in organized religion.

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