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Inflation: An Inflated Word

How to deflate inflation:

  1. Inflation means cheapening of time.
  2. Inflation's semantic cousins convey the cheapening: flattery and flatulence.
  3. The pain of inflation is not the relationship of numbers on paper to other paper.
  4. The pain of inflation is the cheapening of the time you worked to own the paper with numbers.
  5. With inflation, the hour you worked buys less than 60 minutes of worktime at a later date.
  6. Inflation is possible because we do not have currency that is kept true to its name, current in time.
  7. The divorcing of the symbols of work time (currency) from current work time allows theft from the workers by the non-workers, especially the politicians and their friends.
  8. Shame on the economists! 

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With our present economists and their policies, we have inevitable and unending inflationary bubbles. Why? The symbols of problem-solving are not tied to the substance of problem-solving. The pursuit of wealth from more symbols of time generates a loss of time in problem-solving. As the percentage of population engaged in problem-solving decreases, problems increase and the value of symbols and life is cheapened. Part and parcel to inflationary bubbles are existential meltdowns. Economists have set up the world to force people to put money into inflationary bubbles (SS and 401K) which often destroy the future with pollution.