Wealth Transfer by Law is Still Theft

In 1976 the richest 1 percent held about 20 percent of the nation's net worth.
Today [2000], the richest 1 percenters hold about 40 percent of it.

Since time is money and money is time, the top 1% went from owning 20% of Americans' time to 40% of Americans' time. Did they solve problems so as to create twice as much time (20% versus 40%)? If they did not create the time then the time was stolen. How could so much time (money) be stolen by so few in such a short time?

  1. $1 billion Tax Credit: Chandler Family--A three-way paper shuffle gave them $1 billion in tax credits and increased ownership of the Los Angeles Times.
  2. $5 billion Tax Credit: Seagate Drives--A three-way paper shuffle gave shareholders more tax credits than they had received in dividends in all the time of Seagate's history. Management was given ownership of Seagate itself.
  3. $10 billion Tax Credit: Ford Motor Company--A three way paper shuffle will give shareholders a $10 billion tax credit while increasing ownership of the Ford Family from 6% to 40%. In effect, the Ford family is using taxpayer dollars for a leverage buyout.
  4. Enron could be the poster kid for the legal theft by the few at the top of the many, but the world has not sufficient paper to print so many posters:
    •  "Enron Executives' Benefits Kept on Growing As Retirement Plans of Employees Were Cut" WSJ020123. Employees were "locked" out from selling stock.  "Kenny Boy" received $200 million.
    • Enron paid no taxes for four of the last five years (1996 to 2000), receiving a tax benefit of $380 million in 2000. Stock option deductions converted a $112MM tax into a $278MM tax rebate.
  5. Executive Loans: Does your company lend you money to keep owning it when you have lived beyond your means? Top dogs get bones with meat, money taken from customer goods and services. Bottom dogs get scraps and crumbs.

These are only a few examples--many, many more have happened and are in the tax lawyers' hoppers.

  1. Did these tax windfalls represent the creation of new wealth and new solutions to old problems? Or, was this theft legalized by politicians trading campaign welfare for re-election bribes, er, campaign donations?
  2. What does this wealth transfer mean for Americans and humanity? At best, this trend is the new indentured servitude. At  worst, it is financial enslavement by a few of the many.

There is a big difference for the lower and middle class

  • when someone gets rich by solving old problems and
  • when someone gets richer from wealthfare, e.g., a tax benefit (campaign welfare) from an habitual politician.

The former results in a lower cost of living because there are fewer unsolved problems to waste time and money. The latter is a major source of inflation: More money chasing fewer goods and services.

Time is money ... Money is Time

The introductory quotation on the ownership of American was re-stated based on how time is money and money is time: In 1976 the richest 1 percent held owned 20 percent of Americans' time. Today [2000], the richest 1 percenters hold about 40 percent of our time. If you own 100% of the money, you own 100% of the people who need money for food, clothing and shelter. If you own 100% of the plantation or company town, you own 100% of the slaves, sharecroppers or peons. What does this wealth transfer mean as a small group of politician bribers accelerates their ownership of America toward the 100% mark?

Trickle Down: The Justification

An economic school of thought says that if the wealthy are allowed to manipulate markets unfettered by taxes, they will create jobs which will trickle down to the small folk. On a rising economic ship, all boats and ships rise ... or so they say. If this were true, why are more and more Americans having less and less disposable time and money while working longer workweeks and longer worklives? The average workweek is at a post World War II record  high of 50+ hours per worker. Per household workweek length, it is much higher with more mothers having to work for the family to financially survive. Trickle done means the transfer of wealth to a few who will employ the many as servants or subservants--the new slavery.

For pensions, people are told not to count on Social Security. The politicians' answer was the 401(k). This automatic divergence of money (401k's) into funds merely created an inflationary bubble in the stock market. For decades, today's grandparents had Social Security for the Golden Years. For fewer years, today's workers had security of 401(k)'s for fools' gold. Like the political promises of Social Security, the 401(k) promised land is proving barren and forlorn, even a raise to $15,000 is viewed as not helping the average worker--are you able to stuff $15,000 away each year? Like other economic infrastructures (bridges and schools), politicians like to construct new ones to grab media attention. But politicians will not maintain the value of any promise, especially the national promissory note, the dollar. If we implemented economics to promote productive deflation, the dollar would be the number one instrument of retirement, escalating in real value faster than any private paper.

Trickle down? Rising economic tides? Yes, the big ships' bilges trickle down on the little boats, sinking the latter under the weight of higher cost of living. NUBS. A better term is dribble down ... crumbs and crude. Trickle-down economists are political streetwalkers looking for a corner newsstand from which to turn a trick by selling their body of information. As purveyors of negative information, they are ninformanics--see Necronomic Nomenclature.

Some will say the highly motivated shakers and makers won't work if not allowed to be overpaid--steal--as they always have. A simple question: What will the monopolizers of a water well in a desert do if forced to stop hogging the water? Stop drinking? Strong swimmers will always outswim the pack. With calmer waters, less buoyant swimmers will less likely grab and drown the faster swimmers. Wouldn't you like the minnows you know (those less lucky in skill) to struggle less in the sea of life? You'll still be a shark!

Saltwater Policies: Sucker Bets

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that if the politicians exempt their friends from paying taxes then the average American has to pay more taxes. Afterall, the umbrella of economic stability has a fixed cost each year. If someone doesn't pay taxes then someone else must pay the difference.

Is it wise for the average American to accept a 10% tax cut if the richest Americans get a 10% cut also? No. It is as wise as the thirsty person who drinks a glass of saltwater.

How many times has the average American voted for a habitual politician because he offered tax relief: estate, marriage, medical, education, pension, eldercare, childcare, etc? Does the average voter consider the time and price impact of tax relief? If the politician gives you a tax cut that is equivalent of one week of wages but gives the rich the equivalent of one year, did you come out ahead? No. You will find higher costs in the goods and services that both you and the rich need. The rich with their one-year taxcut in time will drive up the prices so in the end, you have less buying power.

Gee, folks, this is simple economics: More money chasing the same number of goods and services. Why is it that Republican economists decry the inflationary impact of raising the minimum wage for the poor but not the inflationary impact of tax cuts that raise everyone's minimum takehome pay?

Supporting a tax changes that gives others more time than you is a sucker bet. You are allowing others to be your master. You are allowing the company to give you a 10% raise while the company store to which you owe your soul raises prices 15%. You are self-enslaving yourself to a lower standard of living. Either

  • you will have fewer goods and services for your bigger takehome paycheck, or,

  • you will have to work more hours to keep pace with the "competition" inflation engendered by the rich receiving more time with each tax cut.

Consider another historical slavery: Indentured servitude. The owner says he will give you ten minutes off each work day but you will have to work longer years. Is this not what has been happening? In the last twenty-some years, the average person has seen his dollar income go up but his free time (weekends and retirement) disappear.

Americans are not fools. With the aid of hired economists, politicians fool Americans and humanity. The solution is not more tax cuts but taxing the beneficiaries of campaign welfare If you thirst for tax relief, saltwater tax cuts will not solve your problem. Fresh water for your wounded billfold is a fresh face in the next election.

For more examples of these sucker bets, visit Saltwater Policies.

Wealth Source: Capitalism vs. Decapitalism

Some readers will say by this time that this is a diatribe against capitalism. Quite the contrary, a diehard capitalistic purist writes this diatribe against campaign bribes.Capitalism is rewarding the problem-solver for using his head (capita) for solving problems. When a capita solves a problem, time is saved or created. When a capita solves a problem, the created profit should be shared with the capita.

Clearing a forest to plant food yields land that solves the problematic need of food to survive. The clearer of the land is entitled to ownership of the land and a profit for the food he produces. This is capitalism. The land symbolizes your turning labor into a symbol of value. The symbols of time are the symbols of capital: Stocks, Bonds, Land and Currency ... numbers on paper or computers. These are symbols, for they hold the value of real capital, human time at solving problems. No one said this better than Abraham Lincoln:

"Labor in this country is independent and proud. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and would never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital and deserves much more the higher consideration."

The cleared land does not entitle its owner to buy and enslave people with the threat of starvation or strangefruit. The ownership of capital through theft legalized by corrupt politicians is not capitalism. It is decapitalism.

If I give you a gun, does it make you a criminal or a provider? It depends. It depends on what you do with the gun. If you use the gun to hunt game, you are a provider. If you use it to rob hunters, you are a criminal.

Have you become a capitalist if I give you stocks, bonds, land and currency? It depends. Is it not like the gun? If you use these symbols of human time to provide people with work, you are a capitalist. If you use these symbols to decapitalize production and decapitate employment, you are a decapitalist--see decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed.

A key difference between capitalism and decapitalism is whether you are creating or stealing problem-solving time. When corrupt habitual politicians legalize tax benefits that give the rich more time than the average voter, is this capitalism or decapitalism?

Given that 99% of Wall Street is speculating today on speculators' future speculations, the diversion of human capita from real problem solving is not capital formation but capital deformation. An honest spectator can see this is not a special election of the elite

If you have wealth quantified to the solving of problems, you have created or saved time for the problem-sufferers. You have lowered their cost of living and raised their standard of living. If you have wealth by stealing, then you have taken time from people, for we live in a zero-sum world. There is only so much problem-solving time each year, e.g., education, medicine, housing and defense. If the habitual politicians give the top 1% of Americans twenty percent of America's problem-solving symbols, the rest of America should expect to work longer and have less: Longer workweeks and worklives with smaller pensions.

Coflation: Inflationary Impact of Theft

With an analysis of economic activity in time, the inflationary impact of legalized thievery through the tax system becomes clearer. If a neighbor steals your weekly pay, you have to work longer for two reasons to make up the loss. If banks legally charge you usury rates, you have to work longer to have the same buying power of a non-usury society ... and you have to compete against the banker when you need a doctor.

  • With legal or illegal theft, you need to work to have the money to pay for your basic needs: food, clothing, shelter ... and taxes.

  • With legal or illegal theft, you need to work longer to pay the higher prices that the thief will engender as he competes with you for the same goods and services with the same buying power.

This is coflation.

The neighbors need not be individuals but can be neighboring states. Consider the role of coflation in the California Energy Crisis of 2001. Using debt or deficits, "California soon began gobbling up any available power in the Western region's electric grid, which drove wholesale rates sky-high and wound up increasing the utility bills of consumers in neighboring states. Idaho residents, for instance, saw their bills rise 25%, while California users still benefited from retail-price caps." Subsidised Californians stole the time of Idahoans as the latter had to work longer to pay the 25% premium on energy bills. Likewise, the recipients of wealth transferred have a higher lifestyle which is subsidised by those who do not benefit from the habitual politicians. One can use coflation as a reason why one can afford to visit tourist spots or states but the residents cannot afford to live there, e.g., Aspen or Florida. The influx of money without any local problem-solving drives up the prices of the common shared goods and services to the detriment of those who are working and producing.

Ominously, the disappearance of Argentina's middle class can be timelined to the deregulation of energy, telephones and healthcare services in 1990--see below. Each year of promised free market benefit saw inflationary increases in the of basic service, price rises that doubled. The doubling of prices drained the middle class of the buying power to lubricate the economy. Argentina is suffering the same economic contraction as when Germany faced harsh reparation payments after World War One.

An economic conundrum is how inflation is an inflated word. It is used to describe contradictory things. Inflation gives you more money but less buying power. The ambiguity of inflation lets ninformaniacs talk love when all they really want is to screw citizens for some money. Specific words need to be coined to clarify inflation so we stop this insidious invasion of our bodies, billfolds and lives--see Inflation: An Inflated Word.

When the money supply increases faster than goods or service, the inflationary price hike is monflation. When the money supply does not change but shortages of goods or services cause rising prices, this is sinflation. If someone steals money with a gun, lawyer, politician or economist, this initiates competition inflation which is both monflation and sinflation: coflation.

If someone steals money from you, the person is not producing needed goods or services, but has more money. By virtue of not producing products comparable to the money they possess, the thieves compete with you for the available goods and services. The coflation would not exist if thieves were gainfully employed solving problems that would lower your cost of living. (The latter is productive deflation.)

Over the years, the habitual politicians have transferred wealth as campaign welfare. The result is inflation unmeasured by economists.

  1. Mechanics will not work on your Chevy because the campaign welfare recipients pay them more to work on European imports.

  2. Internet: Let them eat cake.:

  3. You don't have time to clean your house while the recipients of campaign welfare hire maids who could be your medical assistant if they weren't paid more by the tax favored friends of the politicians.

  4. You don't have time to help your kids with their homework while the non-problem-solving money dictators send their kids to private schools and tutors.

  5. You don't feel safe in your home while you-know-who lives in safe, gated communities with private security guards.

  6. You can't find a carpenter, plumber, electrician or handyman to fix your house because they are tearing down old structures to build monster mansions for the recipients of campaign welfare.

  7. Doctors won't see you for three months because they reserve part of their day for the last minute patients that will pay bonus on top of the HMO fee. Or, worse, your small town lacks a hospital because the politicians provided tax credits to an HMO for closing down your local hospital, Or, even worse, the tax-exemptions prompted your primary care physician to retrain to become a glorified, overpaid cosmetologist to work on butts, jugs and tucks.

  8. You can't afford to buy crayons for your sometimes hungry children while art houses (Sotheby and Christy's) rig million dollar bids on the work of dead starving artists.

  9. Cities and states tax citizens to build bigger stadiums which ...   Do you intend to finish this thought or leave it open?

These "coflation" jobs funded by the illegal and legal thieves are necrosing civilization. They are part of the existential meltdown. As the transfer of wealth increases, the average person has to work longer to provide the needs of life not only for himself but for the persons who merely control the wealth--see Work and Prostitution or Estate Taxes or Money Dictators. Coflation is generated from salt-water policies, e.g., home mortgages and education vouchers.

A simple question and test: Poll the people who left the infrastructure jobs, asking them why. They will say money and stress. Look at the source of the funding for the jobs to which they migrated. More often than not you will see tax-benefits tied not to problem-solving but to political ties. As the best and brightest migrate to tax-funded private " necrotic " jobs, the stress on the remaining workers rise. The brain drain creates a vicious stress avoidance cycle by the remaining best and brightest, e.g., teaching and nursing.

All the proposed tax plans will only worsen this vacuum in our problem-solving infrastructure--see existential meltdown. Internationally, this brain drain is a cause of international terrorism. It prompts expensive military intervention by an already drained, depleted and overextended U.S. military.

Coflation can be understood by considering the comparable and well-documented disruptions of brain drain upon foreign economies by higher U.S. wages. Foreign countries lose talent that could prevent local problems. Likewise for the American wage earner when the politically privileged receive unearned income. Campaign welfare drains brains from the economic infrastructure. Basic services become pricier and delayed ... when available. Hospital emergency rooms have started turning away ambulances.

The coflation list is summarized in how the average American has to work longer workweeks and worklives. Coflation causes a shift of talent from essential services for basic needs to non-essential activities for base wants. NUBS--base.

Inflation: Cheapening Human Life

Common to all forms of inflation is how human life is cheapened. If inflation eats up 50% of your paycheck, your worktime has been cheapened by 50%. If coflation delays your retirement or requires you to work at Walmart, your lifetime has been cheapened. If you focus on more symbols and numbers as the cure to your life worries, stress and frustration, well,  hope you can handle more worries, stress and frustration.

Inflation is not about money or dollars. It is about human time, the substance behind all symbols. The semantic cousins of inflation convey the cheapening: flattery and flatulence. The political promise is flattery. The political smoke and sizzle is flatulence. If politicians and economists are not defining their solutions to your housing, transportation, education, childcare, eldercare and pension worries in time (lifehours), they are fueling the inflationary fires that will burn up your life.

Campaign Welfare--Why?

To have a re-election campaign chest, the average U.S. Senator must raise $12,000 to $15,000 per day during his six-year term of office. People give that kind of money out of the kindness of their hearts. People would never think of buying a politician.

Given that the historical tax benefit at the federal level is $2500 to $5000 per each well-placed PAC dollar, the $1 billion Y2K presidential race will cost taxpayers $2.5 to $5 trillion. Hello ... where's that tax surplus going? All play and no politics make Jack and Jill poor taxpayers with no retirement.

Time-Saving Technology--Where?

We live in the age of the greatest advances in time-saving technology. Where are the time-savings? Not in the workweek or the worklife, for each gets longer. Where? In the lives of the campaign welfare recipients. More wealthfare without solving a single second of problems. The top 1% in the last 25 years have doubled their ownership of the time-saving technology while the other 99% have, on the average, had to work 20% longer to have the same standard of living.

Did the top 1% of America create 20% more real wealth (time-savings) in the last 25 years? If you buy a chair, you pay a tax. If they buy a company with 10,000 chairs and bodies, they don't pay taxes. If they layoff 20% of the company's workforce, you pay the unemployment taxes. If the habitual politicians  would organize you to buy companies as cheaply as their campaign welfare recipients, then you, like the politicians' friends, wouldn't be worried about Social Security, 401k's, or healthcare.

The sad thing.... The last year (2000) of this wealth transfer of time-saving technology was at a greater rate than in 1976. But not as fast as next year. What does it mean? Habitual politicians mean habitual problems and terrorism.

Legalized Inflation: Nobel Prizes

Economists.... Comparably, your daughter's virtue would be safer with a horny crack dealer. A review of Nobel Prizes for economics reveals how the best and the brightest have been rewarded for legalizing faster and faster theft. How about nanosecond theft? If you think watching the markets every fifteen minutes will help you time in and outs, you will have inflationary suffering as the nanosecond super-computers manned by Nobel Laureates ratchet your wealth and time away.

Two recent Nobel Laureates launched Long Term Capital Management  (LTCM) that almost collapsed the world's financial and banking system overnight. With borrowed money, they bought a super-computer that constantly monitored financial paper (symbols) to find a spread between any three. When there was a spread of less than a penny, the nanosecond supercomputer would sequentially buy the 1st then the 2nd then the 3rd before buying the 1st. You have mentioned 1st two times.  Is this a mistake? In a nanosecond, the Nobel Laureates had more on 1st than Abbot and Costello.

Money is to a bank like oil is to your car only the bank empties the crankcase at the end of each shift. Banks lend their spare cash to others with the expectation of repayment before banking hours start the next day. LTCM was about to drain a lot of borrowed oil down the drain. The economic engine was not going to have the needed oil to startup the next day. Only the first-ever intervention in a private financial house by the Federal Reserve System kept LTCM and banking alive. Nanosecond models can steal a lot of money only until the pyramid collapses.

What does it say about economics and Stockholm that the best and brightest can extract wealth from the world's economy without solving a real problem, without creating a single nanosecond of solution?

The very fact that more and more people feel the need to constantly watch the markets to preserve their retirement funds is a multi-coflationary cheapening of human life.

  • First of all, do you really like being chained to a TV, computer or palm pilot? If you think your provided PC software can outguess the nanosecond supercomputers watching you, there's a nut loose on your computer. If you do not think this is a cheapening of your life ... well ... get a life. The cognoscente can read between your wins that you have losses. They read between your keystrokes to move the markets.

  • Secondly, what if you spent that time and worry on your self, family and friends? You have become the agent of your coflationary life cheapening.

  • Thirdly, what if you gave that time to your community? You an integral agent and victim of the existential meltdown cheapening your one life.

Whatsup? What Does It Mean?

Whether by chains, whips, taxes or economists, the legalized theft of another person's life and time is enslavement. Slavery does not last. By enlightened decree, England took upon itself the eradication of the slave trade. By horrific Civil War, enlightened Americans took up the challenge as to what constituted "All men are created equal in their right to the pursuit of happiness."

New American Creed:

The New American Creed should be that all men are taxed equally, for unfairness in taxation is shifting the tax burden so as to slow or deny the pursuit of happiness. Whether by chains or taxes, one's freedom to the pursuit of happiness is gone.

"Get It Boys" Address

Four score and eight years ago (1913), our politicians brought forth on this continent, a new internal revenue, conceived in Tariffs, and dedicated to the proposition that all should be taxed fairly.

Now we are engaged in great civil turmoil, testing whether that mangled tax, or any tax so corrupted or so deceived, can long endure. We are met on an ideological battlefield of this eternal human struggle. We are forced to dedicate a greater portion of our lives, for unending campaign welfare wrought by the politicians who traded tax favors so their re-elections might live. It is altogether unfitting and improper that they should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot persevere--we cannot get something for nothing--we cannot hallow--this dying tax system, for the Fed is Dead. The habitual politicians, living and dead, who mangled it, have corrupted life, far above our poor powers to outwork or outsave the inflationary cheapening of existence. The world will little by little die, not long to last, but it will never forget what the politicians did to humanity. It is for us the living, rather to be witness here to the abusive theft which the politicians have formulated that has thus far so ignobly demeaned so many. It is rather for voters to be here dedicated to the great task remaining for all taxpayers--that from those who were bled dead we take increased devotion of that cause for which they gave the last minute of sweat--that we here highly resolve that the suffering taxpayers shall not have paid and voted in vain --that this nation, under better democracy and capitalism, shall have a new birth of freedom--that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

Too bad, Abe's not here to say it better in a newer nutshell. But he would approve the application of his words to a new, universal understanding and resolution of slavery as a theft of another's time by chains or taxes. Not to have the Founding Fathers feel left out, the document of revolution has also been updated and applied to how America is again suffering from hereditary politicians (Gore and Bush)--see Re-Declaration of Independence

Don't Cry For Me, Argentina

What does it mean? The time clock is ticking. No society or economy survives a continual transfer of wealth to fewer and fewer hands through the politico-tax complex. As the wealth ownership metastasises into fewer hands, the coflationary pressures increase. As the grains of sands fall, members of the middle class suffer "downward mobility"--suddenly working numerous lower class jobs. Argentina is an increasing basket case because wealth is concentrated in fewer hands. Opposite to Argentina is Japan which has a better standard of living than Americans. As wealthfare supports more non-problem-solving lifestyles, the society suffers an existential meltdown as shown in Argentina.

[Some good news within the account of Argentina's disappearing middle class: only 15% of graduating lawyers will find jobs.]

Each year, 1% of Americans sleep with the habitual politicians in order to own a larger percentage of America. Sometimes it's smoke-filled backrooms; sometimes it's the Lincoln Bedroom. Of course, one of these bedfellows is being paid by the public to represent the public's interest. In fact, the habitual politicians represent the interests of the money dictators who fund the politicians' re-elections. 

Like a celestial star exhausting its hydrogen fuel, a point of depletion is reached at which a nova explodes: Russia (1990), Phillipines(?,?), date Serbia(2000), France (1789) and Colonies (1776). Is this an omen: Parallel to the taxation without representation of 1776, we today have another hereditary politician who is George III?

Sadly, sadly, sadly, America's single-sided democracy in Y2K gave Americans the choice of two sons-of-habitual politicians that were pre-ordained by the money dictators long before the first primary vote was ever cast. Not only were the votes in Florida stolen, but every primary and general election vote was wasted because twiddle dee and twiddle dumb will fulfill their campaign debts to the money dictators.

Modes of Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer can be legal or illegal. Given that habitual politicians are corrupt and will pass public laws for private friends (privileges), the role of legal/illegal is unimportant. Whether you are robbed with a gun or a taxcut, the results are the same: You are poorer after your wealth has been illegally or legally stolen. You are actually safer being robbed by a gun rather than an economist, for a gun-toting robber has a greater chance of going to jail than a numbers-quoting robber.

A gun-toter will only get the money in your pocket while a numbers-quoter will get the money in your pension. Which is a bigger thief? Which is a decapitalist dog--see Jack Welch ? Who goes to jail? Who gets a multi-million dollar book contract? Who spreads the contagion of political aides as path to wealth?

Unlike wealth creation in which real problems are solved and time is created or saved, wealth transfer takes time from the problem-solvers. Wealth creation is capitalism while wealth theft is decapitalism. When one adds up all the legal saltwater policies for wealth transfer

  • tax cuts
  • monopolies
  • tuition vouchers (529's)
  • unearned income
  • capital "gain"
  • inheritance
  • IMF loans

one realizes that if not reversed, America will collapse. People won't have money for basic needs. On the other hand, ending the immoral transfer of wealth would bring about a 24 hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and money for self, family and community in a safer, saner society.


(Kudos to Ndetaiyu for his contribution to writing this.)


"By 1997, the richest 10 percent owned 73.2 percent of total wealth, leaving an impressive 25 percent for the other 90 percent of us. These people do not need our assistance. We do not need to transfer more of the tax burden from them to the rest of us." StarTribune010307A17a

With the impending transfer of trillions of dollars from the post-WWII boom generation, slavery is coming on a nationwide basis.

If you don't annually receive $20,000 as a tax free gift, then you are paying taxes for those who give and receive $20,000 tax free--the same as a $30,000 job before taxes.

The rich stealing from the poor through the politicians is a bad example for the poor.


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 > #22 inflationary cheapening 071111 Necronomics, Chapter 2: Inflation is ....
 > #23 resolution 131010 Lifehours: The Abraham Lincoln Precedence
 > #24 Re-Declaration of Independence 071111 Re-Declaration of Independence
 > #25 Argentina 021210 Gold Plan for A Silver Land
 > #26 Japan 071113 Japan Bashing
 > #27 single-sided democracy 071111 Democracy and Voting Content
 > #28 decapitalism 071101 Decapitalism: Index
 > #29 Homepage 071101 Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the periodic table of existence
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