Money Dictatorship and Campaign Welfare

What's the best phrase to descibe the use of money to buy politicians to get tax benefits from which a portion is used to buy politicians at the next election? "Cash register politics" as offered by Ralph Nader? No. Money dictatorship.

Before 1999, a few Texans decided to monopolize the Year 2000 Presidential election by giving a bunch of money to a fellow Texan--the cocaine cowboy. By giving "W" the big "Mo" others who wanted to buy the winner and winnings fell into place.  Record setting money poured in for momentum. Regardless of the "W"'s merits, is this the kind of democracy that you want? Where did that money come from? Corporate welfare? Drugs? Who knows? Isn't it time to stop the money dicators? NUBS: Campaign Welfare

With a money dictatorship, no real problems are solved, only the re-election problems of the habitual politicians. 

  • As a rule, at the state level, unprincipled businessmen can buy politicians for one dollar for each $100 to $1000 in tax benefits.
  • As a rule, at the federal level, the payoff is better $2500 to $5000 for each dollar paid to get a habitual politician elected.

A true capitalist does not begrudge a person being wealthy from solving real problems, for the both the person and the problem-sufferers profit in the true sense of the word. It is not capitalism when a person steals with a gun, briefcase, lawyer, politician or economist? It is decapitalism. Money dictatorship is decapitalism.

In more ways than one, the money dictatorship contaminates public policy-making. Consider the media campaign by the biggest software company after its anti-trust judgement for monopolistic practices. Where is the fair and balanced advertising presenting an opposing view. Where is the presentation of this fact: the newborn philantropist (Bill Gates) benefits social causes with wealth acquired by denying benefits to employees of Microsoft? Or, consider the one-sided, lop-sided media bliss by the tobacco industry. As money dictators, the tobacco captains double-dip both in the media and politics, for tobacco farmers have received tax subsidies for decades.


  1. No better example of money dictatorship than the 2012 Mormoney Romney campaign: Super-paks

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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