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  1. 110224: Driving his critically ill child to the hospital in his 15 mpg SUV, he stopped quickly to put in four gallons of gas. At mile 60, his car ran out of gas, 30 miles short of the hospital. To his crying children, he said, "But I bought gas." The defense of "But I paid into the pension fund" has no dollar value when one's end of life gas tank runs dry. Like the husband, it is not enough to pay if one does not pay enough. Pensions are combinations of Ponzi schemes and political promises igknowantly embased by scumnuts, that is, people who want something for nothing. People who mantra the chant of "But I paid into the pension fund" are the like the people who mindlessly chant "the bible is the word of god." Neither will logically analyze all the relevant factors to recognize the emptiness of these lies fostered by predators upon the gullible who enshrined these lies as perpetual self-lies. For the former, stop bitching and find a job, any job. For the latter, stop praying and start solving.
  2. 110225: A news report interviewed the Rhode Island state official charged with fixing its pension fund. The irony is that the woman had been a principal in a hedge fund before swinging the revolving door into a six-figure state job. This woman is an example of how the arsonists who set the house of humanity on fire is in charge of putting out the fire. Why? While pension are inherently self-destructive, the rapidity of running out of money was speeded up by hedge funds that wasted pension monies. In the final analysis, there is no difference between union officials wasting members' pensions on mansions and mistresses and hedge fund managers doing the same. In both cases, the pensioners got what they deserved for watching sports events more often and longer than pension funds.
  3. 110225: It is too late to worry about one's pension. One should have been worrying about it five or ten years ago. In 2011, people should be worried about food. However, in a few years it will be too late to worry about food.