Lifehour Credits at the Global Level for recruiting new accounts and reading web pages decreases in value as the system grows. While the United States of America should pay for the establishment of better democracy and capitalism the self-sustaining process becomes the currency process of each nation through the lifehours created by the people of each nation solving their problems using on-line democracy. As initially said on each on each email, Lifehours, like Krekel burgers, get 'em while you can.

Tentative Tax Credits

Complementing the blind, objective brain bee process is an accounting system to quantify one's participation and sponsorship. This bookkeeping is based a quantification of what problem-solving saves: time. The units of measure are lifehours or lifeminutes.

Awards for submitting, voting and winning vary based on the forum involved. Awards include credit to private organizations that help promote better democracy and capitalism even though the corporations benefit from on-line forums. Awards vary from five to twenty minutes for submission and voting--see forum lifeminute awards. This on-line tentative tax credits is a barter system for solving problems with people giving their time upfront with a growing knowledge of receiving the tax credits at some time.

A radical proposal is that these recorded lifehours are tentative tax credits which will be tallied pending their formal legalization. At formalization, accumulated lifehour tax credits will be amortized over 20 years. It is estimated that it will cost less than one dollar a year to bring about the benefits of better democracy and capitalism: see $3 Billion Leverage Buyout of Corrupt Politics. That is about 4 minutes of work for the average person earning the average lifehour wage.

Some organizations received free charter accounts for students, employees or members. Leaders at the organizations were contacted encouraging them to contact peers who had received free accounts worth the tentative $65 tax credit. Accounts can be set up by an existing member sponsoring you .


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