Life's Necessities: Earned Lifehours Required

Part and parcel to the Manheaven Project is the restriction of life's necessities to payment with the lifehours acquired by being part of the solution and not of the problem. An analysis of the wealthiest persons in the political corrupted dysfunctional currencies reveals aquisition of the symbols of wealth without a corresponding problem-solving worth. The best example is the man purported to  be the wealthiest in the world, Bile Guts. Is he worthy of his billions that he acquired by selling bastard stock options into workers' retirement accounts, workers who were forced to buy stock options because of 401k plans? In many ways, Bile Guts is no different than Alfred Nobel whose prizes have been a catalyst to the number one problem that is destroying life on earth, too many human lives. Fulfilling the dictum that two turds of the same blather block together, Bile Guts is using his ill-got billions to try to buy a Nobel Peace Prize. How is he spending his stolen billions? Increasing over-population!!!

Should Bile Guts get some the dwindling food stocks and healthcare? No. He has in many ways caused the problems behind the death of life on earth. Dysfunctional currency acquried by wage-taking should not be allowed to buy passage on a Manheaven lifeboat. The cost of necessities and passage should be exacted in earned lifehours from helping save life on earth, not being guility of the greatest crime in the history of humanity and of the earth itself.

Increasingly elementary school districts will become the focus of distribution of life's necessities--see Elementary Democracy, Food Retiming.

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