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iCube: Integrity of Intellect and Intelligence

An Introduction

iCube describes the relationship of intellect and intelligence as they are integrated together. As terms within the timistic system of describing existence:

  1. intellect describes the quality or ability of the physical process to integrate information or intelligence, and,
  2. intelligence describes the information processed by the intellect.

They are akin to the old nature/nurture dichotomy. The integrity of a person is the sum of the person's intellect and intelligence.


  1. This secular three-in-one is one's iCube (or i3)
  2. The relationship of intellect and intelligence is not new. iCube not only has a nice ring--sounding slightly like IQ--but implies the two components behind the their integration or synthesis.
  3. iCube implies the whole (integration) is greater than sum of its two parts.
  4. iCube is the mentality level of dynamic density, that is, the ability of an entity to respond to or pre-empt its environment to optimize its existence, that is, its morality of more time.
  5. iCube, in its earliest guise, was written about as Rate of Integration ( ROI ). Timism, the periodic table of existence, grew out of the early 1970's writings associated with ROI.
  6. One's ability to solve problems reflects one's iCube. Problems can be quantified in the iCube required.


  1. Guitar: One can play greater variety on a guitar with twelve strings than two strings or a stringless twelve-string guitar (most professor emirati). Regardless of the strings on the guitar, a person without training or practice will play poorer than a person who has practiced extensively and passionately. So it is with one's mind:
  2. Automobile: A twelve-cyclinder car will travel faster than a two-cyclinder car if cylinders and maintenance are the same. An unmaintained, non-starting12-cyclinder car will not run as fast as a maintained two-cyclinder car. A high performance engine plied with low octane fuel will not run as fast as a two-cylinder.

(Other dyamic density analogies .)


  1. iCube is the integrity of "form and function," that is, intelligence and intellect.
  2. Measuring iCube is like the horsepower of an automobile engine. The cubic inch displacement of the engine corresponds to the intellect of the mind. For a given engine design, the bigger the displacement then the greater potential horsepower of the engine, e.g., G.M.'s V6 derived from its workhorse V8. For a given engine, the horsepower is determined by the octane of the fuel. The higher the octane, the greater the horsepower. In the Second World War, the British Spitfire and the German Messerschmitt 109 had similar engine displacement but the Spitfire outperformed the latter because the Brits had higher octane fuel complements of better gasoline from the United States. For the mind, the octane that fuels its mental horsepower is the quality and quantity of learning. As one can calculate horsepower output by multiplying displacement by octane rating so can one similarly measure the mind. PPP Analogous to mental displacement is mental attention span which can be equated to how many thoughts a person can keep in their mind at one time. A ten-thought person has a longer attention span than a five-thought person who is comparatively a sufferer of ADHD. Over a lifespan, one's attention span based on raw intellect increases to a peak at 33 years of age before declining. A five-thought person can achieve ten-thought capacity if each thought is worth two thoughts by virtue of learning thoughts, concepts or terms that are complicated. Such a person is an overachiever.
  3. One's intellect can be changed by dietary ingestions or the lack there of--starvation demention. Enhancements can come from steady, good diets or sudden changes from pills or drugs (chronic versus acute changes). One's intelligence can be increased by learned information or acquired ninformation (negative information). The latter parallels the two parts of the cost of humanity to Mother Nature--cost of living and cost of lying. With ninformation, one is a ninformaniac screwing self or others out of a creative, productive life. Obviously, a person who studies to be a criminal is wasting the time of self and others. Less obvious is the insidious ( medium is the message ) of engaging in self-distracting activities that effectively lowers one iCube, e.g., music in one's ear.
  4. One can lower one's iCube by distractions, e.g, texting while driving. Other short-term and long-term iCube-lowering distractions are alcohol, drugs, TV, etc. Learning to minimize distractions is an important way to raise one's iCube when in a problem-solving situation. Mixing business with distractions increases one's chances of non-busyness, aka, unemployment. One's personal life suffers a lower iCube when one increases rather than reduces distractions. Multi-tasking is like multi-friends on social networks: the quality is not there. Anyone who thinks they have a right to self-distraction is one who will suffer more wrongs and unhappiness in their lives from their self-dumbing down. Simple math. A right only exists when one prevents or corrects a wrong. One does not have a right to procreate without the means to rightfully raise the offspring. Proclaiming rights that lead to wrongs are common among low iCubers.
  5. Distractions are a form of play that reduces the work of solving the problems of living. Distractions are another perspective on the cost of lying to ourselves as to what we want today. In order to maintain their emotional happiness, distracted people are like drug addicts: To cope with the ignored problems from self-distraction, the low iCubers must distract themselves even more, i.e., take bigger doses of drugs more often. As addicts increasingly become dependent on the drug dealers so do the self-distractors gravitate toward and praise the sources of their ignorance. An irony is the juxtaposition of iCube to the distractive impact of the iPhone and iPad and other Steve Jobs' commercial and material cancers. A bigger irony--and a confirmation of a universal Gresham's Law --is the glorification of this MadAve maniac who consistently sought to manufacture and hype goods to make people want items that were bad for them. Timistically, as a matter of mental dynamic density, that is, distracting people from sensing and solving problems in their environments, iJobs is the mother of all distracting "cellphones" on people's life roads as they cruise and crash.
  6. The medium is the message : By their very nature, TV, radio and Hollywood must debase their message in order to retain viewership in an endless downward spiral to see who can outrage the new lower iCubed viewer, e.g., reality shows, entertainment tonight, and AFV. The argument that the media gives "viewer what they want" violates the principle of first giving people what they need rather than want.  The media are aggravating the cost of humanity to Mother Nature by emphasizing the cost of lying over cost of living.The proferred "discerning viewer" is a media self-delusion at best, hypocrisy in fact. The media is distracting us to death rather than educating us to live.The mediacs reward is the existential meltdown in which there will be fewer problem-solvers for all people including the mediacs.
  7. ROI: When you becoming aware of the rate at which thoughts spin away based on ROI/dynamic density and integrity, you develop a sixth sense that says, "Hey, that thought is not finished and it is going away. Do something. Write down key elements to re-elevate the thought's components in the future." The mind behind timism is an autistic anal retentive, scatological note-taker who has the benefit of timism and eintime  to filter and integrate my notes.
  8. To judge or respect anyone fully requires that you have an equal or higher iCube. Otherwise, your judgement or re-inspection is incomplete, that is, an emotional, illogical conclusion. This is why I waste little time on my critics: To judge me, you have to have a higher level of integrity in intellect and intelligence. Who? Where? All too often I feel like a contestant in a beauty contest judged by blind men. It is like a three-string player trying to evaluate or play 12-string music.

    (The intensity and prevalence of recent PTSD among Iraqi and Afghani veterans has been exacerbated by the widespread prescription of "uppers" by military authorities to the boots-on-the-ground. Stress, anger, and tragedy is initially processed at a higher iCube with later recollections having missing parts. Modifinil/Providgil-fueled PTSD is akin to a nightmare in which one does not have all of one's reality guidepost to balance the self-feeding angst. For many soldiers and marines, it is like being sent on a mission into enemy territory with members of the team withheld beforehand and one arm tied behind your back. Agent Orange was bad and bodily. Upper-Outrages are worse and mental. I liked to see a study researching the soldiers accused of atrocities as to their use of authorized uppers. There are no free lunches. We cannot get something-for-nothing. The cost of the Bush's war-on-the-cheap is baby chicken that will grow each year as the troops come home to roost and riot.)
  9. From accumulated laziness and greed, the American people did not have the integrity of intellect and intelligence to see that Iraq would be another Vietnam of wasted money, resources, time and lives. Likewise, Americans' laziness and greed prevent them from having the integrity to see the global holocaust descending on us and crushing our future.
  10. More revealing than one's IQ is one's iCube. Intelligence quotient (IQ) does not readily convey the two elements of a dynamic entities' level of survival based on nature and nurture, that is, the integrity of intellect (nature) and intelligence (nurture). Furthermore, as the perspective of dyamic density at the mental level, iCube is a two-way street benefitting from and contributing to the unity of timism as the periodic table of existence in unifying our knowledge into a singularity. IQ is a one-way deadend alley.
  11. The iCube: Not only does iCube have meaning as Integrity of Intellect and Intelligence but one can visualize a cube into which all behavior can be "GPS'd." The zero lines begin at the bottom of one corner with
    1. the vertical being age,
    2. the depth being intellect and
    3. width being intelligence.

    The norm is a line drawn from the zero corner to the far corner. As one ages, the increase of intellect combined with intelligence should increase one's iCube, that is, one's dynamic density in being able to manage one's existence for optimal stablity and length.

  12. iCube and qubits--see NYT article 110122 on "In pursuit of qubits"
  13. Smartphone Dummies

Integrity of information and intelligence:

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  2. historical socio, economic, cultural development. ... evolution vs evilution ... ebb and flow between moral and immoral, evolution/evilution.

Quality Control Tools for Higher iCube ... Frog Leaping.
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