Cost Of Lying Examples

The Cost of Humanity of humanity to Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth, is composed of two parts:

  1. Cost of living: The average amount of daily time to acquire the unchanging necessities of life to survive.
  2. Cost of lying: The amount of wasted time responding to our changing wants reflecting how we lie to ourselves.

Because of the simplicity and universality of timism as an analytic tool to define whether anything is creative (living necessity) or cancerous (lying want), one can list examples of how we lie to ourselves. This list is important because of the cost of lying has great import on the rate of global dying. All CO2 generated from the human activities based on how we lie to ourselves is unnecessary to living. Such CO2 is unnecessarily killing life on earth.

To fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, we need to ban all unnecessary generation of greenhouse gases. While this list is a primer, the actual sequence of banned lying business should be developed over a series of brainbees devoted to prioritizing the worst CO2 sins of lying to ourselves about our wants. These brainbees of public plebiscites based on a democratic polling of the people, by the people and for the people.

(Concomitant with brainbees to eliminate the economy of lies, wants, waste and worries is the re-timing of economy of necessities. Any inefficiency in producing needed goods and services to support life on earth is also a generation of unnecessary CO2. Unfortunately, these inefficiencies have a monetary value that benefits many people, people who will resist what needs to be done because they feel they are entitled to their unearned income. Again, the use of public plebiscites are necessary. For individuals, Lies of Life are brainbees for personal enlightenment of wasted time, resources and emotions.)

Our closets, attics, basements, sheds, and garages are full of examples of how we have lied to ourselves about our wants. Or, you can visit a landfill and watch our past "must haves" pass into oblivion while the CO2 gasses generated to manufacture of passing "wants" continues to kill us. Paralleling these storage or dump areas are our maxed out credit cards and depleted savings/retirement accounts.

Examples of Lying, Wants, and Waste behind unnecessary greenhouse gasses

  1. 401k diverting money to economy of wants, waste and lies, e.g., Wall Street M&M's (mansions and mistresses)
  2. Bogus, Deceptive Advertising
  3. Lies of Life
  4. Niggerism : Cost of Racist Lies
  5. Groan jobs
  6. Saltwater Politics
  7. Work Hogging: Safety and Security In the WorkWeek
  8. Technological Advances: Phones, iPods, HDTV, computers, Christmas
  9. Business holidays, e.g., Christmas: Aggravating unnecessary generation of CO2 gases.
  10. Hollywood : Distracting us to death instead of educating us to live which generates unnecessary greenhouse gasses.
  11. Habitual sports: The play pathos not the work ethic.
  12. Bigger this or that--cars, homes, and bodies.
  13. Consumer Spending: Any politician or economist who thinks the solution to our national problems is more consumer spending is an advocator of faster death of life on earth. Cheerlosers of more consumer spending are guilty of crimes against life on earth.


  1. 120814 Cost of lying is the cost of opinions since inherent in all opinions is missing facts. Opinions are personal conclusions with either missing information or personal guesses aka personal wants. The literal original of "opinion" lends itself to this train of thinking. Opinion comes from "to opine" which means to talk on a subject with some, not all, information. Opine comes from "to pine", that is, "to want" as in a forlorn lover pines for the missing partner.

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