Acupuncture Morality

Acupuncture describes a process by which needles inserted in the body affects other parts of the body. Regardless of the validity, or degree thereof, one can apply the concept to morality. Morality, herein, is desccribed as creating more time, to wit, timism is the morality of more time. The creation of time is based on solving or preventing time-wasting problems. Acupuncture morality describes how learning to solve problems in one area can help solve problems in other, unrelated areas of life. It is important to realize or recall that solving problems is the basis of happiness .

Acupuncture morality has been described in other ways. Some would say that having a sixth sense on sensing and solving problems is an example of acupuncture morality. Consider the Karate Kid who had a time-wasting problem of being beat up. His martial art instructure had him start out painting, washing and sanding. The kid complained of not getting any training whereup his instructor showed how the kid was learning the basic skills as an automatic, sixth sense. This is an example of acupuncture morality.

While one can readily see how the Karate Kid learned problem-solving skills, it is not so readily obvious that the instructor was also learning to be a better problem-solver from which he would know more happiness. When one helps others to solve problems, one is being a moralist of more time in the here and now. More importantly, one is extending his sixth sense or acupuncture morality. Importantly, one must make sure that one's help is helping the helpless to become better problem-solvers.

Haphazardly, and without forethought, one can acquire acupuncture morality. Curiosity in any subject can lead to one acquiring numerous problem-solving skills that create more time. This writer's curiosity has led him to invest a lot of time into seemingly inconsequential activities to larger issues, e.g., cooking, dishwashing, laundry, gardening and canning. In some cases when it would have been cheaper to buy a wheel rather than re-invent the wheel. However, one cannot build a better wheel by knowing only how to buy rather than invent a wheel. An anlalogous situation is the parent who buys term-papers for his children. Or, the person won't work at building a relationship preferring to buy a prostitute. A less TMI analogy is the person who buys graphic software and thinks he or she is the new great artist without any basic skills.

As one's acupuncture morality expands one can develop an alphabet of problem options, preventions and solutions, that is, if A then B, if B then C, etc. Or, if Not A then B, if Not B then C, etc. Parallel to one's developing a better alphabet of problem awareness is improving one's calculus of morality by which one can avoid saltwater solutions, that is, avoiding seeming solutions to problems that are deadly in a longer cradle to grave analysis of a dynamic system. Like a thirsty person drinking saltwater, the solution is worse than original problem, that is, one becomes thirstier.

Early on and repeatedly, this writer was called DIBs because he was viewed as a good problem-solver that the DIB-caller would want on a Deserted Island. Or, one can be methodical in exploring and expanding one's range of problem-solving skills. This writer fulfilled this option by repeatedly changing the focus of his income-earnings--see resume and simple solutions.

Artistic versus Scientific Acupuncture Morality

One's acupuncture morality from curiosity and methodology can be enhanced significantly if one understands timism as the periodic table of existence in which there are three basic processes by which to quantify the creation/cancering of time. Without timism one can have artistic acupuncture morality. With timistic analysis, one can be scientific in one's morality with a better, more methodical alphabet  of problem preventions and solutions.

In being a universal time-creating problem-solver, one is fulfilling the meaning of life which will be rewarded a meaningful life full of justified, honest, unstolen happiness.


  1. Acupuncture Morality is common sense often derived from or required of the college of hard knocks. It increases one's percentages in the Four-Steps of solving problems thus increasing the quality of one's free will which increases one's ability to fulfill the meaning of life.
  2. If you want to screw up a kid, do everything for him so that when he is supposed to leave home in his late teens, he or she is a problem-solving eunuch.
  3. Every time one throws money at a problem, one castrates the potential or potency of the problem-solvers who have the level rights to solve that problem. For instance, when politician throw money at the welfare problem, the recipients do not develop the skills to solve their own problems of living. Likewise with private welfare when helicopter parents hovel over their children, hobbling them each time they drop money. Instead of allowing the welfared or the welfixed to acquire acupuncture morality to victoriously overcome the problems of living, the souls, hearts and wills are vivisected, lobotomized and castrated. If you teach a person to be a problem-avoider then you are sentencing them to a prison of unhappiness plagued by the time-loss of unsolved problems. 111222
  4. With acupuncture morality one learns and lives that there are more than one way to skin a cat. 120914
  5. Notes

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