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Profits: Forward Existence

In designing better, less CO2-sinning replacements for taxation, insurance, bonds, loans and education for the Manheaven Project to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, the essence of profit was observed so as the maximize the chances of the recovery process. If one is honest with one's words, one knows the word profit is suffers semantic slippage from which it is misused like a sheepskin covering the wolves that who to steal you life or livelihood with sweet-lipped lies.

As noted more fully elsewhere (profit index), the word profit comes from Latin, pro esse, which means forward existence. It is important to note that this Latin root is alsos the basis of proud and pride. This semantic relation implies that one cannot have one without the other. To summarize profit, only if everyone in a human transaction benefits from the action, that is, goes forward, can one claim a profit of which one is proud and has pride.

The inherent nature of pro esse is more time wherein one has an objective link to an objective moral, political, economic and mental understanding of existence.

  1. The morality of more time--see Time is the Thread in the Fabric of Life--is pro esse when one is a moral person creating more time. A rich thief does not profitably create time but unfittlingly cancerizes or steals time whether on Main Street with a gun or on Wall Street with an economist. Moneytheistic ministers are not profitable.
  2. Politically, a habitual politicians legalizing private laws (privileges) for campaign contributors is not creating time. Rather, he is transferring time in the form of taxes and currency(time) from the wager-earners to the wage-takers. Habitual politicians are not profitable.
  3. Economically, financial systems that take the wealth of the wage-earners who the problem-solving wealth-creators so as to enrich the wage-takers are not profitable. Retirement plans (401ks) that force wage-earners to buy worthless paper (bastard stock options) are not profitable for the wage-earners as the wage-takers use the money to buy M&M's, mansions and mistresses, or, worse, put money into foreign hands to underprice the workers.
  4. Mentally, a person who as a minister, politician or economists orchestrates unprofitable transactions for their flock, voters or citizens can honestly have no pride.

In recognition of how Mother Nature is God's accountant on earth with a bookkeeping system that ledgers each molecule of life-killing CO2, all unprofitable human activity, by definition, does not pro esse life on earth, that is, waste does not take us forward. To save live on earth, if it is not too late, we must reform needed human activity to be optimally profitable to pro esse life on earth. Toward this goal, the Manheaven Project has developed the tools of timism which include the following reforms under the principle of re-timing our debts

  1. taxation
  2. loans
  3. bonds
  4. insurance
  5. wages

Inherent in each is an objective assessment of the time-value of each participant in the transactions so that each is a wage-earner, no more or no less. Any time there is a wage-loser, there is a wage-taker which is a cancer that will ultimately destroy the wage-relation. A moral politician or moral economists knows that cancerous human relations do not create more time but destroys time regardless of how the time is stored in some funny paper with funny numbers, i.e., currencies for current time.

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