As  a friend or supporter of Warren Beatty, I would like for you to review the following and, if you agree, call him and encourage him to read it. I have FedEx'd the same to him. Because of pressing considerations, I will be FedExing the same basic proposal to Bill Bradley and John McCain if I have not heard from Mr. Beatty by the Tuesday after Labor Day, 1999. If you read the enclosed letter to Mr. Beatty, the enclosed Presidential speech, and visit my site, you will realize that I have much to give humanity.

(This letter is uploaded to\Letters\Beatty.html. The Presidential Speech is listed on the Table of Contents.)

Dear Mr. Beatty,

I have a gift for your political aspirations based on my appreciation of your concerns. What you feel in your guts about right and wrong, I have put into an objective process. Please read the accompanying speech. Please visit my website: (If needed, temporary userid: Democracy ... password: forall.)

If you commit yourself to using on-line democracy in the selection of issues and individuals to promote a better America, I am a policy wonk at your beck and call. And, I can give you the keys to the backdoor of Ft. Knox.

As the original discoverer of timism, I offer you a clutter cutter to get to the core of issues. I offer you the keys to not only the backdoor of Ft. Knox (lifehours), but I offer you keys to peoples' minds. People want to hear what they have been subconsciously concluding but not putting into words.

You have the general feeling that something is wrong but you don't have the clutter cutters: timism, better democracy, better capitalism, decapitalism and habitual politicians. I offer you the opportunity to be the leading advocate of Democratic Capitalism: A Timistic Vision of Humanity for the New Millennium.

I have the insight and vision. You have the personality and visibility. Can we be a team?


Robert S. Barnett

P.S. Democratic Capitalism does not wait for no man. I am, of necessity, pursuing other marketing efforts. After Labor Day, I will be offering the above to the two best candidates from the current political parties, Bradley and McCain. Since some may ask why I didn't approach you, in defense, I will post all communication to my website on Labor Day.

P.S.P.S. Long before you declared your intentions for running for the Presidency, I dedicated my Term Limit proposal to your character in Bulworth. (Did you mean Bullsh--?)

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