GOOHF: Get Out Of Hell Free

  1. With global dying accelerating, we are all on death row.
  2. If life on earth is to be saved, the Manheaven Commission is inevitable.

If we fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, it will result from

  1. reducing over-population
  2. detiming the economy of lies for wants, waste and worries, and
  3. retiming the economy of living for needed goods and services.

While it is the case that

  1. some people will be euthanized for their crimes against life on earth as super CO2 sinners under the Mandatory Duty To Die (MD2D),
  2. many CO2 sinners will be sentenced to minimum wage income,

others will be among the first or best to implement the Manheaven Commission, aka, the Whole Plan.

At the minimum, supporters of the primary moral imperative will receive lifehours warrants or credits. In addition, two rewards exist which enhance one's earned lifehours.

  1. GOOHF: Get Out Of Hell Free. These can be used to cancel any duty-to-die (D2D) that one might receive for past CO2 sinning. A person can earn more than one GOOHF.
  2. Super-GOOHFs: Trumps any duty-to-die including an MD2D--Mandatory Duty-To-Die. Extra earned Super-GOOHF's can be transferred to relatives but cannot be sold. This includes Account Nullifcation.

As lifehours are the opposite of deathhours so are GOOHFs the opposite of D2Ds. Lifehours are like a currency and GOOHFs are like a life preservers.

Other benefits of GOOHF's:

  1. Automatic first interview if in top seven of any job search. Does not guarantee job but does guarantee job interview. (If I was an employer with two equally qualified candidates, the one with the GOOHF's will more likely be around longer thus I'd hire a GOOHF'y to avoid repeating a job hiring process.)
  2. First to get debt re-financed to zero-interest lifehour bonds.
  3. Participation in GOOHF-only brainbees.
  4. Guaranteed health coverage when healthcare is minimized to speed up controlled depopulation. (This writer does not make the rules as he seeks to share the lifesaving messages.)
  5. Voiding Account Nullification.


  1. No Sales
  2. Termination if found to violate mandates of Manheaven Commission.
  3. Military Exemption
  4. At some point, a conversion of a certain number of GOOHFs into a Super-GOOHf will probably occur.