Index to Means and Meaningful Essays

Mean People and Means:
The Meanies of Life

Mean people live beyond their means, that is, they consume more time than they create. Mean people are time-cancers to themselves and others. Mean people destroy more time than they create. As meanies of life they destroy the meaning of life.

It is important to note that when one talks about a mean person who lives beyond his means that one is probably also talking about a person who is mean in their interpersonal relationships. This is no coincidence. It reflects the unity and continuity of the timistic processes from spinbarism to morality. If one is immoral,

  1. one will engage in or encourage immoral politeness, e.g., Rush Limbaugh's immoral actions in the 2008 Indiana primary
  2. one will engage in immoral business activity
  3. one will be immoral to other people
  4. one will be self-immoral
  5. one's higher immoral actions will cause less time, not more time, in the environment.

Because the word moral represents more time, one can see the above listing is also a listing of mean relationships. An entity that lives beyond his means is losing or taking time which makes that entity not only mean but also immoral.

Mean people:

  1. Two-income couples
  2. People who work overtime or two-jobs
  3. Playthetic people
  4. Mean people who are examples of cancers, that is, entities that consume more time than they create
  5. People who retire early when the system cannot afford their retirement as indicated by the rising retirement deficits
  6. Acupuncture Morality is common sense which increases one's percentages in the Four-Steps of solving problems, thus increasing the quality of one's free will which increases one's ability to fulfill the meaning of life.

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