The fission/fusion is between H20 and C02 molecules in 34:1 clusters (per my calculations) which can be call Frequency Resonating Quantum, not between chemical elements that make up the molecules. Fission/Fusion is normally thought of as a nuclear phenomenon, that is, a single element splitting (fission) or two elements joining (fusion). Important to make these small distinctions.

Fission-Fusion Dynamics of Atmospheric CO2

Webpage with documentation links:\GlobalDying\CO2InAtmosphere\FissionFusionOfCO2.htm

Thesis: Atmospheric CO2 is central to a fusion/fission process involving particulates with reactions similar to the nuclear fission-fusion that fuels the dynamics of stars like our sun. This thesis is an inherent part of the organic thesis of CO2 causing climate change and extremes (www ... vid). Depending on several factors, e.g., temperature, wind, differentials, sun light, etc., atmospheric moisture is exchanged between CO2 and particulates (dust) at different rates from gradual to explosive. Quite simply, the atmosphere if not analyzed first and foremost as a chemical process will lead to many false answers as to climate change from rising CO2 levels.

This thesis is applied to the following weather patterns.

Consider the following phenomenon:

  1. Carbonated Beverages: We have pop, beer, champaigne, etc. because CO2 likes water more than water likes water, aka, hydrophilia. This is the basis of the CO2 organic thesis of climate change and extremes due to rising CO2 levels.

  2. Dry air: What makes air dry? What is it that soaks up the falling upper level precipitation before it hits the ground? CO2. It soaks into or soaks up water. 

    1. See US Midwest Drought.
  3. Cloaking of atmospheric moisture: When particulated water encounters a mass of CO2, the water molecules are stripped from the particle which reflects and refracts as the basis of visible clouds into invisible "Frequency Resonant Quantums."

    1. Volcanos: Satellite views of volcanic plumes (CO2 at 15,000 ppm versus global average of 400ppm) shows immediate vicinity is of clear air despite cloud systems coming from the windward side.
    2. Swamp fire: Downwind from swampfires is an envelope of clear air as the CO2 soaks and cloaks the atmospheric H2O--Great Dismal Swamp Fire. Also see Amazon Forest Fires Cloud Holes.
    3. Hurricane for Dummies: Numerous are the examples of donut-shaped hurricanes becoming ragged blastomas when they approach coastal regions of high CO2 generation.
    4. New Horizon oil well: When British Petrophilia began burning the daily tens of thousands of barrels of oil, a clear spot appeared about the oil rig which was not there before nor was it present after the burn.
    5. In the 1960's, the military and aviation of various nations tried to "burn off" fog by burning petro fuels. They did not burn it off. Rather, the generated CO2 soaked and cloaked the particulated water of the fog.
    6. Cloud sucking over cities: One can watch clouds approaching a high population density from a low population region with the clouds disappearing as they encounter the CO2 blastoma.
    7. CO2 cloaking water is behind not only dry layers of air but dry slots between bands of rain that one sees on the weatherheads' radar.
  4. Soda Bottle Shake and Violent Storms: What happens when you shake a carbonated beverage and release the tab or your thumb? An explosive burst of water. The same thing happens in the atmosphere. When saturated and unagitated, the CO2 has numerous (34) water molecules arranged in a compact, transparent cluster. Triggered into a fissioning dissociation, the water molecules sudden exert a rising pressure as each molecules seeks its own lebensraum. This the reason for the rise in violent wind storms including microbursts.

    Why more powerful storms? Look at video of Superstorm Sandy: Notice sucking in of CO2 cloaked water as the storm rotated over land ocean. However, as cyclonic spin continued over ocean, once the CO2 was saturated, the particles began to soak up  and bind ocean water which can be seen as pimples developing into carbuncles before being a full-fledge rash of clouds. Thus, the storm had the water from the particles and the CO2 which makes them more powerful and precipitous. The same was the case with Hurricane Gaston which stalled over the Mid-Atlantic. In effect, a storm becomes a double storm, the original particulated storm and the additional CO2 storm. Can the same volume contain both water and CO2? Consider the volume of beer or soda after you allow the CO2 to escape: The "flat" beer or pop has the same volume as when saturdated with CO2. Which state is more volatile? Carbonated or carbonless (flat).
  5. Hurricanes Bonnie and Charlie: These two hurricanes show the fission-fusion effects of CO2. Bonnies' a high level hurricane that suddenly dropped in intensity to a tropical storm--the CO2 from the illegal release of Gulf of Mexico super-wells soaked and cloaked Bonnie's moisture and water-driven cyclonic activity. Only a few hours later, Hurricane Charlie traversed the same path with a sudden rise in its intensity which caused extensive damage because it was expected to be a low category hurricane. Charlie merged with Bonnie's CO2 blastoma to suddenly release the water and winds of two hurricanes that had combined together in a weather pattern which NOAA claimed it did not understand. CO2 Fission/Fusion explains it.
  6. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy: Watching the satellite videos, one could see the CO2 air pulled into the landside lower left quadrant which cloaked the water. But, when that quadrant rotated over the ocean, the invisible FRQs of CO2 were complimented with growing "bunyons" of particulated water, i.e., re-emerging clouds, as the CO2 was saturated and the particulates could attract H20 without CO2 competition. The CO2 was saturated with water and could not longer strip the particulates which in their own right started to bind water from the ocean below as indicated by cloud formation. Watch this 2012 NOAA video which shows the 3-day life of Sandy as it rotates over the East Coast:
    1. Pulls the CO2 saturated air on the lower left quadrant from the US mainland
    2. which evolves through stages from cloaking water until saturated
    3. at which point the particulates start absorbing water without the CO2-stripping because the CO2 is saturated
    4. with the definition of the visible clouds changing from fuzzy to distinct as the water densifies on the particulates with an increase in sunlight reflect, refraction and defraction.
  7. Capacitor vs. Battery: In the ying-yang competition for H2O, the CO2 FRQ's are like a electrical capacitor: Quick to charge and discharge. Particulated H2O is more like a battery: Slow to charge and discharge. The molecular basis of this distinction is the difference between and self-similarity to herding cattle versus cats: The CO2 molecular resonance creates a harmonic EMF that readily orientates and attracts H2O while multi-faceted particles present a maze of varying resonance reflecting the non-uniformity of the dust particle.
  8. Polar Timebomb: The polar vortices blamed for the unusual 2013-2014 winter is more readily understood and explained if one understands CO2's organic property (www ... vid).
  9. Pensacola 2014 20" in 24 hours: We have not seen anything yet!
  10. 2012 vs 2013 Rocky Mountain megafires and downwind droughts/deluges: Applying the organic thesis and its fission/fusion derivative, one understands why in 2012 New England had the downwind floods of Midwest moisture while in 2013 it was the South and Southeast. The difference? The jetstream. Forget the few houses destroyed by the megafires. It is the downstream floods from the fission of fire forced CO2 FRQ's that destroy millions and billions of dollars in property and infrastructure. You can count on it: When there is a major fire, watch the wind pattern for downwind mega-flooding a few days later.
  11. Oil fields and downwind droughts: This was the original collection of essays that none of you wanted to read. Drought-stricken Horn of Africa nations should sue Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran in international court to stop pumping oil from which natural gas is burned off. Because it cannot sell the average of 142 barrels of natural gas in each barrel of oil (whence the gushers and blowouts), Saudi Arabia flares seven billion cubic feet a day!
  12. Highs versus lows: Highs tend to be clear skies (CO2 FRQ's are denser whence the higher pressure).
  13. Windstorms: The fission or fusion of the CO2 FRQ's occasions winds proportional to the rate FRQ fission/fusion.
  14. Thermal changes: Observing the principle of temperature change with expansion/contraction of gases, atmospheric fission/fusion can cause sudden temperature drops which in conjunction with the FRQ fission of water molecules will cause hail storms with ever larger hailstones of frozen water previously in the FRQs.
  15. South Dakota flaring of natural gas from fracking is causing downwind floods. Flooded cities and states should file lawsuits to stop the flaring if not also the fracking.
  16. Keystone pipeline: Canada will be exporting its drought and floods to the U.S. via the Keystone pipe. Did Alaska really win with the Prudhoe Bay pipeline? Not if you do a cradle-to-grave analysis. Alaska's petrowealth bump is now a worsening environmental disaster. The 7-degree temperature increase since 1970 has destroyed the permafrost and is releasing methane gas (worse than CO2 as a heat trapper).The petrophiliacs will say the Keystone pipe will create jobs (www ... vid ... 30secAd). This is the same logic behind Hitler justifying, in part, building concentration camps--jobs! jobs! jobs! The difference: Hitler killed million with the European Holocaust from Zyklon-B while the petrophiliacs are killing billions with the Global Holocaust from greenhouse gases.
  17. How ironic. Behind our dry, drought-stricken lands is the molecule of dry ice--CO2. And, CO2's atmospheric fission is the fizz of our carbonated drinks.
  18. Worsening droughts and heatwaves:  
    1. Human created CO2 "blastomas" remain stationary until saturated at which point they move with the prevailing wind patterns, e.g., Rocky Mountain megafires>Midwest droughts>East Coast Floods.
    2. East Coast blastomas when saturated, move out and rain over the ocean.
    3. Pacific moisture binds with the West Coast smog blastomoas before moving East to cause deluges.
    4. Conclusion: Less rain is falling on human populated areas because human CO2-sinning is causing water to be dumped over the oceans. (As said elsewhere, precipitation is altered at a 34:1 ratio for every gallon or pound of burned fossil fuels, that is, 34 gallons or pounds of water will rain elsewhere that would otherwise fall on parch land. When you hear a weatherhead say it is raining in the upper atmosphere but a dry lower level is soaking up the water, this is the 34:1 ratio drying out your future. That water is going elsewhere without replacement. It is not like wife-swapping where everyone ends up with a replacement partner.)
  19. Hockey Stick Hell: CO2 impact is not an arithmetical progression but is exponential at a certain point like the release of neutrons in a nuclear pile. Like the critical mass or God of K in nuclear fission, rising CO2's impact is exponential with a hockey stick curve. In 2013 and early 2014, I thought my 2006 prediction of 90% human die-off by 2015 would not be fulfilled by human folly and Nature's volley. It will be close. The local sequences driving the collapse of social, economic, and political chaos in Syria, Egypt, Dhafur, American Streets, etc., will be global as a massive drought and heatwave destroys the biomass and foodchain.
  20. Echos of gravity: Timism at its lowest level of existence explains gravity as a shared resonance frequency--see YouTube TimismPhysics. There is a predator/prey relationship between the CO2 dessication of clouds and particulated-water continuing to herd together. The reason is simple. The average, relative frequency of the particulated water forming the clouds is lower so the molecular pressure exerted by higher-frequency CO2 Frequency Resonant Quantums (FRQ's) keep the water particles in close proximity like a circling pride of lions keeping a herd intact. This is the basis of gravity as lower frequency matter clumps together assisted by the higher-frequency matter. Think about how gravel is separated out in different sizes and density by vibrations, e.g., a 49'er panning for gold. As such, gravity a push-pull phenomenon as are clouds.

Final thoughts:

  1. Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth, does not care whether humanity self-destructs--she has more lifeless planets than lively ones. What's one more dead rock?
  2. What needs to be done will not be done.
  3. We need a scorched earth policy to save life on earth.
  4. We need controlled depopulation by withholding all life-saving medical service letting people's life choices and Mother Nature's whims lower the birthrate, raise the deathrate and shorten average lifespan: As is, in winning the fetal battles we are losing the fatal war.
  5. Who will tie the bell on the old cat's tail?
  6. The worsening habitual problem of global dying is due to the habitual politicians of all stripes everywhere: Burn, Baby, Burn (2009 essay & 2014 press release)


  1. Those who think they can return to the land do not know the history of city mobs crazed for food heading out into the countyside to follow roads, paths and smells to find food: Falsehopes
  2. Those who buy guns buy them for the wrong reason. An individual cannot protect oneself from mobs of hungry, angry people suffering from starvation dementia. The reason for a gun is suicide.

The author wishes to thank the Richmond, Virginia, McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center for engendering a sadistic attitude toward humanity by cutting his health benefits and inducing PTSD--see V.A. Gulag. He used to have an attention span of 90 minutes which was measured by a timer on his workdesk. Now, due to the V.A.'s cancelling his anti-narcoleptic medication,  he falls asleep every 15 to 20 minutes for just a few seconds or minutes with a loss of the train of thought. Instead of a urinary infection causing  a quarter-hour dribbling, he has mental reduction causing quarter-hour drivel. He is like a frog leaping up 7" steps whose hamstrings have been cut so he can no longer jump, only seeing the steps leaped behind and the unleaped before. These analogies, of course, mean nothing to the 9-to-5'ers who have never had a creative thought worth some overtime.

His moral commitment, sadly waning, forces him to try to climb, again, the unnecessary VA-induced Sisyphean hill of non-ending frustration--list of anger, anxiety and angst. He will not harm VA staffers--police visit--but he will hate them more each time they indirectly destroy his hopes and goals built on decades of unrewarded effort to optimize Timism--1993 letter.

When the VA gulagized him, they fucked you and yours by lobotomizing his ability and motivation to share with humanity how CO2 is destroying life on earth, and, more importantly, what needs to be done to save life on earth, ergo, Burn, Baby, Burn. In other words, the Primary Moral Imperative means less and less to him. Veterans Administration., thanks! All this waste because of a $9/month prescription benefit being cancelled. Millions for V.A. incompetence, corruption, mistreatment and "bonuses" but not one penny for a pad to pen a prescription.


  1. 141004 As one can see different cloud directions and activity at different altitudes going different directions, so is it the case (if one looks at how these clouds) there is different CO2 activity at each of these altitudes interacting with the clouds. Sort of like a matter/anti-matter interaction.
  2. 141203 Per the Organic Thesis, CO2 creates a "blastoma" over a city which does not move until it is saturated. One see this blastoma stripping H2O from incoming clouds as they disappear with leading feathery edges--see Cloud Sucking CO2 & Cloaking Hurricanes. The size and height of the blastoma was deduced by on a clear, cold day watching jets flying at 35,000 over Richmond, VA. The contrails of jets disappeared as they flew over Richmond only to reappear as they were flying away. I estimate the gap at 5 to 10 miles base on the geometry of the height and angles of appearance/disappearance.
  3. 141204 A northbound jet was observed flying just below the solid cloud coverage on a cold day. Immediately, its exhaust was converted into a white contrail surrounded by clear sky that was approximately 10 times the width of the contrail. Per the organic thesis, cloaking and fission/fusion, the exhaust of CO2 and H20 from oxidizing jet fuel resulted in the water immediately freezing whence the white contrail while the unbound CO2 stripped and cloaked water from adjacent overcasting clouds from both sides and from above whence the clear sky. This phenomenon stretched from one horizon to the other.
  4. 150329 Email  on CO2 fusion/fission.

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