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Cracked Leather

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Polar Time Bomb: Doomsday Tape

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The polar coverage of frozen water as snow and ice serves too functions in moderating weather. First, the winter accumulation of snow normally replenishes the frozen water lost during the summer. Another, more important function, is the frozen white coverage reflects sun light into space thus reducing absorption of the suns rays.

In recent years, the polar frozen coverage has been shrinking in size and thickness-see New Records. The result is that the northern polar region has experienced the greatest temperature rise. Since 1970 when the Pruhoe Bay oil field was opened with the flaring of natural gas which generates CO2, Alaska has experienced a seven degree rise in temperature. Alaska is an example how global warming will be first found as local warming.

In Winter, 2010, there was record cold spells and snowfalls around the world. The organic thesis of CO2 global dying indicates that this coldness and precipitation is a result of the increased CO2 absorbing water that would otherwise restore the polar frozen polar water as ice and snow. In other words, Summer 2010 will see a greater reduction of the polar frozen water because not only will it be warmer but there will less ice to modulate the warmer temperatures.

The cause is the melting and sublimation of the polar ice cap which, via the jetstreams, is transferring cold water masses as snow or rain. Evidence of the sublimation of polar ice is the numerous, deep cracks in the polar ice mass which can be understood by two analogous situations.

  1. Have you left or discovered a pair of leather shoes that were left in a dry space, you find the leather cracked as moisture from a wearer did not replace the water sucked up by the dry air.
  2. When concrete sets, it contracts which causes cracks unless control joints are placed every eight to ten feet so the cracking is controlled rather than endless fracturing from no control joints.

The vast polar ice cracks discovered by the Canadian military were cause by the sublimation of water from the ice cap with an increasing surface tension that evidenced itself in the cracks akin to concrete or leather cracking.

Consider the consequence when the polar ice cap is gone--no more cooling. Within a few months or years, the Northern Hemisphere will suffer heat waves of double-digit beyond any record high, waves not days. As atmospheric CO2 increases with the concomitant binding of water thus reducing the availability of water for precipitation, the frequency of dry lightning will increase. At that point, all vegetation will dry creating a tinderbox which become a continental fire that not only wipes out animal life but super-elevates the global CO2. The 800 wildfires in California (2008) will be like a child playing with matches compared the coming Global Holocaust. The house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists who started the fire are in charge of putting out the fire. The Southern Hemisphere will last only a few years longer echoing the theme of the book On the Beach.

A timistic analysis of a barrel of oil shows that the time-savings has not been there for a long-time. The basis of all wealth  is the creation or savings of time when one solves a problem, that is when one works not plays. This is why the origin of "currency" is in the phrase what is your time currently worth. Before economists divorced the symbols of wealth from the substance of wealth with their dysfunctional currencies, one's wealth was married to one's worth as a time-creating problem-solver. When you solve a problem via work, you create or save time which is worth and wealth.

A timistic analysis of a barrel of oil shows that it is an example of the cure being worse than the disease, that is, the disease was wasting some time but the cure is killing us. Originally when the linked essay was written, the timistic analysis was viewed as having decades or centuries before the chickens came home to roost or the energy loans came due. By energy loans it is meant that all loans can be reduced to time. If I lend you $1000 and you promise to pay back $1100 then you are paying a 10% time interest. In other words, you will work the time to repay the principal plus 10% more time to pay the interest.

When one fills up a car or home with petroleum products for heat, coolness or travel, one is taking out a loan. The immediate cost of the BTU's is really a downpayment with Mother Natures interest being the total waste of your time, that is, your death from global dying. Without the better democracy and better capitalism of the Manheaven Project to do what needs to be done within the framework of a global Manheaven Project, no individual can work enough time to pay off mother nature.

Mother Nature is God's accountant on earth.Unlike our habitual politicians, Mother Nature is logical and honest. She cannot be bribed with empty promises or hotair prayer. The disappearance of polar frozen mass and eventual Burn, Baby, Burn is logical, simple math. If one were to ascribe human qualities to Mother Natures exacting revenge on humanity for CO2 sinning, one could say that Mother Nature is pissed.

The arsonists of humanity can also be called petrophiliacs, that is, people who abuse and molest humanity for petro-dollars. Petrophiliacs are diverse in nature. Of course, the oil company shareholders, executives and employees are petrophiliacs killing life on earth. They could not do it without three key time-shapers of human activity.

  1. Hotair Habitual politicians, their lapdogs.
  2. Hotair Mediacs: PBS is a joke ... idea station? No, PBS is the "U-die" station. This is the power of human energy, the repacking of prayer as the answer to all of our problems. CBS? NBC? ABC? are worse and not worthy of comment.
  3. Hotair Prayers: If everyone prayed tomorrow to reverse global dying, would CO2 be reversed? No. In fact, CO2 would increase as they drive their gas-guzzling SUV's to energy-wasting churches. Would Jesus drive an SUV? No, for he knows it is killing his father's garden of Eden. Would Jesus attend a mega-church? Probably not. If he did he would walk or ride a mule. The person who drives to church is guilty of crimes against life on earth. The shepards who beckon Insanta Claus sinners and encourage SUV CO2 sinning are cheerlosing petrophiliacs.

Sadly, not enough people understand the impact of CO2 dessication on precipitation change and polar sublimation--see Organic Thesis. but the humanity's integrity of intellect and intelligence (iCube) is not sufficient to understand global dying to avoid passing the recovery point. With worsening floods and dry lightning, the skies are truly falling down.

  1. 080901 The polar time bomb will explode because
    1. people will have false hopes and
    2. of the habitual politicians doing too little too late.
  2. 090120 The sublimation of ice by CO2 can be seen in winters over cities when a moving snow system drops snow before and after a city because "dry" air prevents ground precipitation. The dry air is a CO2 blastoma generated by the city.
  3. During Christmas, 2003, Australia was struck by a fireline that swept east from the outback that was 2500 kilometers (1400 miles) long. This is a fireline that would stretch from Chicago to Miami or Denver to Atlanta. The fire consumed a quarter of Australia's capital, Canberra, with private and public homes being burned up--see Australia Drought for more details. With the melting of the polar ice cap, fires will start in the Northern Hemisphere from dry lightning that combine into a firestorm that makes Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like matches burning in an oil refinery explosion. That will be the real point of no return with the majority of human beings dying within a few months. A real life analogy to the cataclysmic conflagration of how all the kings men will not put Humphrey Dumpty back together was the financial system meltdown in Fall 2008. Most were shocked and numbed by the rapidity of the monetary morbidity. Even this well-read writer who concluded the inevitability of an existential meltdown was surprised. In only a few weeks, forever gone with the winds of ignorance and deceit are jobs, benefits, savings, homes and pensions. Life on earth can survive an economic collapse but not an environmental collapse.

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