D.A.S.E: Dumb Ass Shit Eaters
Sophisticated, Solipsistic Self-Liars

DASE describes people who put together views of and values for our world based on their emotinons, their gut-reactions, their bowel-movements, or, as they say in polite company, their shit-eating.

Based on winning brainbees related to the following options, lifehours and GOOHF's are awarded for life's necessities and lifeboat passage.

Options: 401k Retirement Plans ... Apartheid Homelands ... Bastard Stock Options ... Death Taxes ... Dollar Voting ... Gamble Our Way to Prosperity ... Igknowance Is Bliss ... No Taxes ... Patriotism ... Play Trumphs Work ... Saltwater Policies ... Something For Nothing ... Wall Street Is Capitalism

  1. 401k Retirement Plans: In 1980, the average retiree with company defined retirement benefits had about $300,000 in benefits. In 2007, the average 401k retiree had about $75,000. The promise of owning your own retirement was not matched with a better retirement. DASE!
  2. Apartheid Homelands: In the Republican directed gerrrymandering of congressional districts in the early 1990's, 35 "black" congressional districts were mapped so as to give blacks a voice in national affairs. Previously, over 200 congressmen courted the black vote and voted in Congress with the black voting block in mind. Like owning a visible 401k plan, black apartheid districts are newer Republican version of 40 acres and a mule. One did not see Jewish voters demanding Jewish Congressional homelands. Consequently, most, if not all, national politicians court the Jewish vote which is in all Congressional districts, not segregated into a few American ghetto kibbutzes. Black habitual politicians will not undo the harm of separate, but equal, congressional districts.
  3. Bastard Stock Option: brainbee ... slideshow
  4. Death Taxes: One cannot tax the dead. With the dead, one can only bury them. If a dead person rose from the grave and complained about estate taxes then maybe death taxes might be unfaired to the dead. However, the last time a person rose from the dead he had previously said of taxes, "Render unto God that which is God's and unto Caeser that which is Caeser's." Dumb Ass Shit Eaters fell for a repeal of inheritance taxes--free rides for the likes of the Parasite Hiltons who received $25 million from her great grand-daddy--under the guise of "no death tax." The Republicans' fed the gullible DASE'rs a lie with the result that no one-time death tax on rich kids means a weekly living tax on working middle-class families to make up for the lost inheritance tax which only 1.5% of the people paid.
  5. Dollar Voting:
  6. Gamble Our Way to Prosperity: Increasingly, states are relying on lotteries, slots and casinos to fund budgets. Does the time represented by the state's cut of gambling cancel the lost time of people trying to solve their life problems by gambling on numbered paper? Can humanity gamble its way to properity? DASE
  7. Igknowance Is Bliss: Shakespeare was half right when he said this. The full truth is that igknowance is bliss only until the igknowed problem ruins you life. You can forget your problems, but your problems will not forget you.
  8. No Taxes:
  9. Parenting: Pair of Paricides: not raising my kid to take care of me.
  10. Patriotism: People who obsess on symbols of instead of sacrifice for their country are no more patriotic than the pater who says love all the time but has no time for the love of his country. Amazingly, the American people like the super-patriots who don't want to pay any taxes nor have their children fight in the military: Who benefitted by an all volunteer military replacing the universal draft? Who pays for the volunteer military? The idle rich or the working middle-class? DASE!
  11. Play Trumps Work: Some think that we can play our way out of our problems including playing too much when we should be working. The definition of work is solving problems.Like gambling which derives from "game," habitual play at games is a waste of time. DASE'rs confuse the foolishness of wasting greater amounts of time and taxes on play as a sign of economic wealth like the person who thinks his ablity to buy more cocaine and heroin is a sign of greater wealth. People who play or drug too much will see their real wealth dwindle. Play mom's pay as they play at being a mom by chauffeuring their kids from one play to another, e.g., soccer.
  12. Saltwater Policies:
  13. Smartphone Dummies
  14. Something For Nothing ( Scumnuts )
  15. Wall Street Is Capitalism: B.S., it is decapitalism.