A note of enlightenment for the people of hurricane-prone states:
If you like the cost and stress of hurricanes, be sure to vote for the politicians
whose policy on rising CO2 is to pump more oil and tell you to
"live with global warming"--Geo. Talker Bush.

Hurricane Changes is summarized in a letter to the media, WWBT-12, Richmond, Virginia, Oct. 2005

For a compilation of resources accessed for this websegment, see Hurricanes for Dummies

Hurricane Changes from CO2

A number of changes in hurricanes can be deduced from the physical properties of increasing concentrations of CO2 globally and locally. Local "blastomas" of CO2 occur near sources of man-made CO2 (oil fields or cities) which can increase hurricanes significantly if it is a stationary high pressure system. Hurricane alley provides a unique real world laboratory in which to show the effects of CO2 blastomas. The hurricanes hurling into the United States encounters the massive CO2 blastomas of the most energy-wasting population in the world or into the massive, monster deep water Gulf of Mexico. These wells were developed to feed the gasoholic addiction aided and abetted by habitual politicians.

Globally, because CO2 binds more water in denser clusters with more bound energy, one should expect the following changes in hurricanes based on simple physics and meteorology which have been borne out by events. A review of the FRQ Cluster Properties of CO2 bound water will be helpful as well as the role of CO2 in forming highs and lows.

Five Cyclonic Storms (click to enlarge)

1st South Atlantic Hurricane

Jeanne's looping back to Florida
(click to enlarge)

  1. More hurricanes: Tropical cyclones depend on the coriolis effect to begin the cyclonic movement which becomes self-sustaining. Increased water content or density means that a hurricane can develop faster because of the greater mass. It is like the responsiveness of metallic, partial-metallic and non-metallic masses to a magnetic force: the more ferrous, the more responsive. There have been more tropical cyclones in both the Atlantic and Pacific
    1. Florida was never previous struck by so many hurricanes as occurred in 2004: "The prospect that a tropical storm and a hurricane — or possibly two hurricanes — could strike Florida on the same day is something meteorologists say they have never seen. "
    2. Japan broke its previous record of six typhoons with ten typhoons (041020)
  2. Slower moving hurricanes with more flooding and violence
    1. A denser mass moves slower than a less dense mass, e.g., Frances stalling
    2. Higher water density means more water will drop from the same cubic volume (compounded by slower movement)--Gaston, 2004 flooding Richmond, VA.
    3. More violent wind patterns in density and frequency with more tornados. Tornados have increased in recent years, Oct, 2004: "1,516 which already surpasses 1998's record total of 1,424"
    4. More resistance to other weather systems including wind shear, a variation of "King Kong goes where he pleases." or Newton's Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  3. Form sooner needing less coriolis effect, that is,
    1. Closer to the the equator: Scientists dissect rare typhoon near Equator
    2. South of the equator in the Atlantic (Brazil's first hurricane with image at top, left), or
    3. Form sooner or later than expected: December Hurricane: "The surprise appearance Thursday of Tropical Storm Odette — the first December storm ever recorded in the Caribbean — makes 2003 an above-normal year for tropical weather."
    4. Re-Form: While rare, the looping of Jeanne 2004 was due, in part, to increased CO2 (loop at bottom, left)

Locally, elevated CO2 from oil field production will affect hurricanes in several ways that can be seen from 2004 hurricane behavior. An important consideration is how CO2 cloaks moisture as was shown in the experiments to "burn off" fog from airports (fog dispersal article). The fog is not burned off, rather, the moistured is cloaked into transparent CO2 centered clusters that have a much lower dew point. The CO2 comes from burning hydrocarbons. (Before using natural gas, the experimenters had used crushed dry ice--frozen CO2--to effect fog disappearance but found it too expensive.)

Oil Well location in GOM

The above picture is Southern California,
not Minnesota. For those who say
global warming will never happen
before hell freezes over, well, ....

  1. Impede a storm's advance at the boundary of an elevated CO2 blastoma and moisture-laden tropical storm.
    1. Frances (left): Hurricanes approaching Florida can encounter a CO2 blastoma from the deep-water Gulf of Mexico oil wells which are some of the most productive in the world--image at left. In 2004, Frances stalled off the east coast of Florida when it encountered a wind pattern coming directly from over the oil platforms off the west coast of Florida as well as the metropolitan areas of Florida.
    2. In theory, the storm did not really halt as much as the leading edge was converted from visible water vapor into cloaked CO2 clusters that remained part of the system but spun around out of visible measurement by current devices--see below animation. Notice how the hurricane center is not in the center and the storm is not symmetrical on the quadrants encountering the "cloaking" CO2 mass from the GOM oil fields. (This CO2 cloaking is review more fully below)
  2. Exacerbate precipitation: In theory, CO2 cloaking also means greater precipitation because more water is held per cubic meter/mile. As noted in the above global considerations, more CO2 means slower movement. In theory, a non-rotating depression meeting a stationary high-pressure CO2 blastoma will create a zone of massive precipitation as the two systems create a energy-absorbing, water-packed clusters that have nowhere to go but down. This explains massive, torrential downpours of rain, hail and snow: For instance, California's record downpours of rain and hail: "A freak storm pummeled parts of Southern California with up to five inches of rain and hail, forcing motorists to abandon swamped cars at the height of rush hour and leaving thousands of residents without power." (picture at left) A webpage is devoted to the escalating torrential precipitation records.
  3. Slow a storm down after encountering and absorbing the CO2 with its computer-generated path being skewed according: It seemed to this writer that hurricanes of 2004 were slower than their project course--Projected paths of Frances were recorded which initially showed the Mississippi Valley, then the Ohio Valley and finally just th East Coast. These changes would fit into the model of CO2 cluster theory--see France Projected Path Series. (Reviewing satellite images is the first things this writer does every morning except for reviewing the Washington's Post Honor Row of Fallen Soldiers in Iraq.)

CO2 Cloaking of moisture content: What is the difference between the below series of hurricanes? Besides many years, the major difference is between symmetry (top, older set) and looking like a shark took a bite out of one quadrant (lower more recent set). The reason for missing quadrants is the development of massive oil wells in the GOM--Gulf Of Mexico, a ten-fold increase between the top donut hurricanes and the lower "who took a bite out of my donut" hurricane. (click to enlarge)  For a more detailed analysis, see Cloaking.

Click on to see years and production

GOM Production 1985-1999



1992 Andrew

CO2 Generation Florida

1998 George

2004 Frances

2004 Ivan

In addition, one can compare the egg-shaped Atlantic hurricanes that encounter the CO2 blastomas from the world's number one CO2 generator and the hurricane's siblings in the Pacific (typhoons) and the Indian Ocean (cyclones) which are more symmetrical in their circularity.

If one compares satellite images of hurricanes before development of the massive GOM oil wells, one finds older hurricanes to be more complete and circular patterns rather than having "cloaked" or missing quadrants which had had contact with a CO2 blastoma.

Ying-Yang Taoist Hurricane

One of the most interesting depiction of the CO2 cloaking is the left image. Notice the lower curving void which trails back to Florida. The animation on the right shows how a cyclonic Floridian system pulls air from the Gulf of Mexico. Notice how the quadrant interacting with the CO2-laden Gulf air has undergone cloaking.

Within this model of CO2 cloaking moisture, a CO2 blastoma from the Gulf of Mexico and Florida was pulled in which created the non-visible CO2 clusters of water.

The beast at the left, Allison, 2001, shows how a stationary high pressure system with a CO2 blastoma can cloak half of a large hurricane. The image at the right shows how, despite the cloaking, the moisture remains for massive, unprecedented downpours: Downtown Houston after Allison visited and stayed for a while.

(In the west, CO2 droughts are causing boat launching ramps to be useless while along the Gulf Coast, CO2 enhanced tropical storms create boat ramps that are useless)

The CO2 matrix impact on hurricanes can be seen in the dynamics of the 2004 hurricanes Bonnie and Charley--see "What about Charley?"

As noted in the websection on the U.S. Government's Mineral and Mining Service (MMS) of the Interior Department, not only are records missing on CO2 production in these hydrocarbon hydras in the GOM, but record-keeping requirements were changed by the Bush Administrations to eliminate documenting CO2 release. This is another example of how the Walker-Bush Group are historical record wreckers.

Financially, the impact of not only more hurricanes but more violent hurricanes that move slower wreaking wind and water damage will

  1. Create insurance dead zones where insurance companies won't provide certain coverage because the building standards were for far less stable structures than can withstand the CO2-enhanced hurricanes.
  2. Destroy tropical tourist targets as the frequency of hurricanes prevents repair of amenities and the cost causing prohibitively high prices which fewer and fewer tourists will be able to afford.
  3. Destroy increasing numbers of impoverished nations like Haiti with an influx of boat people to the United States.

When Geo. Talker Bush said that people should live with the impact of global warming, I'm sure he meant all of the above consequences from increased CO2 on making hurricanes more frequent, more violent and more costly.

Within the framework of timism, the periodic table of existence, the comparison of CO2 impact on hurricanes is mirrored in other levels of existence, for the weather patterns which are best viewed from satellite images are no different from the on-going "summary" neural patterns of the brain, just different dynamic systems with different measuring devices. With adequate measuring systems, one could find the Mandelbrot set of both dynamic systems. With adequate review, one can see why some physicists see strings and branes in their dynamic mathematics, like the coherent and internally consistent mathematical models of Ptolemy.

There are similarities between these neural and weather systems which warrants common descriptors mental/weather storms, mental/weather depressions, etc. As highs and lows develop on the surface of the earth with fast-moving fronts or stationary systems, so do similar neural storms and fronts develop on the cortex. Mental equivalents to tornado and lightning strikes can be readily found in the brain, e.g., epilepsy and seizure. Like the obvious and necessary relationships between relativity and quantum mechanics, the devil is not in the details but in the system of explanation that makes it coherent and cogent--timism. Otherwise, one merely has analogies which can be ascribed to semantic misappropriation.

There is a unity and periodicity to existence which one can see if one has sufficient learning in different levels and is lucky to have acquired the "timistic clutter cutter." If you are in the neural science and you cannot reconcile your theories with the more obvious weather patterns then I encourage you to gain an appreciation of weather systems. As weathermen make predictions of system tracks that is how the brain develop/recalls memories. Memories and thinking are not localized, pigeon-holed items. Rather, they are re-creations of a multitude of events that have come together once again like a storm system being described as the re-creation of an earlier weather system. If you look at the daily satellite animation of the last 24-hours, you can watch the process by which a thought develops and competes with other thoughts with underlying currents and over-riding winds.


  1. 081201 Rate of formation decreases as CO2 increases because less water for particles with reduced coriolis effect. Difference between being pounded by a ton of dirt in a dust storm and from a dump truck (f=ma).

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