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(see webpage) Mining in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [Uploaded 131225]
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ColumbiaEdu New Zealand Hydropower Loss Due to Drought
  1. In terms of impacts on hydro-electricity, the drought of 2001 was the worst in 71 years
3 020103 htm CNN Bush Fires
  1. Bush fires are continuing to force thousands of people to evacuate their homes to the west and south of Sydney as dry weather and erratic winds prolong the crisis.
  2. More than half a million hectares (1.2 million acres) of bushland has been destroyed by a firefront estimated at 2,000 kilometers (1,400 miles), despite the efforts of 20,000 fire fighting volunteers and 60 water-bombing aircraft.
4 020809 htm NYT Asian Floods Australia Drought Food Losses
  1. In South Korea the death toll has hit 14 after a week of deluges dumped two-fifths of the average annual rainfall on the country, triggering flash floods and landslides.
  2. Europe has also been hit with unseasonal weather.
  3. The 2002/03 wheat crop forecast in Australia -- bread-basket for Asia and much of the Middle East -- has shrunk to 17 million tons from March estimates of 24 million tons.
5 020903 htm AuBC CFS warns of impending fire danger
  1. It is claimed in South Australia that the first days of spring have brought with them seasonal conditions frighteningly similar to those that led to the devastating Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983
6 020903 htm AuBC Vic Farmers declare drought areas
  1. The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has declared a quarter of the state is in drought, even though the State Government will not yet make a similar call.
7 020904 htm AuBC Public urged to be ready for fire season
  1. Meanwhile, the south-east region has suffered one of its driest Augusts in the past 10 years.
8 020912 htm AuBC Worsening drought pushes NSW farmers to sell
  1. "Only 2 per cent of the state is now satisfactory for agricultural production," he said.
9 020912 htm AuBC Water price skyrockets as drought hits hard
  1. A water trader in New South Wales's south-west has expressed concern about the skyrocketing prices of water, which yesterday hit $200 a megalitre
  2. Finley trader Gil Silbey says at this time last year, prices averaged $40 a megalitre for temporary transfer water.
10 020923 htm AuBC Incomes to slide as dry continues
  1. farmers will earn 60 per cent less than they did last year.
  2. ABARE is also forecasting the drought will have a serious impact on the wider economy, reducing growth by .5 per cent, or almost $4 billion
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11 020924 htm AuBC Govt warns drought may force supermarket food price hike
  1. The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics' (ABARE) quarterly commodity report predicts farm production will fall by 16 per cent this financial year because of the drought.
  2. Farm exports are also expected to decline by 7.4 per cent to $28.7 billion.
12 020926 htm AuBC Mallee farms set to lose one third of their crops with no rain
  1. Mallee farms set to lose one third of their crops with no rain
13 021114 txt AuBC Dish Washers Gone Australia021114 Au B C
14 021114 txt AuBC Dust Storms Australia021114 Au B C
15 021115 jpg Times dust Australia P O T W021115 Times
16 021115 txt Times dust Australia P O T W021115 Times
17 021121 htm AuBC Drought's impact on dairy industry raises concerns
  1. The state and federal governments are being warned the drought could wipe out the valuable dairy industry in parts of NSW.
18 021124 htm NYT Century Worst Drought Au
  1. Local cotton growers are even worse off than ranchers. With no river water for irrigation, they did not plant this year.
  2. The government's agricultural economics agency estimates that grain and oil-seed harvests, which begin next month, will be about 20 million tons below last year's record 34 million tons
  3. The beach resort of Byron Bay, bracing for a million visitors in December and January, midsummer here, is advising vacationers to bring their own drinking wate
19 021126 txt CNN Sharks Up Rivers021126 C N N
20 021127 htm AuBC Freak hail hits horticulture hard
  1. A freak hail storm has caused millions of dollars damage to horticulture crops in north-east Victoria
  2. It only lasted 12 minutes. We had 40 mm in the rain gauge but it was coming in parallel to the ground, so whether the rain gauge caught it all I don't know.
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21 021127 htm AuBC Murray water storage at unprecedented lows
  1. e some dams empty by next year
22 021202 htm
  1. British inventor to develop rainmaking machine: report
23 021204 htm AuBC Drought could push global dairy prices up - ADC
  1. There could be a silver lining in the drought for dairy farmers, with lower milk production in Australia and New Zealand tipped to push up global milk prices.
24 021204 htm AuBC Women to Bare It All for Rain
  1. Hundreds of women from drought-ravaged southern Australia plan to bare it all to the heavens in a bid to make it rain
25 021205 htm AuBC Call for Australians to pay more for water use
  1. Mr McRae says if the price of water goes up, the extra money could be used to pay for subsidies on rainwater tanks and water efficient appliances.
26 021206 htm AuBC Bread rises as drought drags on
  1. Flour mills are being forced to bid against feedlots for scarce wheat crops, sending flour prices soarin
27 021219 htm AuBC Drought-racked Australia sees hottest year ever
  1. With Australia in the grip of a fierce drought, experts say the year 2002 will turn out to be its hottest ever in terms of maximum daytime temperatures.
28 021220 htm
AuBC Firefighters predict another tough day
  1. The blaze has now burned 120,000 hectares, making it the biggest in the state in 20 years
29 021220 htm
AuBC Three homes lost in blaze near Perth
  1. Fires have destroyed three houses and burnt through over 1,200 hectares of bushland near the town of Gingin, north of Perth.
30 021223 htm
AuABC Fires Out Of Control
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31 021223 htm
AuABC Tourist H20 Go Slo
32 021227 htm AuBC Water limits worsen in NSW -
  1. She said inland, 15 communities were now totally reliant on carted water. But the lack of water was also effecting coastal, tourism focused communities.
33 030118 htm CNN Capital Emergency Australia
  1. Australia's capital is under a state of emergency as firefighters struggle with ferocious bushfires that have already killed one person, burned dozens of homes and forced thousands of evacuations.
34 040423 htm AuBC Drought costs one-in-four farm jobs
  1. the drought has cost 100,000 jobs in the agricultural sector over the past two years, the biggest downturn in 40 years
35 040815 htm AuABC NSW prays for rain. 15/08/2004. ABC News Online
  1. People from across New South Wales will gather in churches today to pray for rain.
36 050520 htm CNN Outof Water Aussie City
  1. Goulburn is perilously close to becoming Australia's first major settlement to see its reservoirs run completely out of water as a Big Dry grips much of the nation
37 050523 htm WSJ Australia Leaders Are Likely to Boost Aid for Farmers
  1. While Australian miners continue to ride a China-led resources boom, parts of another key export sector are fighting to stay in business. Chunks of Australia's farming districts remain in the vice-like grip of the nation's worst drought in a century that took hold three years ago.
38 061210 htm
USAToday 2 Houses Destroyed In Australia Wild Fires
  1. 550,000 acres of alpine forest and farmland in Victoria stat
  2. Victoria is enduring its worst drought on record

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