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Mining 131225 O Mining in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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2House O 2 Houses Destroyed In Australia Wild Fires* 061210USAToday
AsianF H Asian Floods Australia Drought Food Losses* 020809NYT
AuResi H Public urged to be ready for fire season 020904AuBC
Austra H Australia Leaders Are Likely to Boost Aid for Farmers 050523WSJ
Bigges O Firefighters predict another tough day 021220AuBC
BreadP H Bread rises as drought drags on 021206AuBC
BushFi H Bush Fires* 020103CNN
Capita H Capital Emergency Australia* 030118CNN
Centur H Century Worst Drought Au* 021124NYT
CropLo H Mallee farms set to lose one third of their crops with no rain 020926AuBC
Dairie H Drought's impact on dairy industry raises concerns 021121AuBC
DairyP H Drought could push global dairy prices up - ADC 021204AuBC
DishWa T DishWashersGoneAustralia021114AuBC.txt
Drough H Worsening drought pushes NSW farmers to sell 020912AuBC
DryTow H Water limits worsen in NSW - 021227AuBC
dustAu J dustAustraliaPOTW021115Times.jpg
dustAu T dustAustraliaPOTW021115Times.txt
DustSt T DustStormsAustralia021114AuBC.txt
FiresO O Fires Out Of Control 021223AuABC
FireTh H CFS warns of impending fire danger 020903AuBC
FreakH H Freak hail hits horticulture hard 021127AuBC
Higher H Govt warns drought may force supermarket food price hike 020924AuBC
Hottes H Drought-racked Australia sees hottest year ever 021219AuBC
Income H Incomes to slide as dry continues 020923AuBC
JobLos H Drought costs one-in-four farm jobs 040423AuBC
Murray H Murray water storage at unprecedented lows 021127AuBC
NSWpra H NSW prays for rain. 15/08/2004. ABC News Online 040815AuABC
NudeRa H Women to Bare It All for Rain 021204AuBC
NZDrou O New Zealand Hydropower Loss Due to Drought 011100ColumbiaEdu
OutofW H Outof Water Aussie City* 050520CNN
PerthF O Three homes lost in blaze near Perth 021220AuBC
Rainma O No Title in doc 021202AuBC
Sharks T SharksUpRivers021126CNN.txt
Touris O Tourist H20 Go Slo 021223AuABC
Victor H Vic Farmers declare drought areas 020903AuBC
WaterC H Water price skyrockets as drought hits hard 020912AuBC
WaterP H Call for Australians to pay more for water use 021205AuBC
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