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Super Brainbee

Brainbees are the super-highway to government
of the people, by the people
and for the people.

Snowflake Brain Bees
to Solve Our Problems

"4Bee: a gathering of people for a specific purpose"
Websters 9th New Collegiate Dictionary

Brainbee motto and effect: E Pluribus Unum
(Out of Many, One)

How can we more quickly, cheaply and effectively solve our many problems? On-line problem-solving bees that are like spelling bees for optimal democracy! Optimal democracy productively taps the intelligence of the concerned citizens who live with and suffer from the problems. We share the Einstein moments that we all have but most often get lost.

Organizing people to lead themselves is the most effective, efficient, and educational way to solve their problems. The Script-Howard annual Spelling Bee provides a model for optimal on-line democracy by which we can solve our problems: see Snowflake Brain Bees Overview (below). One can vote on cell phones, palm computers, and web tv during waits, breaks and commercials. In reviewing the different forums, notice how one forum manages all human decision-making to tap the intelligence of the participants, members and voters.

While originated by an individual, brainbees are the property of the humanity to be used within the context of
for better democracy and better capitalism. Timism, Inc., is designed to be a public trust with revenues
going into the general funds of the source levels. As such they are copyrighted for humanity.
Woe be unto him who would subvert the Primary Moral Imperative.

Snowflake Brain Bees Overview

Snowflake brain bees are on-line, problem-solving forums whereby:

  1. Concerned citizens can easily submit questions, comments, issues or nominations (items). The item is summarized in 50 words or less, see guidelines. The item may include an email address or webpage for item elaboration.At the submission deadline, participants are randomly grouped with seven "classmates." They are emailed a ballot with the "brain bee" items of the other contestants-- examples . These groupings are akin to classrooms in which classmates compete to be the class spelling champ. As noted in VoteTime, and a tenet of timism, each item is a packet of time for humanity, varying in its value to the future of human existence. Interestingly, "item" is an anagram of "time." (A summary anagrammatic statement of timism at the lowest level [spinbarism/physics] is the tiem is a time-emit mite item.)
  2. After reviewing the received items of the seven classmates, participants key in their votes on the email subject line after the word "Vote." Clicking Reply emails the votes for tabulation. One must rank all the items for one's votes not to be nullified. Voting rules list limits and restrictions.
  3. At the voting deadline, votes are tallied:
    • 1st choice receives six points
    • 2nd choice receives five points
    • 3rd choice receives four points
    • 4th choice receives three points
    • 5th choice receives two points, and
    • 6th choice receives one point.
      (Some initial brain bees cyberclassrooms only have six participants instead of seven due to submissions not always being perfect multiples of seven.)
  4. The winner of the on-line classroom voting re-presents the group at the next level which repeats steps 2 to 5, just like a spelling bee.

Finding the winner is a little faster than the real classroom spelling bee: 300K to 9000K per hour on one computer. And, it costs pennies to find our Einstein Moments.

Why snowflake? The infinite number of and complexity of snowflakes are based on the simple principle that water freezes at 60 degree angles with six options. Likewise, snowflake spelling bees are a simple way to solve infinitely complex problems based on six options at each decision point. (Also see Snowflake)

Brainbees are like spelling bees in which submitters compete to spell out a problem and a solution. An on-line democratic peer review process allows an upward progression by division of seven of better ideas to solve problems. The better currency for better capitalism--the lifehour--is an icing on the cake reward beyond the reward of having a time-wasting problem solved so it does not waste your life in the form of inconvenience or higher prices. Inflation reflects the cost of unsolved problems that cheapen our lives. Brainbees have been developed for most human problem-solving, decision-making processes from local to global, both public and private--see Manheavan Project to save life on earth. When people have an Einstein moment, brainbees offer a path by which to share with others. Brainbees institute the "bottom-up" process by which those who live with the problems are those who understand the problems and solutions better than those at the top, e.g., the change in Iraqi policies that reduced the violence and deaths came from the bottom.

This term 'colfilperhone' became "Brainbee" in the late 1990s.

Colfilperhone--On-line Democracy: Collect, Filter, Percolate and Hone Individuals and Issues to Solve Human Problems. It is the process for people legislation and campaign reform.

The most important reason for participating in brainbees is to giiggle the solution to problems that you pay for directly or indirectly. The latter costs show up in increases in the cost of living from higher taxes, inflation, insurance and crime. A secondary, personal reason is the rewards of winning a brainbee: lifehours at each level with GOOHF's for finalists.

Essays on the nature of brainbees

  1. Amendment to Constitution
  2. Analogies: Overview ... Constitution Impact ... Giiggle
  3. Basic types of voting. Depending on the forum, the final votes are forwarded in several ways. The cpfh flow is circular and self-defining independent of the content of the items (issues/individuals ) that make up the submissions.
  4. BrainBee Templates: Active Future
  5. Cycles of Democracy Table: Submitby and VoteBy listings for BrainBees
  6. Death of the habitual expert with the birth of Einstein moments.
  7. Debits for Submissions
  8. Disclaimers: Participating in any on-line brain bee does not indicate support for the other forums or any results--see
  9. Editorial Review of Brainbees
  10. Eerie Coincidences
  11. Election Errors: What's less than best but better than the rest.
  12. E Pluribus Unum: From Many, OneThis is true, double-sided democracy, an embodiement of our national motto,
  13. Finalists Flaws
  14. Global brainbees, click on DC. For your national brainbees, click on the country.
  15. Global FTP Democracy: President, Congress, Legislation, Ostracize, Cabinets, Boycotts, Ambassadorships, Judges
  16. Leverage buyout of public policy-making to re-tool government: Democratic Capitalism for 24 in 4.
  17. New United States of America
  18. Nomenclature
  19. Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny
  20. Primaries, Zero-Cost
  21. Principles of Reform: Democracy per Diem
  22. A huge quantum leap in human decision-making. Brain bees are the Gutenberg press of human decision-making, opening up communication to all vernaculars beyond the confines of the Latin-only monopoly. As priests, clerics and popes in the Dark and Medieval Ages did not want Mass or writings in languages other than Latin, so do dark, mal-evil habitual politicians, ensconce executives and tenured academicians resist empowering excluded minds to decided their future.
  23. Quality controlling winners: Review, editing and credentials.
  24. ROI and Brain/Mind model/Precedent (Persona Mega Sutra) 
  25. Self-Similar: Democracy and Brain
  26. Snowflakes?: The Ultimate Internet Search Engine
  27. Tapping the collective cosmic consciousness.
  28. Tentative Tax Credits: The problem-solvers who save time should be rewarded in the real currency, lifehour tax credits. See Record your time for credit for volunteer activity and see lifehour receipts for examples. Winners of brain bees receive bonuses.
  29. Thanks
  30. Timely Tax Reform and Repeals
  31. TouchTone Manager in the late 1980's, History: Originally tested via voice mail.
  32. Types of Brainbees
  33. What to do: Use the internet for meaningful change.
  34. Winnings Table, Launch Brain Bee
    1. Generic Winnings
    2. Explanation
    3. Lifeboats of Armadas Index
    4. Rewards of Lifehours for Manheaven Project
  35. Workweek Compression or Reduction
  36. Workweek Reduction Pressure

Brainbees are the intellectual and commercial property of the Timism and the Manheaven Commission. All income from brainbees are to be managed by the Manheaven Commission to pursue the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth.  Commercial, private brainbees are readily available for a nominal price for columnists, employment, marketing, etc. Anyone who implements a brainbee copycat earns a MD2D  from the Manheaven Commission.


  1. Brainbees allows and encourages political independence rather than two big tent political parties. Within the latter, members stand with one leg outside the tent. In an economic downpouring downturn needing independent solutions for each individual problem, brainbees are umbrellas to keep one's thinking and voting dry and clean. Big parties mean inevitable personal compromises wherein political correctness or political conservativism observes the moral incorruptness of so-called Eleventh Commandments, to wit, "Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow habitual politician." Brainbees, timism, and lifehours encourage independent thought without the pollution of "Go along to get along" or "My way or the highway." Brainbees are anti-bi-partanship solidarity. 110416
  2. Simple solution: Written in BASIC.