History Lesson of Inflation
for Habitual Politicians:

Global Inflation Equals
Global Death

"Nothing made the German people so embittered,
so raging with hatred, so ripe for Hitler,
as the Inflation."

With globalization, dysfunctional currencies and monetarism, the global habitual politicians have started the doomsday tape of a global holocaust. Bred of these failed policies, each new policy accelerates the existential meltdown and global dying. If we have not passed the recovery point (2010), it is approaching like an expanding forest fire fueled by the arsonists of humanity, the habitual politicians.

The simplest thermometer measuring the intensity of the existential meltdown is the inflation of the cost of living. Forget about your funny paper with funny numbers with which you think you can solve the immediate problems with more zero's printed on the various forms of currency: paper or bond money. Like meteorologists, economists misuse computers to instantaneously tell the velocity of circulation of the escalating economic tornados but don't know how the spin bars or bares the dynamics, e.g., LTCM . Economists know the funny numbers of everything but the real value of nothing.

The real cost of living is the amount of time it takes each day to acquire the necessities of life. This real cost of living is escalating at an accelerating rate as money prices rise (monflation) and as shortages increase (sinflation). Monetary inflation is the face of disappearing time to buy the necessities of life which leads to stress, suffering, starvation and silence.

The funny numbers and funny papers can change from century to century and from nation to nation but the common, universal and absolute measurement is the value of human time (lifehour) in acquiring food. Thanks to the habitual politicians and tenured economists, the rapid rise of daily hours needed to acquire food is escalating beyond the limit set by Mother Nature: 24 hours. If it takes one hour to obtain the necessary food to survive, the lifehour (despite funny numbers and funny paper) is 24. If it takes 12 hours then the lifehour value is two (24/12). If it takes all waking hours then the lifehour is 1.5 (24/16) which leaves no time for self, family or community as one works all day long to survive.

The rise in food shortages and prices can be measured as a decline in the average global human lifehour as more and more people everywhere have to work longer hours just to survive if they can find work or find food. This inflationary rise of food cost in time echos the literal origin of inflation, that is, cheapening as seen in its semantic cousins, flattery and flatulence. This global rise in food prices is also measured in the desperation of people stealing, rioting and killing in frustration, anger and hunger.

Don't you get it? Your faith in monetarism is causing inflation which drives up the costs of business, forcing companies to layoff people or to close shop. The 2007-2010+ recession cannot have a jobless recovery because the hulls of our economic ships of state have enlarging holes of inflation through which jobs are disappearing forever!

We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.
Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly
. Martin Luther King

This self-perpetuating cycle is fueled by deficit spending to keep habitual politicians in power--see $15 Trillion US national debt. This existential meltdown will accelerate with a growing number of failed nations, failed states, failed communities, failed families and failed individuals. At the barriers will be the Jack and Jills who igknowantly chose to play instead of work. This decline is why global dying will occur as what needs to be done will not be done because the global infrastructure will not survive to save life on earth, the primary moral imperative.

The habitual politicians have metastasized an unprecedented, interlocking maelstorm of inflationary suffering: stagflatic hyperinflation, that is, disappearing jobs obscured by tenured economists misunderstanding inflation. As the jobs disappear, so do the goods and services which with deficit spending means more money chasing fewer goods and services. Fools. DASE'rs. You have formulated a necrotic perpetual motion machine of self-destruction.

When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Compounding your inflationary necronomic policies are your environmental policies: Un-united in saving the planet, you are separately united in proclaiming We must kick the can of global dying down the road until we fix our economy. Stupid. The largest elephant in the room behind the rise in the cost of living is global dying from

  1. CO2-driven weather changes (drought, deluge, diseases)

  2. that destroy more and more of the food chain

  3. in a pro-litter , over-populated world.

Less food and more mouths means more time each day to get the food--inflation, the cheapening of one's time as one has fewer and fewer hours of freedom from finding food. Increasingly, in more locations, failed states will be like Germany (1920), East Africa (1990s) and Greece (2010) will become the norm. Sadly, like my 2006 conclusions on food riots beginning in 2010 (they began in 2008), my conclusion that national governments will begin to fail by 2012 will be wrong as they have started to fail sooner than I thought. (Another conclusion on massive, continental fires was wrong. I thought 2012 but in 2010, Russia evidenced the onset of Burn, Baby, Burn.

Greece, the cradle of democracy, is so symbolic of what is wrong with habitual politicians. How did the Greek politicians respond to the massive CO2-generated fires of 2008? Deficit spending which threw inflammable paper on the economic fires of inflation that are far worse than a forest fire. One destroys communities. The latter destroys existence. What should the Greeks have done? Understood the true origin of democracy, that is, not people rule but "divisioning the work."

If the Greeks had cut the workweek--part of the whole plan--so all people would work, there would have been no need for deficit spending to support those unemployed by forest fires. As is, the Greek habitual politicians fueled the fires of inflation by letting those who had jobs live beyond their existential means (another index of inflation) with the inevitable results of people becoming riotous, mean and meaningless when the means disappeared. As the existential and environmental meltdown accelerates, the human and natural disasters will escalate out of control with the disasters being worsened by monetary paper playing by politicians until there is no game nor work.

The solution is not loans from the blood-sucking monetarists who want more than a pound of flesh. The euro as the blood of the European economic body is suffering congestive heart failure as the blood is pumped through a hole in the septum that keeps the economics blood circulating solely between the heart(banks) and lungs(politicians).The necrotic monetarist saltwater solution is an example of Kodak moment morality when humanity needs the calculus of video morality. Greece is the first Western nation to become a failed state. Others will follow with growing rapidity in numbers and decline.

Obama: The Inflation King

For many justified, documented reasons, this writer never liked the 2008 Republican US Presidential candidate. Unlike the election winner, however, John McCain had the honesty to say he knew nothing about economics. Obama (VCW) is an economic idiot fueled by and fooled by being a teleliar. Like the person who believes his own press releases, a teleliar confuses his reading a teleprompter with understanding problems and knowing problem.

All of his economic actions have fueled the fires of inflation that have reached the intensity of the 1945 Dresden firestorm and the Hiroshima/Nagasaki firestorms as they worsen to a red giant or supernova. Like the 1914 Ludlow fires that sucked the oxygen out of the air asphyciateing many men, women and children, Obama's economic policies are sucking the oxygen out of the basic industries needed to lower the cost of living.

Obama does not understand that the cost of humanity has two parts, the cost of living and the cost of lying. The former is the time we spend to acquire the necessities for life. The latter is how we lie to ourselves with our wants and worries that are 100% waste. Obama's policies stimulate the economy of lies which increases inflation as the non-producers have more money than the producers. He is a monetarist.

  1. His policies fund those who are living beyond their means.

  2. His energy credits inflate the cost of energy goods and services.

  3. His clunker-car credit inflated the price of used cars (rather than lowering gasoline prices with more fuel-efficient cars, it raised the prices).

  4. His house-buyers tax credit merely extended the inflationary housing prices with an inevitable bigger burst.

The living/lying distinction is very important for a number of reasons. One, stimulus money has consistently flowed into the businesses of lies, wants, and waste to the detriment of the businesses for living. Two, the debate over inflation and deflation is ignores the higher prices in the essentials while worrying about dropping prices in non-essentials. Duh!

The dynamics behind the two variations of paper 'flation are quite different. The first is due to a systemic collapse from fracturing lines of communication leading to shortage inflation (sinflation). The falling paper prices in non-essentials is due to dropping demand from those facing ever-higher costs of living. In other words, the unending, self-sustaining shortages of essentials is sucking up the buying power that had been sustaining non-essential demand. Sinflation of essentials is unavoidable because of the elephant in the room, global dying. The stupid thing--yes, "It's the economy, Stupid"--is the focus of the politicians and economists to prop up the non-essentials. Who is to blame for this ignoring the pall of starvation to placate their peter of wants? The lying economists! Adled minds are the wasteshops of economists.

The living/lying distinction is evident in politicians' austerity programs. They are cutting support for the living economy while encouraging the lying economy. This is like spending the food money on alcohol and viagra. The economy will inevitably become emaciated and petered-out.

The living/lying distinction reflects the actions, choices and lifestyles of people because the distinction echos in their motions the emotions of their living/lying intelligence quotient-- LLIQ .

If Obama had done nothing, the deflation of housing prices would have dropped below the tax-credit contribution. As is, he kept real estate agents engaged in over-living beyond their means which caused inflationary losses far greater than the tax-credits. Those people who bought houses with the tax-credit need to realize they will lose more money from the inflationary impact of deficit spending to keep people working in non-essential jobs--see homeowners don't beat inflation. America's domestic inflationary policies continues Monetary Colonialism which has a legacy that will force Americans to fight and die over less and less.

Why is Obama an economic idiot? Many personal variables (founded in a timistic analysis by a simliar, higher iCubed thinker) can be cited as this being only one aspect of very dysfunctional, disturbed over-achiever who is full of himself. Fueling his egomanical calmness is the mistaken belief that he is the best of the best as a Harvard man. Excuse me. Harvard is the mother-of-all gas-guzzler of higher education more to blame for the global holocaust than any other institution. Where ever one looks, one finds Harvard fingerprints, footprints and jackboots on the political, financial and jurisprudence fires burning up life on earth. From this Wachasee Village of the global holocaust matriculate the worst MBA's--Masters of Bankrupting America.

When Norway becomes a failed state, this writer will smile the smile of a person who knows a guilty party has been justly and deservedly punished for an evil act: Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize when he has done nothing but be the latest and slickest habitual politician with a closet full of unfulfilled campaign promises.  A visionary? No, a teleliar. Thanks, Oslo, for making an economic idiot think that he must be a genius for getting something-for-nothing so falsely assumed to be a pinnacle of human achievement.[The Oslo murders in 2011 were not surprising.] As noted elsewhere, Alfred Nobel's fear of being viewed as a nasty, negative person is coming to fruition as his trust fund has fostered the encouragement of the best and the brightest to kill life on earth. Obama is but another ignoble winner.

(Nothing symbolizes the inflationary impact of Obama's policies on the necessities of life than his White House Garden: the most expensive food in the world at an inflated cost that few can afford. Did Michelle and the kids rough it to learn gardening the old-fashion entrepeneurial way to provide an example for Americans to plant Victory Gardens to save America and Earth? No. A real gardener finds the White House garden a Potemkin Village eliciting laughter, exasperation and anger. Expensive gardeners were imported with expensive equipment and expensive signage. The White House garden is like putting French fashions on dying corpse as a cure to death.

Power should be used wisely. A more powerful computer can make more mistakes faster than a slower computer. The financial chaos of Wall Street, Enron, etc., could not have been done with pen and paper. Likewise with what used to be the most powerful office in the world. By his own standards, Oval Office Obama thinks he is making the best of many bad situations. In truth, the Inflation King has used his power to accelerate the existential meltdown toward the recovery point beyond which there is no hope of saving life on earth.

Chain Link Deaths

Throughout history, revenge by the de-privileged upon the over- and self-privileged has often had ugly, terrible deaths for guilty habitual politicians, e.g., kings, czars, and dictators. When I have wondered how the habitual politicians will be punished, chain link fences came to mind a la Quentin Terrortino or Sgt. Doe. The habitual policians have chained and linked humanity to self-destruction for personal greed. As more and more rats attempt to flee the sinking ships of state--the dearth of worthwhile 2012 Republican presidential candidates--they are wrong to think that they will be safe leaving the quarterdeck for the orlop or bilge. Retirement is no protection with the internet providing a database to be mined for guilty parties. The logical, inevitable heir to globalized theft is global revenge by the dying class upon the killing class. (This is not an advocation but a conclusion that will hopefully sink into the minds of polticical and military leaders to initiate the whole plan.)

Their only hope is the same hope for life on earth as a whole: better democracy and better capitalism of the timistic tools to implement the whole plan. However, you don't grasp the severity of the real crisis--the elephant in the room--as you will persist in kicking the can down the road so you can get yours while the getting is good. You are living beyond your means, and, like all people (Ameicans in particular), you don't know it. What needs to be done will not be done.

Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Sarkozy, Putin, Harper, Hu, etc., the fate of Caligula, Nero, Louis, Nicholas, Qadaffi, etc. await you as the Occupy Movements become Arab springs with a global vengence. It is your faces that are publicly on the existential meltdown. You fuel your worsening economic crisis. How? By rewarding your few big campaign contributors with more privileges that further de-privilege the seething, molten masses of the existential meltdown. The private hands of the "free" markets are unknown to most people as most people didn't know Qadaffi's business associates.

We are past the point where retirement from public life is a safety net for political corruption. As Syria's dictator has no place to go, so will there be no open arms for you. Class warfare is coming with your face being on the currency of discontent. Without implementing the whole plan, it is not a matter of "if" but "when." The water is rising in the sinking ships of state, or, if you prefer, the forest fires are approaching your homes. When you call out the military to stifle civil dissent you have rung the bell to pull down the curtain on your lives. Whatever air you have in your economic tires will deflate faster as workers protest and military resists, many of whom in the USA are workers free-lancing as part-time national guards.

Doth this writer wish your demise? No, for your demise is a symptom of a global pandemic engulfing his little life. It is what it is. Again, not advocation, but conclusion. 120307

More likely than not, you will impede the development of the inevitable Manheaven Commission to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. The timistic tools will be thwarted. You will exacerbate your guilt. You and yours will increasingly die horrible deaths. The lucky will die quickly.

Self-destructive monologs


  1. One of the first signs of a failing state is the increasing use of military resources for domestic problems. In the U.S., the National Guard is increasingly used not for natural disasters but for man-made disasters. Two examples come to mind.

    1. Repeated use of the hand-tied National Guard for border patrol to enforce the immigration laws. As such, this is an empty political gesture without possible positive impact on the illegal immigrants. However, it looks good during a campaign season when politicians can say, "We sent the National Guard to protect our borders." Any logical human being will recognize this as a political lie with inflationary implications.

    2. Two Chicago politicians called for the National Guard to be used to patrol crime-ridden Chicago. Of course, these two local politicians like all politicians originally campaigned on the promise that they had the solutions to Chicago's problems. Use of national resources for local man-made problems is a slippery slope that quickly becomes an impossibility. It is like the fishermen in Indiana going to Illinois and Illinois fishermen going to Indiana: If all localities get national help, we are merely moving one locality's problem-solvers to another locality under the umbrella of national help. The key to locality problems is level rights whereby the locality is empowered, organized and motivated to solve its own problems. The supporting subkeys are brainbees, lifehours and elementary democracy.

      The inflationary impact of using the National Guard for political failures falls into the two major categories of inflation:

      1. Sinflation (shortage inflation): The areas from which the National Guards are removed from their day jobs suffer the loss of the guards in producing needed goods and services, to wit, same money chasing fewer goods and services.
      2. Monflation (money inflation): The guards introduce money derived from outside sources that compete with local consumers which drives up the price of goods and services, that is, the classical definition of inflation, more money chasing same goods and services.
      3. Thus, the habitual politicians fuel the fires of inflation in two localities, an inflation which will burn them up. The habitual politicians in using national resources for local problems, the are speeding up the existential meltdown. Fools.
  2. What politicians need to do is to eliminate the non-need economy, that is, the businesses of wants, waste and lies. The cost of humanity has two parts, the cost of living and the cost of lying. The former is costs to acquire the necessities or needs of life. The latter is our shifting wants and wastes based on how we lie to ourselves. The latter is not only the source of inflation but is the well-spring of political campaign contributions. The habitual politicians cannot and will not stop subsidizing and stimulating the play pathos (wants). Consider how if you have enough money to buy a sports team (tens or hundreds of millions of dollars), you can use tax credits over twenty years to amount of the purchase price. In other words, the U.S. taxpayers will buy the team for you. This, of course, frees you up to inflate players' salaries which trickles down into the economy as more play inflation instead of price reduction from productive deflation from working more productively.
  3. The real cost of living is the number of hours it takes to acquire the necessities for life--food, water and shelter. The cost of living is part of the cost of humanity with the other part being the unnecessary cost of lies, wants, waste and worry. In structuring the global and national economies to stimulate unnecessary human activity with tax supports and regulations, the habitual politicians have set in motion an automatic, accelerating destruction of the necessary economy. For instance, college students should be getting scholarships for stopping global dying. Instead, college administrators and trustees are seeking more money for play scholarships.

In summary, as ye sow so shall ye reap. In other words, "Nothing made the German people so embittered, so raging with hatred, so ripe for Hitler, as the Inflation."


  1. 101109 IMF projects borrowing by governments in 2011: $10 trillion dollars. (Article in NYT)

  2. 101110 You cannot undo what you have wrought for you are incestously in bed with the financial cancer that is destroying life on earth. Like the sister repeatedly raped by her brother and increasingly enjoying it, you cannot help yourself. You are trapped by a political Stockholm Syndrome. Firetrucking idiots!

  3. 101125 Based on looking at the news clips of riots around the world, the rioting, disgruntled citizens don't go looking for the inflationists in finance and business. How many voters know the names of executives and insiders of CitiBank, BOA, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Countrywide? However, they know the names of their habitual politicians who repeatedly aired TV ads with campaign promises that could never be. Why did you fail at your job? You publicly worked for the voted but privated voted for the legal thieves.

  4. Euro: Analogy to Nazi self-destructive conquest of Europe: Established financial dominance by imposing cancerous currency exchange rates thus sucking goods out of dominated countries. At the same time, they imported foreign workers as slave workers thus depriving the foreign economies of their problem-solvers. As the USA black worker has election freedom without economic freedom so does the non-German Euro worker have election freedom without economic freedom due to the plantation financial structure of the Euro making Germany the masta in the big house. France's role is that of the light-skin mulattos serving the mastas who treat the household high-yellows better than the fieldhand darkies.

  5. Euro Crisis Analogy: The ship was sinking. When the passengers asked the crew to launch to lifeboats, the crew asked how much the passengers would pay. When the money was paid and the first boat was launched, the crew demanded double for the launching of the second lifeboat. When they came to the third boat, the passengers informed the crew that there was no more money whereupon the crew launched the third boat and sailed aways with the passengers' money. Looking at each other, one person said, "Told you so. You should have been learning survival skills rather than rely on the promises of the markets to solve the problems. You should have been learning survival skills rather than playing, gambling, gaming and hookingup."

  6. Having grown an economy based on fossil fuels, the sudden rise in prices due to reduction in production will close a lot of businesses down which will cause economic hardship from escalating inflation. It is akin to a two-income household suddenly have two jobless breadwinners. As more and more people confront the collapse of their personal financial house of cards, e.g., underwater mortgages, escalating numbers will show the relational results of de-meaning the meaning of life

    1. living beyond means,
    2. becoming meaningless, and
    3. becoming mean.
      Who will meaningless meanies be mean to? Primarily the habitual politicians who are the public faces of the moeny dictators that bought and corrupted the habitual politicians into legalizing private laws (privileges) that de-privileged the vast majority of peoples, that is, the masses or the 99%. Of course, in the defense of the powers-to-be, one cannot rape the willing for Americans increasingly wanted something-for-nothing as they turned from being logical earthlings into illogical aliens. We are all on death row as result of global dying. We are the living dead.
  7. Business decision-makers: Stop wasting your time trying to out race and out advertise inflation. You cannot. Inflation is like all problems, you cannot outrun your problems which you realize when they trip you into a fall. If you want to focus on providing goods and services rather than playing games with funny numbers and funny people, support currency reform to stop inflation. Remember, when an economy collapses, not only are the politicians the target of the rioting jobless masses but the captains of industry have bulleyes on their persons. Learn and remember that if the economy collapses there will be no way to reverse global dying for there will be not infrastructure on which to build a reversal. Fools. Corporate myops!
  8. 120427 Monetarism is bleeding humanity to death. The best analogy is the increased velocity of circulation of money between the banks and the banks. All this debt refinancing is nothing more than central banks printing more money to lend debtors to pay bankers. Money is the blood of an economic body. Monetarism is congestive heart failure as the money circulates not in the working body but in playing parts.

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